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Cost Of Kybella Versus CoolSculpting For Double Chin

Gone are the days when cosmetic procedures for removing fat meant going through surgery with a plastic surgeon. These days, patients have access to a wide variety of fat removal procedures, with nonsurgical options like CoolSculpting and Kybella to remove fat. For patients who don't want to go through the long recovery period for surgical procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting and Kybella are excellent cosmetic treatments, especially if you want to manage something like a double chin.

But how exactly do the costs between Kybella injections and CoolSculpting differ, and which one should patients use if they're looking for an affordable treatment? In general, both treatments work well with removing the amounts of fat in a double chin, but since CoolSculpting can work in a single session, it's more cost-effective compared to Kybella. Apart from that, there are also other advantages that a patient can get from going through CoolSculpting treatment sessions apart from a reduction in fat.

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Kybella vs. CoolSculpting Costs For Fat Removal

Both Kybella and CoolSculpting can remove fat from the body without breaking through the skin, and their effects last for a long time. Both of them can be done in minutes, and don't require much in the way of post-procedure aftercare. There's little risk of side effects as well, with most patients reporting only minor swelling and tenderness if they experience any.

Kybella injections work by using deoxycholic acid to melt the fat cells under the skin. As an injectable treatment, all patients need to do is to get it injected under their skin and the pockets of fat that form a double chin should disappear after a few treatment sessions. On average, the cost of Kybella treatments can start anywhere from $2,000 and above.

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis, a fat-freezing treatment that freezes the neck fat from the inside which causes it to break down and be ejected as waste. It's a simple treatment that works well for double chin reduction if the provider has the right applicator fit to work on the chin. The average cost of a CoolSculpting treatment will usually start at around $1,500.

You can see immediately that CoolSculpting costs a lot less than Kybella injections - and that's primarily because CoolSculpting technology allows it to work on one session, while Kybella treatments often require multiple injections. The more fat that needs to be removed from the area, the more injections you need, so those costs will continue to pile up.

So if you're looking to save on costs while still getting fat reduction treatments, CoolSculpting is the best choice. It offers roughly the same benefits that Kybella can get you, but with the bonus of costing less in the long run.

Other Benefits Of Getting CoolSculpting Treatments

Woman smiling while tilted to right holding left part of her neck with her hand

But aside from reduced costs, there are also other benefits to getting CoolSculpting treatments for a double chin. As a non-invasive procedure for body contouring, the applications that you can get for a CoolSculpting treatment go beyond simply removing pockets of fat.

Here are some of the other benefits you can enjoy from a CoolSculpting treatment:

1. Able to work on almost any type of fat

CoolSculpting is one of the few FDA-approved treatments that can work on the abdomen, waist, thighs, and arms. Since the technology used is non-invasive and can work on anyone regardless of their skin type, it's an incredibly versatile treatment.

2. Can contour with precision

Since CoolSculpting uses cooling plates through applicator treatment, it's possible for a provider to precisely carve out the area where fat cells need to be removed. While it can take a while for your body to remove the fat itself, you can rely on the treatment only removing the fat that you want and not an inch more.

3. No marks or scars after treatment

One drawback to other invasive methods of treatment like surgery is that they can't always account for how the body will react to the changes after the treatment is finished. Scar tissue can drastically affect the appearance of results, which can lower patient satisfaction. As a non-invasive treatment, CoolSculpting doesn't run into this issue.

4. Customized treatment options

If you need a series of treatments for CoolSculpting, it's possible to shift around your treatment plan to how your body responds to your earlier treatments. Since the results from fat reduction can vary from patient to patient, it's usually a good idea to monitor yourself a few months after treatment to see if you need another session. If you do, your provider can usually tailor it to your needs.

5. Almost zero side effects

Injectable treatments like Kybella often run into side effects associated with needle injections, like bleeding, bruising, scarring, or tenderness. Because CoolSculpting treatments don't break the skin, you don't suffer any of the common side effects that you'll get from other treatments. In fact, most patients can usually resume their regular activities soon after finishing their treatment sessions.

Overall, if you don't have a lot of fat to remove and you're fairly close to your weight goals, few treatments will work as well for you compared to CoolSculpting. It's an excellent alternative to liposuction and requires almost zero effort on your part to maintain your results. Combined with the proper diet and exercise, it's a one-time treatment that you can always rely on to give you the results that you want.

Get Non-Invasive Treatment For Removing Fat Cells From The NJ Center For CoolSculpting

Kybella injections and Coolsculpting treatments are both excellent ways to remove fat for patients who don't want to go under the knife. But if they're looking at long-term costs, CoolSculpting can definitely edge out Kybella injections for fat reduction, especially if they're already close to their ideal body and just need some help getting those last bits of fat out of the way. With the right applicator, even submental fullness can be easily handled by the effects of CoolSculpting.

Experience the best in double chin treatments and fat reduction procedures with us at the NJ Center For CoolSculpting today. Call us at (908) 628-1070 to book an appointment now.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


Everybody wants to make a good first impression. Everybody wants to feel attractive and desirable. Gaining the self-confidence to do so isn’t always easy, though. Your face is the first thing people see and judge about you. So if you’ve ever worried about your double chin and looked into ways for possibly eliminating it, you’ve probably heard about CoolSculpting.It’s a non-invasive FDA-approved treatment that can help eliminate stubborn dead cells in different body areas. 

So how much is CoolSculpting for a double chin? For your double chin treatments, it’ll only run you about $1300-1400 per session. This is a great deal compared to the other invasive alternatives you might be considering. It’s a safe and relatively pain-free procedure that can help you unleash your inner confidence.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!

How Much is CoolSculpting for a Double Chin?

The results of CoolSculpting procedures are better with multiple treatment sessions, over time. Specifically for your submental area or the double chin, 1-3 sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results, with each session's average price costing about $1200 and lasting for 30-50 minutes per session. 

That’s a fraction of the average cost for another alternative procedure focused on the reduction of fat. Considering how delicate the neck area is because of the thin layer of loose skin and tissue, going the non-invasive route may be the best option for patients. CoolSculpting procedures require little downtime and don’t leave behind any nasty scars, just fantastic results. Look into alternative procedures for your double chin, and you’ll quickly find that CoolSculpting is the way to go.

Why is CoolSculpting Priced This Way?

Woman smiling while tilted to right holding left part of her neck with her hand

To understand the price tag that comes with CoolSculpting, let’s take a look into the technology behind this non-invasive procedure. CoolSculpting uses the process of cryolipolysis, which is the freezing of a fat deposit that doesn’t respond to traditional fat-loss methods such as a healthy lifestyle and exercise in order to contour the chin area. The procedure is relatively pain-free and once these fat cells are frozen and broken down, they’re gone for good.

If you’ve ever consulted any health professional or exercise buff, you’re aware that targeted body fat loss via healthy diet and exercise just isn’t always possible. So if your double chin has been holding you back because it’s become a source of insecurity, then it’s perfectly understandable to look into ways of dealing with it. 

If you’re someone who has a low pain level of pain tolerance, can’t spare the downtime needed to recover from more invasive procedures, and don’t want the scars they leave behind, then CoolSculpting may just be the best solution for your worries.

Advantages of Getting CoolSculpting for a Double Chin

CoolSculpting has quite a few advantages over otherwise traditional fat reduction and fat removal procedures. Aside from reducing and removing fat, CoolSculpting can do many other things, like tone the body. As mentioned before, the process is also non-surgical, non-invasive, and you can get lifetime results if you practice proper aftercare and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

1. Fat Reduction Treatment

Through the science of cryolipolysis, fat cells in the targeted area are frozen to make them easier for the body to break down. A double chin can be caused by a multitude of factors such as skin elasticity, genetics, and weight gain. Though commonly associated with weight, a person doesn’t actually have to be overweight for them to have a double chin. CoolSculpting your chin will help eliminate the stubborn pockets of fat in the area thus resulting in a more prominent look to your jawline or chin profile.

2. Toned Facial Features

CoolSculpting is also sometimes referred to as body sculpting. Using it to tackle your double chin runs along the same concept. Not everybody is blessed with naturally toned facial features but it’s undoubtedly something everybody desires and finds attractive. CoolSculpting done in the submental area can help in highlighting your facial features and shoulder structure while eliminating your neck fat.

3. Non-Surgical Procedure

Due to the fact that the submental area is a particularly delicate area that’s almost always visible in our daily lives, you may be considering CoolSculpting primarily because it’s a non-surgical procedure. CoolSculpting doesn’t leave behind any permanent scars or require a prolonged period in order to recover. The procedure doesn’t use any needles or even require any topical anesthesia. Patients report that it’s relatively pain free but still offers them permanent results.  

4. Lifetime Results

The results of a CoolSculpting procedure done over time with multiple sessions are permanent. Once those fat cells in the area are frozen and broken down, they’re not coming back. Though the results may vary from patient to patient and can be affected by other factors such as weight gain after the procedure, as well as aging.

How Does CoolSculpting for a Double Chin Normally Go?

During the procedure, a freezing handheld applicator will be used on your desired area. Patients may feel some pain caused by the numbness that comes from the machine’s temperature and the pulling of the saggy skin as the procedure goes on. 

You may also feel slight discomfort as the fat cells are frozen and pulled out, but we assure you that this is manageable and doesn’t last too long. Each session can take up to 60 minutes, but it usually takes about 35-40 minutes per session for the submental area. Most of the pain associated with CoolSculpting is actually associated with the actual procedure, not recovery.

What to Expect after CoolSculpting for a Double Chin

Woman standing straight while slightly smiling

Though most of the pain associated with CoolSculpting is during the actual procedure, the treated area does endure some trauma and can have some temporary side effects. Now don’t be discouraged, experiencing pain after a non-invasive treatment can certainly be concerning, but the side effects of CoolSculpting are minor and only last for about a week.

Side Effects and Risks

One of the most common side effects of CoolSculpting is swelling. Regardless of which area you're choosing to treat the swelling is the body’s natural reaction to the procedure. Swelling in the submental area can cause a feeling of fullness in your throat, which may usually lead to difficulty swallowing and coughing. It’s also normal to experience a tingling sensation in the area, tenderness, redness, and even bruising for some. 

Rest assured that these side effects only last for 3 to 5 days and should resolve on their own. If pain after the procedure persists you may contact your doctor any over-the-counter pain medication you can take in order to alleviate it. However, doctors will actually advise their patients that mobility after the procedure helps in blood flow and even allow their patients to exercise during the same day of the procedure.

One of the rare side effects of CoolSculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This is where new fat cells on the treatment site actually replace the  fat cells that were frozen and broken down by the body.This side effect can occur 8-24 weeks post-treatment. Though the side effect is scarce, it does happen. Open communication with your doctor post-procedure will help catch this early on in order to develop a new treatment plan for the area.


Since CoolSculpting also relies on your body’s natural ability to break down the fat cells throughout multiple sessions, the results of your CoolSculpting journey won’t be evident right away. Unlike more invasive procedures like liposuction, which immediately undergoes fat removal through a needle and tubing, the results are appreciated immediately after the procedure. 

Unlike these procedures which can leave you in tremendous pain after the procedure and even scarred in some cases, CoolSculpting is the safer choice. Rest assured in the efficacy of CoolSculpting, trust in the science behind this cosmetic procedure. Regular visits with your doctor and proper aftercare will lead you to your desired results.

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If you’re longing for a slimmer physique, then CoolSculpting is one of your best options to achieve it. Safe and effective, CoolSculpting treatments will help you get rid of those stubborn fat cells that are keeping you from looking fitter and sexier.

So how much do estheticians at CoolSculpting cost? Why should anyone choose them over other fat reduction specialists? CoolSculpting aesthetician rates will depend not only on the specialist or clinic you choose but also on many other factors.

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How Much Do Aestheticians at CoolSculpting Cost?

CoolSculpting costs around $2,000 to $4,000 for a personalized treatment plan. This will all depend on the targeted area, as well as the number of sessions you’ll have.

One of the main reasons that could determine the cost of CoolSculpting is whether or not you’ll be working with a licensed esthetician. Operators with esthetician certification might charge more than operators that don’t, but this will also mean much better CoolSculpting results. 

But don’t let this hefty sum discourage you. Compared to liposuction and other fat reduction procedures, CoolSculpting is relatively easier on the budget. That’s because, for CoolSculpting treatments, you’ll only have to pay for the applicators and the specialist who will handle it. In contrast, you’ll also need to settle other expenses for liposuction and other, more invasive procedures.

Moreover, many CoolSculpting centers will work with you to create a personalized treatment that meets both your physical and financial standards. Plus, some of them offer treatment packages and customer specials that come with substantial discounts.

Ultimately, to know exactly how much money you’ll need to prepare, you’ll need to set an appointment with your chosen CoolSculpting provider.

Perks of Getting Advice From CoolSculpting Aestheticians

CoolSculpting procedures might seem simple and straightforward, but you still need to consult with an expert before undergoing it. Aside from establishing a good relationship with them, here are a few other benefits you might enjoy from a trustworthy CoolSculpting aesthetician:

1. Intensive Walkthrough

It goes without saying that CoolSculpting aestheticians are well versed when it comes to cryolipolysis fat reduction. With their knowledge, skills, and expertise, they can easily give you the walkthrough you need to become familiar with the non-invasive treatment.

2. Proper Physical Assessment

There are qualifications to meet before you can proceed with getting CoolSculpting treatments. By making an appointment with a good cryolipolysis specialist, you can determine whether or not your body can physically handle the procedure with little to no consequences.

You’ll be able to get a proper assessment of the treatment area and get an understanding of what to expect for your CoolSculpting session. Working with a trained aesthetician means you’ll be working with a trained hand, reducing your risk of complications, allowing you to resume normal activity in no time. 

3. Customized Treatment Plan

By consulting a trustworthy CoolSculpting provider, you’ll be able to work with them in finding a personalized treatment plan that meets your physical and financial needs. Included in this consultation are the number of cryolipolysis sessions you’ll need, the types of CoolSculpting applicator used, and the payment plans to ensure your budget can handle the cost.

4. Special Packages and Discounts

Simultaneously, the CoolSculpting practitioner might also offer you treatment packages and customer specials during the consultation. Most of these promos come with discounts to make CoolSculpting even more affordable. It’s up to you to pick the best clinic that gives out these discounts.

5. Peace of Mind

Undergoing any fat reduction treatment can be scary, and CoolSculpting is no exception. By getting advice from your chosen cryolipolysis expert, you’ll be able to get their professional reassurances, putting your fears to rest in the process. Some treatment areas like the double chin and upper arm might be tricky to work with; with a licensed esthetician, you don’t have to worry about poor results. 

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Best Reasons to Choose CoolSculpting Treatments

If you’re still unconvinced about CoolSculpting even with the perks mentioned above, below are further reasons why you should choose it over other treatments.

1. To Reduce Non-Pinchable Fat

While liposuction and other fat reduction methods can help you get rid of pinchable fat, they won’t fare so well with their stubborn, non-pinchable counterpart. In contrast, CoolSculpting comes in applicators that feature special contours designed to get rid of subcutaneous fat from your abdomen, thighs, and chin.

2. To Avoid Surgery and Its Downtime

Another great thing about CoolSculpting treatment is that it doesn’t involve any surgical procedures. All you need to worry about is picking the applicator you want to use. What’s more, you can finish the entire process in as short as 30 minutes depending on your target area at the time. You can practically waltz into the CoolSculpting clinic during lunchtime and return to your office with time to spare.

3. To Look Good Without Diet or Exercise

CoolSculpting can help you give your body a makeover without the need for diet or exercise. Take note, though, that you shouldn’t forgo these two amazing habits if you also aim to lose weight. While CoolSculpting does help you achieve a slimmer body, its ultimate job is to eliminate unwanted fat, not reduce weight.

4. To Boost Your Confidence

Getting rid of excess fat deposit from your body won’t just result in a slimmer figure; it will also boost your self-confidence. In short, through CoolSculpting, you’ll look and feel great. Treated fat cells are expelled from the body and are removed for good. 

5. To Wear Skinny Jeans Again

With CoolSculpting restoring and refining your body contours, you’ll be able to strut out with your favorite skinny jeans again. The only thing left to worry about is finding the right outfit and footwear to go with it. CoolSculpting has been FDA cleared for the inner thigh and the outer thigh. 

Although CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss procedure, working on the treated area leads to a visible slimness. If you’re looking to contour fat deposits, you can easily do this with CoolSculpting. 

6. To Do Away With Uncomfortable Shapewear

Simultaneously, CoolSculpting allows you to finally say goodbye to your shapewear. Since cryolipolysis has already done the job of giving you your ideal body shape, you won’t need shapewear anymore. Plus, even if they do make you look good, they’re really tight and suffocating to wear.

7. To Avoid Diet Fads

Riding the diet fad wave is never a good idea. Not only are most of them fake solutions, but they can also lead to many health problems. By undergoing CoolSculpting, you’ll be able to ignore these so-called “solutions” altogether. After CoolSculpting, the only thing you need to do to maintain your new look is to eat healthily.

8. To Get Gym Results Without Visiting One

While CoolSculpting is useless when it comes to helping you build more muscle, it can certainly aid you in achieving a more sculpted physique. So even if you don’t hit the gym regularly, you can still look like a gym rat and reduce noticeable bulges through cryolipolysis treatments.

9. To Look Great in Swimwear

Finally, getting CoolSculpting treatments helps you prepare for summer vacation. By having the procedure a few months before beach season, you’ll be able to prep up your body so it can look toned and fit while wearing shorts or bikinis. You’ll practically make heads turn by then!

Tips to Find the Right CoolSculpting Aesthetician

If you're considering going through with the CoolSculpting procedure, the pointers below can help you choose the best specialist.

1. Look at Their Qualifications

CoolSculpting is a technique-sensitive treatment; the person performing it must be skilled and experienced to produce the desired results. So if you’re looking for the best CoolSculpting aesthetician, you should only consider those with the right certifications and training. List down the aestheticians you like and do a background check on each of them. With an internet connection, you can do this fairly easily.

2. Avoid Cheap CoolSculpting Specialists

Don’t just go for CoolSculpting aestheticians and clinics that feature really low rates. Instead, investigate why their prices seem so cheap. Chances are, they’re not legitimate cryolipolysis practitioners, and you might end up with various health and financial problems if you took them up on their offer. Remember that CoolSculpting cost is determined by the manufacturers, not the providers. And even though they could cost you thousands of dollars, you can rest assured that the results will be worth every penny.

Learn more: Why Is CoolSculpting So Expensive?

3. Check If They Use the Latest CoolSculpting Technology

Another thing to consider when looking for a great CoolSculpting specialist is their equipment. The best cryolipolysis experts use the latest CoolSculpting technology available, which allows them to perform the procedure within 35 minutes or less. Additionally, their facilities come with top-of-the-line amenities to ensure their patients’ comfort. By choosing them over those with outdated applicators, you can get optimal results, minimize discomfort, and save time in the process.

4. Check Your Qualifications

As mentioned earlier, CoolSculpting isn’t for everyone. So before going through with the fat freezing procedure, you should check if you’re a good candidate for it. A qualified patient for CoolSculpting usually enjoys good health, has no history of keloids or scarring, and practices healthy lifestyle habits among many things. To determine if you’re one of them, best consult your cryolipolysis practitioner first.

5. Pick the Best CoolSculpting Provider

Once you’re done doing a background check on the cryolipolysis aestheticians on your list, all that’s left is to pick the best one among the bunch. Call them to make an appointment or to ask for their rates.

Meet Top-Notch Aestheticians at New Jersey CoolSculpting Center

CoolSculpting is a great way to eliminate stubborn fat cells. But if you want to get optimal results, you have to get the treatment from the best cryolipolysis aestheticians available.

Looking for the best CoolSculpting providers in New Jersey? Best visit one of them in the New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting. NJ Center for CoolSculpting features the best aestheticians, doctors, and experts in body contouring, laser hair removal, plastic surgery, and cryolipolysis. And they have state-of-the-art facilities that come with the latest CoolSculpting technology, med spa, and other terrific amenities.

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Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, fat freezing treatment that uses cryolipolysis to freeze and remove excess body fat from target areas. Gaining popularity in recent years, CoolSculpting applicators are currently available in different shapes and sizes, each specially designed to target certain areas in the body.

But how much does CoolSculpting cost for large applicators? Can it really help reduce unwanted fat cells as promised? According to their website, CoolSculpting prices can vary from $2000 to $4000. The price of CoolSculpting can vary depending on the treated area and the CoolSculpting provider you'll be visiting. But as you’ll see below, the benefits you’ll enjoy from CoolSculpting can easily outweigh any money hurdles.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

How Much Do CoolSculpting Large Applicator Treatments Cost?

Like it or not, money will play a huge role if you’re planning to undergo CoolSculpting treatments. Depending on the size of the specialty applicator, the cosmetic clinic you chose, and your preferred treatment plan, you’ll need to invest around $2,000 to $4,000 if you want to go through with it. This price will depend on where you want the procedure done and the number of sessions you’ll need.

However, compared with liposuction surgery and other fat removal treatments, CoolSculpting has relatively lower rates. Most weight loss and fat reduction procedures cost thousands of dollars at the very least, and they come with certain risks and side effects. With CoolSculpting, you can permanently get rid of excess fatty acids at a more affordable price.

Additionally, there are many ways for you to save money on CoolSculpting treatments. Many CoolSculpting providers offer treatment packages and customer specials that come with substantial discounts. It’s up to you to pick the best clinic that gives out these CoolSculpting promotions.

To know exactly how much you’re going to spend, you must get a quote from your chosen CoolSculpting specialist or clinic.

Why Get CoolSculpting Large Applicator Treatment?

Non-invasive and relatively affordable, CoolSculpting is an excellent option if you want to permanently shed your body’s excess fat cells. In fact, one of the reasons why it quickly got popular is due to the many perks it offers.

1. Targeted Fat Removal

Fat reduction and weight loss are two different things. Losing weight involves shedding the fat deposits stored in your fatty cells. Meanwhile, fat reduction focuses on getting rid of the excess fatty cells themselves. CoolSculpting applicators aim to freeze and eliminate these fat cells, minimizing the fat deposits stored in your system and allowing you to retain your desired body contours.

2. Versatile Applicators

Another great thing about CoolSculpting applicators is their versatility. Available in different shapes and sizes, they can easily address treatment areas in your arms, breast, buttocks, chin, stomach, and thighs. If you want to permanently reduce fat in any of these spots, you should consider getting treatment that uses a combination of large and small applicators.

3. Schedule-Friendly Procedure

Unlike liposuction and other fat reduction methods, CoolSculpting treatments can be undertaken even on a busy schedule. For one thing, the entire CoolSculpting procedure can take only an hour at most to complete. Some treatments can even take as short as 30 minutes. By choosing CoolSculpting applicator fat removal, you can stay on schedule and improve your figure at the same time.

4. Negligible Risk and Discomfort

CoolSculpting applicator treatments don’t require surgery, so they come with fewer risks than other fat reduction methods. No anesthesia is necessary for the procedure, and there won’t be any bleeding afterward. Plus, the entire cosmetic procedure is significantly less uncomfortable than other treatments. Granted, you’ll feel some pinching and tugging afterward. But these side effects will gradually fade even while the applicator is doing its job.

5. Scar-Free Treatment

One of the reasons why people frown upon liposuction surgery is that it will leave a scar. Granted, expert surgeons can make small and discreet incisions, but it will nevertheless leave you with a permanent mark. By opting for CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll be able to avoid any scarring issues altogether. What’s more, it’s a great alternative if you have a history of scarring or if you’re prone to have keloids.

6. Long-Term Results

Since CoolSculpting targets your body’s extra fatty cells, you can enjoy permanent results after just one session. The only exception to this is your stomach area, which will require two or more large applicator treatments for you to obtain the desired effects. In any case, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your cryolipolysis specialist so you can determine the number of fat-freezing sessions you’ll need.

Best CoolSculpting Large Applicators to Choose From

Initially developed and tested for the area in the abdomen, CoolSculpting technology has since been expanded to reduce fat from other parts of the body. Presently, specific applicators can easily target the arms, back, breast, buttocks, chest, chin, stomach, inner and outer thighs, and more.

On top of the initial CoolSculpting machine cost, aestheticians have to invest in different applicators to deliver the best results. Smaller applicators are best for treating smaller areas such as the upper arm and the double chin. On the other hand, a large CoolSculpting applicator is best for treating specific areas including the outer thigh, the inner thigh, and the abdomen. 

So how much does Coolsculpting cost large applicator use?

Below are some of the CoolSculpting large applicators in use today:

1. CoolAdvantage

Considered the workhorse among the Advantage series, the CoolAdvantage is notable for its versatility. It can be used to address large target areas while being small enough to be used for spot treatments. The CoolAdvantage applicator is best used on the lower and upper abdomen, flanks, and other specific areas, and it can easily help you deal with issues like love handles, bra fat, banana rolls, and whatnot.

2. CoolAdvantage Plus

As the heavy lifter among the CoolAdvantage applicator line-up, the CoolAdvantage Plus is perfect against big, bulky target areas in the upper and lower abdomen. This CoolSculpting device performs 25% faster than its predecessors, and it can treat pinchable fat and stubborn fat deposit in 45 minutes or less.

3. CoolSmooth Pro

While most other large CoolSculpting applicators are suitable for people with pinchable fat, the CoolSmooth Pro is designed to treat the opposite. The device is perfect for non-pinchable fat cells, and it can be used alongside body contouring to help you achieve your desired result. Plus, the CoolSmooth Pro comes with a special non-suction applicator that warms dense fat before freezing it.

4. CoolMax

As the largest CoolSculpting applicator available, the CoolMax is capable of freezing large quantities of stubborn fatty cells in the least amount of time. Its large suction applicator doesn’t only target extensive pockets of fat bulge but also treats wide circumference spots on your belly and abdomen.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Things to Remember Before Getting CoolSculpting

You shouldn’t undergo CoolSculpting applicator fat removal unless you fully understand it. There’s more to it than its benefits and costs, after all. So before making an appointment with a cryolipolysis specialist, you need to make sure you’re well informed about CoolSculpting. 

1. It’s Not a Weight Loss Method

As mentioned earlier, there’s a difference between fat reduction and weight loss. While CoolSculpting treatments can help you achieve your ideal body shape, its ultimate job is to get rid of the excess fatty cells in your system. So you shouldn’t treat it as a weight-loss tool and forgo proper diet and regular exercise.

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2. It’s Different from Liposuction

Both liposuction and CoolSculpting are clinical fat reduction methods that can yield permanent results. However, that doesn’t mean they’re one and the same. For starters, liposuction involves surgery, while CoolSculpting uses non-invasive applicators. CoolSculpting also takes the cake in terms of price, being more affordable than liposuction. Plus, CoolSculpting is great for getting rid of stubborn fat that’s only skin deep, whereas liposuction is ideal for reducing larger amounts of fat and weight.

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3. It’s Not for Sagging Skin

While CoolSculpting applicators are effective against fatty acids, they won’t be able to help you deal with excess or loose skin. If you want to get rid of this problem, best consult your trusted physician or CoolSculpting practitioner for the best skin-tightening procedures. Arm lifts and ultrasound can usually do the trick, but you should still ask your doctor for any secondary, alternative solutions for sagging skin.

4. There Are Side Effects

Certified by the FDA, CoolSculpting is one of the safest medical treatment options when it comes to reducing stubborn fat cells. However, it can still cause certain side effects. For example, it can sometimes leave a tugging sensation at the treatment area that can last for a couple of hours. You’ll also have to deal with temporary redness, swelling, and bruises, which will subside after a few weeks. Thankfully, these and other side effects are not something you should worry about, and they’ll gradually fade with time.

5. There Are Qualifications

Despite its safety, CoolSculpting isn’t suitable for everyone. For example, clients with weak immune systems can’t undergo the applicator treatment since their bodies might not be able to handle the cold. You’re also not qualified for CoolSculpting if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding since it could lead to medical complications. Additionally, you can’t get the procedure if you’re dealing with inflammatory skin conditions, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and other medical issues.

Reduce Body Fat Through CoolSculpting Applicator Treatments

If you want to eliminate stubborn fat, CoolSculpting offers a great alternative to liposuction, tummy tuck, and other fat reduction medical solutions. Non-invasive, effective, and affordable, it’s one of the best treatments to help you achieve your ideal physique.

If you’re looking for a great CoolSculpting clinic, then best visit the New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting. With our team of doctors, aestheticians, and physician assistants, we’re among the best clinics in Summit, New Jersey to get cryolipolysis treatment.

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Excess fat in the body is caused by poor diet, too much consumption of carbohydrate-rich food, and lack of activeness and exercise. When left untreated, it can lead to physical deformities that may cause discomfort to a person’s way of living. It may also pose serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

When it comes to buffalo humps, you may ask: How much does CoolSculpting cost for buffalo hump? CoolSculpting is one of the popular body-contouring procedures and involves the freezing of fat cells underneath the skin. It’s an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment and doesn’t require exposing the patient to incisions and anesthesia. Like most cosmetic treatments, the price of CoolSculpting may be pricey and varies per person depending on different factors.

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How Much is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a treatment that requires a customized plan. Upon consultation for the procedure, the interested patient will get asked about their goals and desired outcome. With this information, the surgeon will then suggest a treatment approach that suits the needs of the person. 

The cost for a CoolSculpting procedure is determined by the size and location of the treatment, frequency of sessions, applicator or machine used, and even the place of residence. In 2017, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released a guideline estimating that the average fee for CoolSculpting was $1,481. Today, it may even go as high as between $2,000 and $4,000. 

Some of the most problematic areas for excess body fat are the face, arms, stomach, and thighs. When treating smaller areas like the double chin and arms with CoolSculpting, it may cost around $650 to $900 per treatment. For fat cells in large abdominal areas and around the belly, the procedure may be priced up to $1,500 per session. Meanwhile, removing fat both in the outer and inner thigh may cost $4,000.

What Is Buffalo Hump? 

Buffalo hump is the layman’s term for the condition where there’s a buildup of stubborn fat in the area between the shoulders near the back of the neck. It's also known by its medical name, “Dorsocervical fat pad.” Most of the time, a buffalo hump doesn’t present any life-threatening symptoms, but it can still cause distress, interrupt movements in the neck, and cause the loss of normal sleep.

The accumulation of fat deposits behind the shoulders may be an effect of a preexisting condition known as Cushing’s syndrome or hypercortisolism. This occurs when the body produces too much of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is an essential steroid hormone found in the adrenal glands that regulates normal bodily functions such as metabolism and immune response. It’s also vital in processing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the body. 

Cortisol fuels triglycerides (a type of fat lipid found in the blood) and transports them to storage in the visceral fat cells. When an individual is exposed to stress, they experience high levels of cortisol which can trigger their coping mechanisms such as stress eating and lead to a release of triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar, and weight gain. 

Cushing’s syndrome redistributes weight gain across other areas in the body such as the neck and shoulders. Both the transfer of fat and hormonal imbalance cause the hump size to grow over time. In worst cases, this syndrome may also result in bone loss, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Likewise, buffalo humps may develop as a side effect of prescription medicines such as those used to treat obesity and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or lipodystrophy. Long-term use of steroids like cortisone, hydrocortisone, and prednisone may also cause buffalo humps.

It may also form due to osteoporosis which is a medical condition often characterized by a lack of hormones and low calcium intake. It results in bone thinning and brittleness which may lead to serious deformities and increase risks of bone fracture in the spine, hip, and wrists. 

Over time, the fat buildup of buffalo humps can worsen and develop fractures in the vertebrae, causing the spine to bend forward. It can result in a condition called kyphoscoliosis which is a combined spinal disease of scoliosis (abnormal curving on the coronal plane) and kyphosis (spine twisting forward or backward on the sagittal plane). Most instances of kyphoscoliosis may be treated with a back or neck brace, a prescription medication for pain management, physical therapy, and surgery.

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How Is Buffalo Hump Diagnosed and Treated 

Buffalo humps can be treated naturally by inducing certain lifestyle changes. Regular exercise such as jogging, yoga, and jumping can help lose body weight and eventually reduce fat accumulated due to obesity. Following a healthy and nutrient-filled diet can strengthen bones to prevent osteoporosis and avoid muscle pains and joint aches. 

If the humps are formed due to other medical causes or prescription drugs, a visit to the primary physician is recommended. Before determining the right course of treatment, the surgeon will inquire about your medical history. They may also conduct a series of physical exams to determine other possible causes of buffalo humps: 

Upon the patient’s diagnosis, doctors may present various surgical options to remove fat in the shoulder and upper neck area. These treatments use different unique techniques but offer the same desired results. The two common procedures for removing fat are: 

1. Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery option that sucks fat cells out of the body through the use of surgical equipment. Along with tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift, it’s also a popular mommy makeover procedure that helps women regain their pre-pregnancy body by contouring their hips, thighs, and buttocks. It works by removing pockets of fat and evening out irregular body shapes. 

A patient who opts to receive a liposuction procedure will be administered with local anesthesia before making small incisions on the skin. A tube or a pump is typically used to vacuum the fat out of the body. Loss of fat through liposuction is permanent but there are certain risks to consider like infection and scarring at the incision site. There are also three types of liposuction procedures among which patients can choose to be treated:

2. CoolSculpting (Cryolipolysis) 

CoolSculpting uses a patented technology known as cryolipolysis. It was approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012. Since then, it’s been considered an effective method for diminishing fat deposits that can’t be removed by regular diet and exercise.

Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures. With cryolipolysis, it uses a cooling technique that freezes the fat under the skin around target areas like thighs, abdomen, arms, and chin. When frozen over time, the fats will undergo their natural removal process by the lymphatic system. This leaves the treatment area looking flatter and more defined. 

The treatment is usually performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. They will apply a gel pad and applicator that will act as the cooling stimulant to the targeted fat. For buffalo hump removal, this will be applied in the area between the neck and shoulders. A machine or vacuum device will then be moved around the skin to suction out the fat which may trigger minimal sensations of pain, tingling, or stinging. They may also massage the treated area to assist with the breakdown of fat.

A session of CoolSculpting may take an hour with minimal downtime, so patients can return almost immediately to their activities. After receiving the treatment, patients may expect to see full results within 4 to 6 months. A successful cryolipolysis can permanently get rid of up to 20% of fat.

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What Makes CoolSculpting Worth the Money 

doctor with a device for coolsculpting

Among the available options for fat reduction, CoolSculpting is one of the most expensive alternatives. However, most of the cost for this treatment is justified as this procedure solves the excess fat problem without any side effects. Globally, over 4,000,000 cryolipolysis treatments have been administered since its approval. Other reasons that make CoolSculpting a better and more preferred cosmetic procedure for fat removal are:

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How Long CoolSculpting Results Last

Cryolipolysis effectively freezes and removes the fat lipids permanently. But after some time, new lipids may generate in the skin. To maintain optimal results and prevent the reappearance of fat, patients may opt for multiple sessions of CoolSculpting. They will have to consult with their dermatologists to determine when they will return for their treatment.

As with all treatments, individuals may also be advised to follow certain aftercare tips to retain the results of the procedure such as: 

Get Rid Of Buffalo Hump and Other Unwanted Body Fat at NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary procedure that applies a cooling technique to freeze fat cells in the body. While it may be costly, the long-term results and benefits that it offers for each individual make it worth its price. It can work effectively to remedy the appearance of buffalo hump, providing ease of mind by removing unwanted fat in the neck and shoulders area. 

Get your personalized fat reduction treatment plan at NJ Center for CoolSculpting. Our clinic boasts of seasoned doctors and licensed aestheticians who are experts in their field and fully capable of body contouring solutions. We’re committed to providing the best treatments so you can have a safe and successful CoolSculpting experience. Contact us now and schedule an appointment to get started.

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When it comes to fat reduction, CoolSculpting and liposuction are generating a lot of buzz. These are two procedures for permanent fat reduction that will yield permanent results for patients who wish to remove excess fat.

So how does liposuction compare to CoolSculpting in costs? For a fair comparison, you will have to consider the total number of treatments needed to achieve permanent results. For just one treatment, CoolSculpting is the cheaper option. On the other hand, while one treatment of liposuction can be expensive, it will give a more drastic result with just one procedure. The costs for each procedure may also vary depending on factors such as the size and area to be treated, facility costs, and post-procedure care.

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How Much Do These Procedures Cost? 

1. CoolSculpting

The price for CoolSculpting procedures varies depending on your treatment area, the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. The average patient can expect the price range of their CoolSculpting procedure at $2,000 to $6,000. The cost is based on each cycle wherein the applicator is placed on your body in the desired treatment area. A cycle costs about $650 to $1,000 on average.

You will notice changes in your figure within four to eight weeks, with full results by the twelfth week. If your desired goal is not met, the next CoolSculpting procedure can be done as early as eight weeks after the initial CoolSculpting treatment. The key thing to know about the cost of a CoolSculpting procedure is that it is customized based on the treatment. The price is determined based on your physical attributes, your desired goals, and the area you are treating.

2. Liposuction

A liposuction procedure costs anywhere from $4,500 and $7,500 for the procedure alone. This may seem like a wide range, but the price heavily depends on thepatient and the extent of the treatment. In general, liposuction of a small area like the chin will cost less than liposuction of a larger area such as the stomach or thighs. 

The cost of liposuction varies per person because it is tailored to meet an individual’s needs and desired results. Some patients may have a small problem area that can be addressed in as little as an hour of surgery. Others may be doing almost the entire body and the procedure can take hours. This will then require post-surgery care which is added to the total cost of the procedure. The combined cost of the surgeon's fees, anesthesia, surgical facility fees, and all other expenses can reach $4,500 to $20,000.

 3. Which Procedure Is More Cost-Effective for Fat Reduction?

CoolSculpting is flat out cheaper than liposuction per treatment. 

One liposuction surgery may cost more than one CoolSculpting treatment, however, it may cost significantly less in the long run. Typically, just one liposuction procedure is necessary to see complete results. On average, 50% to 70% of body fat from an area can be removed in a single session of liposuction.

On the other hand, about 20% to 25% of body fat reduction in the targeted area can be achieved in a single CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting results are appreciated with an immediate reduction in fatty deposits seen with the final outcome in several months after a series of treatments.

While cost is obviously an important consideration when it comes to fat reduction, it is not the most important one. Patients should remember that their health and cosmetic satisfaction are ultimately the top priorities for a cosmetic procedure.

What Are the Factors Affecting These Procedures?


1. Areas to Be Treated

The most important thing related to your CoolSculpting treatment cost is identifying the areas you want to treat. Each body area counts as a single treatment area, so if you want your stomach treated, that is one area, but if you want your thighs treated, it will count as two treatments which will increase the total cost of the CoolSculpting procedure. Areas that are commonly treated with the CoolSculpting procedure are arms, outer and inner thighs, abdomen, and love handles.

2. Size of Area to Be Treated

The size of the treatment area or the shape of the body is an important indicator of the cost of a CoolSculpting session. The number of applicators needed for a specific treatment area is determined by the patient’s own body shape and size, as well as the fat reduction results the patient desires.

For example, some patients may only need a single large applicator for treating fat on their abdomen. In contrast, other patients may need two small applicators for the same area. A treatment under your chin will cost less than one on your stomach. If you want to do multiple areas at the same appointment, this will also drive your cost up.

3. Number of Treatments You Will Need

A significant factor that impacts CoolSculpting cost is the number of cycles required to meet the patient’s desired results. One session using CoolSculpting technology with just a CoolSculpting applicator is referred to as a cycle. For areas of the body that need mirror treatment such as upper arms, thighs, and love handles, two applicators will be used for each side. Mirror treatments are considered two cycles since two CoolSculpting applicators are used.

While a single treatment session significantly reduces about 20 to 25% fat thickness in the targeted area, most patients will need multiple treatments to be fully satisfied with the results. 

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4. Your Location and Provider

As the popularity of CoolSculpting continues to rise, this procedure is available in many different clinics and medical spas. If you do your CoolSculpting treatment with a doctor rather than a medical assistant or an esthetician, it will likely cost you more. In addition to this, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, then the price of your body contouring procedure will go up accordingly.

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1. Treatment Area

Liposuction is tailored to the unique needs of each patient. The amount of body fat that needs to be removed and the size of the area being treated will play a significant role in establishing the cost of your procedure. The more areas a patient chooses to address at one time, the longer the procedure will take. The plastic surgeon can charge $4,000 per area for liposuction surgery. Liposuction is often used for large areas such as belly fat and fat bulge.

Costs can also be influenced by how technical the procedure is. If the procedure requires fine detailing, such as in the face or neck, it can take longer and be more expensive. In general, treating multiple areas of the body at the same time is overall cheaper than having all those individual treatments broken into separate sessions.

2. Hospital Facility and Surgeon Selection

Hospitals charge a fee when your surgeon uses their facility. Surgeons often require medical tests before you undergo any procedure to ensure you are in good health. This will help minimize any potential risks. The importance of having your procedure performed in an accredited surgical facility by qualified staff is critical in the decision-making process.

Your surgeon’s experience will also affect the cost to a varying degree. The more reputable the surgeon is, the higher the surgery may cost — yet this is not always a direct relationship. However, if the plastic surgeon you are considering has their own private or independent facility, their fee may be lower.

3. Type of Anesthesia

The use of an anesthetic to sedate patients is routine for liposuction surgery. The cost of anesthesia for liposuction can vary significantly for each patient. You want to make sure general anesthesia is provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist or a board-certified nurse anesthetist. If a surgeon uses a non-certified anesthetist nurse or a medical assistant to push the anesthetic drugs, the cost may go down but your safety may be at risk.

Anesthesia costs are typically billed by the hour. Be sure to ask in advance what will happen if the surgery goes longer than expected and who will pay for the extra anesthesia time.

4. Post-Surgery Care

The total costs associated with a liposuction surgery extend beyond the initial operation. You may need to pay for follow-up care in several ways. For example, you might need to pay for specific medications for your pain management or recovery. You may also need to pay for other bandages or for follow-up appointments that will be scheduled by your surgeon.

How Is CoolSculpting Different From Liposuction?

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are both safe and effective procedures to lose a few inches of fat in stubborn areas that do not respond to diet or exercise. 

CoolSculpting works by using a cooling technology called Cryolipolysis to spot-reduce fat deposits. Fat freezing targets fat cells with the external application of freezing temperatures. A technician passes the CoolSculpting applicator over your stomach to freeze the fat underneath. With CoolSculpting, the fat in the targeted area will be removed from the body with no damage to the surrounding tissue and cells. This treatment is considered non-invasive because the wand does not penetrate the skin and no general anesthesia is necessary. 

Over the following weeks, the treated fat cells are eliminated from your body through your regular bodily functions. CoolSculpting will require a few sessions over several weeks to see complete results and to achieve your desired goals for fat loss. 

Liposuction is a one-time cosmetic surgery to remove unwanted fat. Many patients opt to target several areas like abdomen, thighs, bra bulges, or arm flab in one session. This surgical procedure is similar to a tummy tuck procedure. In addition to removing excess fat from the abdomen area, a tummy tuck also removes excess skin. Most surgeons combine different liposuction techniques such as laser lipo, smart liposuction, or traditional liposuction for best results.

During liposuction, a plastic surgeon uses a long, thin instrument called a cannula to sculpt problem areas and suction out the fat through a tiny incision. When performed well, liposuction can truly sculpt the body to achieve a more shapely silhouette, reveal the underlying musculature, and reduce stubborn fat bulges.

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Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

Ultimately, the most appropriate treatment option is the one that aligns with the aesthetic goals and individual preferences of the patient. There are several options today for fat reduction treatment such as CoolSculpting, Liposuction, smart liposuction, tummy tuck, laser liposuction, and even plastic surgery. If you wish to avoid surgery with its associated risks and lengthy downtime and do not mind gradual results, then CoolSculpting is the better option.  If you are simply looking to remove as much fat deposit as possible in a single session, then liposuction may be a more practical option.

For patients looking to treat excess fat over a larger area of the body or for patients desiring a more dramatic change in body contour, liposuction may be the most suitable choice for you. Liposuction is a more aggressive treatment option and allows for more fat to be removed during a single session.

If you are seeking a non-surgical method to reduce fat in a targeted area, such as in the love handles or outer thighs, CoolSculpting is the appropriate treatment for you. Changes in the treated area may become apparent as early as three weeks after CoolSculpting, and the most dramatic results can be seen one to three months after treatment. Your body will continue to process the treated fat cells from your body for approximately four months after your procedure. 

The bottom line is that both liposuction and CoolSculpting are extremely effective at eliminating areas of fatty tissue and contouring the figure. Many people will find that they will get an excellent result with either treatment, and the right procedure for you will be determined only by your personal goals and desired results.

Reduce Excess Fat at NJ CoolSculpting Center

If you are looking for a non-invasive and easy way to trim the bulges of stubborn fat that won’t disappear with diet and exercise, then CoolSculpting is the treatment for you. This procedure has lower risks and has a fat removal rating of up to 80%. Look no further than NJ CoolSculpting Center. NJ CoolSculpting Center is the leading CoolSculpting center in New Jersey. 

Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will also thoroughly discuss with each patient how the procedure works so they can make an informed decision. Schedule for a consultation today and get trusted advice from New Jersey’s five-star CoolSculpting clinic. 

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Patients now have a bigger selection of fat reduction treatments compared to the past. While you may have needed an invasive method of treatment like liposuction to get rid of things like a double chin, today you can choose between treatments like CoolSculpting or Radio Frequency therapy to get rid of unwanted fat around the neck.

But how much does the cost for CoolSculpting on the neck or Radio Frequency differ? On average, the CoolSculpting cost of removing neck fat will be less expensive than radiofrequency treatments. Because the method each treatment uses to remove excess fat differs, the final cost will depend on how big of a fat deposit needs to be removed in the neck area.

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Average Cost Of A Neck CoolSculpting Treatment vs Radio Frequency Treatment

A CoolSculpting procedure will normally cost anywhere from $2000 to $4000, though it’s important to keep in mind that this is based on a multi-treatment CoolSculpting session. Depending on the size of the applicator and the treated area, the amount of unwanted fat that you want to be removed, and the overall results that you expect from your CoolSculpting session, you can reasonably expect a CoolSculpting cost of around $1500 to $3000 per session.

However, this fee is significantly lowered if you're treating a double chin (also known as submental fat) or excess fat in general around the neck area. A small area like that doesn’t need a large applicator, so most treatments cost anywhere from $900 to $1200. The final price will depend on your consultation with your dermatologist or CoolSculpting provider, but you can reasonably expect it to be that around that range.

Radio Frequency treatments (specifically, radiofrequency assisted liposuction) can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000, depending on the area treated, the amount of excess fat, and other fat deposits that need to be removed. Because radio frequency treatment also has the additional benefit of skin tightening, it’s an excellent all-around solution if a patient wants a comprehensive fat reduction treatment combined with body contouring and skin rejuvenation.

Radiofrequency treatments are usually targeted for areas with loose and sagging skin, which often occurs right after a fat reduction or fat removal treatment. Since it can restore skin to its usual elasticity and shape, it’s considered more of a skin rejuvenation treatment than a primary method for fat reduction. Since skin rejuvenation treatments aren’t usually separated from a radio frequency treatment, you get additional benefits with the caveat of a higher price. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be an issue when all you want treatment for is submental fat.

Difference Between A CoolSculpting Treatment And Radio Frequency Treatment

So what exactly differentiates the two? CoolSculpting and radio frequency treatments are both methods that reduce the number of fat cells in the treatment area, and both can also be used to treat issues like submental fullness and work well as a neck lift procedure. They're excellent procedures to use for body contouring and are great alternatives to neck liposuction, and a patient can easily get both of them to treat both a visible fat bulge and loose skin at the same time.

Radio Frequency TreatmentCoolSculpting
Uses heat to burn away the fat cellsUses cryolipolysis to freeze the fat cells from the inside
Typically targeted at large areas like the outer thigh and abdomenWorks better on smaller fat deposits like submental fat, love handles, and upper arm fat
Requires 3 to 4 sessions for best resultsRequires 1 to 2 sessions for best results
Can induce additional collagen growth in the treatment areaCan only reduce fat deposits

What Is A CoolSculpting Procedure?

CoolSculpting works by using cryolipolysis (or fat freezing) to reduce fat cells in the treatment area and prevent them from coming back. By freezing unwanted fat from the inside, CoolSculpting removes stubborn fat cells without needing to go through a surgical procedure. As a body contouring treatment, it's especially effective at reducing small to moderate amounts of body fat.

These fat deposits are then drained into the lymphatic system around the surrounding tissue and are eventually expelled as waste. So long as the patient doesn't gain more body fat around the treatment area, the fat cells are unlikely to return. With the right CoolSculpting applicator, it's relatively easy for a dermatologist to treat submental fullness for a complete neck lift. You can even have other areas treated in the same session, like the abdomen or the inner thigh.

The primary benefit of going with CoolSculpting for a neck lift is that it only takes one CoolSculpting session to get your results. While it may take a few months for submental fullness to completely go away, the fat freezing process is efficient and can give you visible results within a few months. Any stubborn fat cells remaining may need to be massaged to be drained into the lymphatic system, but the process doesn't require any surgical procedure and can be done in a clinic or even at home.

What Is Radio Frequency Treatment?

Radiofrequency therapy works the exact opposite of fat freezing: it burns subcutaneous fat from the inside, making sure that fat cells over a large area are removed and any fat deposits melted from the inside. Because it works on a fat bulge without affecting the surrounding tissue, it's a great body contouring treatment that can get rid of loose skin and body fat at the same time.

Because the radiofrequency treatment works over a large area, it's well-suited to areas like the abdomen, outer thigh, or any other area that has stubborn fat that needs to be removed. It can also work on smaller areas like a double chin and the upper arm, but these are often done with body sculpting and getting rid of loose skin as the end goal.

The primary advantage of radiofrequency therapy is that it also stimulates collagen production at the same time as it removes stubborn fat cells, so the patient can enjoy skin tightening treatments and manage skin laxity in a single session. Radiofrequency therapy typically takes 2 to 4 sessions before all the fat cells in the surrounding tissue have been removed, though most patients report visible results in getting rid of subcutaneous fat as soon as the third session.

Both of these treatments target subcutaneous fat, though radiofrequency therapy may slightly edge out CoolSculpting as a comprehensive body sculpting treatment. On the other hand, the fat freezing treatment of CoolSculpting makes it an incredibly effective cosmetic procedure to treat a visible fat bulge like a double chin.

Which Is The Better Body Contouring Treatment For The Neck?

This largely depends on the result that you want to have. If you're only looking to remove excess fat away from the treatment area, then you should consider going for CoolSculpting. The overall CoolSculpting cost is cheaper compared to the multiple sessions required from radiofrequency treatment, with the option of treating nearby areas like the upper arm.

On the other hand, if you're looking to address skin laxity while also benefiting from skin tightening treatments, radio frequency therapy is your best bet. Since it can boost collagen production while also using fat removal, it's particularly well-suited for areas that can see a lot of sagging skin like the abdomen or the outer thigh. Just remember that on average, it will usually cost more than a single CoolSculpting session.

Benefits Of The CoolSculpting Procedure

Aside from body sculpting, there are other advantages that a patient can enjoy from using CoolSculpting to treat neck fat deposits:

1. Minimal downtime

As a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, CoolSculpting requires no incisions, injections, or other similar procedures that you'd find in treatments like plastic surgery. All the dermatologist or medical aesthetician needs to do is to apply the CoolSculpting applicator around the neck, and the fat freezing process can immediately work on the fat cells in the treatment area.

Patients are unlikely to experience any side effects from CoolSculpting treatments, though some report tingling, numbness, or other slight skin discomforts immediately after the procedure. This is especially apparent if other areas like the outer thigh, abdomen, or upper arm were also treated in the same session. However, this feeling is temporary and should disappear with bed rest.

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2. Can be combined with other treatments

The non-invasive nature of CoolSculpting also means that it can be used in tandem with other body sculpting or fat removal treatments, especially a surgical procedure like neck liposuction. For patients who have a lot of body fat that needs to be removed around the area, using a CoolSculpting applicator when they have recovered from the surgical procedure is an effective way to make sure that no loose skin forms as the body recovers.

A plastic surgeon may suggest that you go for CoolSculpting if the results of your plastic surgery aren't to your liking, or if you have fat deposits around areas like the inner thigh that aren't big enough for liposuction.

3. Significant saving on time

One of the best reasons to get a CoolSculpting treatment for a double chin is that it only takes one to two sessions to get it done. Because the fat freezing technology of CoolSculpting excels at breaking down fat from the inside almost immediately, a patient only needs a single session to treat stubborn fat cells. After that session, your dermatologist may recommend that you get a facial massage to ensure that the fat cells drain into your lymphatic system.

This is particularly useful for patients that don't have the time or the resources to spend on multiple cosmetic procedures to treat stubborn fat. While the results from CoolSculpting may take some time to become visible, the results are more or less permanent unless you regain weight in the treated area again.

4. Minimal risk of any side effects

As a non-invasive treatment, complications from CoolSculpting are fairly rare and can usually be managed by a day or two of bed rest. Most patients will report feeling some pulling sensation or tingling during and after the procedure, or some numbness in the area if there’s been a particularly large fat deposit that was removed. Some may also report feeling mild discomfort at the massage immediately following the treatment.

Rarely, a patient may experience paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after a CoolSculpting treatment, where an area of fat hardens after the fat freezing treatment. While not a serious complication, it can cause mild discomfort and negatively affect the patient’s CoolSculpting results. The best way to treat paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is through liposuction, though some cases have also seen success with procedures like tummy tucks.

These benefits make CoolSculpting one of the best choices for anyone looking to treat neck fat or get a neck lift without undergoing the hassles of plastic surgery. While the exact details of your CoolSculpting treatment are largely up to your provider, you can realistically expect long-term results without much effort on your part from your CoolSculpting session.

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Get Your CoolSculpting Treatment For Effective Fat Reduction At NJ Center For CoolSculpting

A patient can choose any cosmetic procedure that they want to remove stubborn fat without the need for a plastic surgeon, and CoolSculpting is just one of the many options available that they can easily have done. While it's not an effective method of fat loss, it can be a great option for fat removal for anyone who wants to treat small fat deposits like a double chin without the need for plastic surgery.

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Love handles are some of the most difficult pieces of fat to remove from the hips since they can all too easily blend in with the fat cells on the abdomen and thighs. For most people who don’t want to go to a plastic surgeon or undergo liposuction, a CoolSculpting treatment is their best option.

But how much does CoolSculpting cost for love handles? Because of its proximity to the thigh and abdomen, most treatments will usually start around $1000. If there are any visible fat bulges or unwanted fat near the surrounding tissue, CoolSculpting patients may need more than one session to get it done, which can further add to the costs.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Average Cost Of CoolSculpting For Love Handles

The abdomen and the hips are some of the most difficult areas for a fat reduction since different kinds of fat deposits need to be removed from the area. With this in mind, your average cost of CoolSculpting for love handles will depend on how deep of a fat deposit needs to be removed, the kind of CoolSculpting results you’re looking for overall, and the amount of body around the treated area.

On average, the cost of CoolSculpting for love handles can be around $1000 to $1500 per treatment session, though if there’s particularly stubborn fat around the treatment area you may need two sessions for the fat freezing to work. The exact cost will vary depending on your CoolSculpting provider, though the overall price will still likely be lower than your average liposuction session, which usually starts around $2500 to $3000.

Factors That Can Affect The Total Cost Of CoolSculpting For Love Handles

While the cost of a CoolSculpting treatment may start at around $1000, this can go higher or lower based on three factors:

1. The amount of excess fat that needs to be removed

The most significant factor that will affect your total CoolSculpting price is the amount of unwanted fat that you want to be removed from the treatment area. Keep in mind that hip fat can be caused by a variety of different conditions and is close to other fat deposits like belly fat, so you may need a larger treatment area to make sure that all the excess fat gets removed. Because CoolSculpting is primarily a fat reduction method, it won’t do much if you have too much excess fat in the area.

Ideally, it’s someone who is within 20 to 30 pounds of their target weight who can benefit the most from a CoolSculpting treatment. Because of the different body anatomies of each CoolSculpting patient, results will always differ even if the treated area is the same. Ultimately, the final call with how much body fat needs to be removed from the treatment will depend on your dermatologist/CoolSculpting provider.

2. Your CoolSculpting provider

Not all CoolSculpting machines are the same: one area that they differ in the most is the size of their applicator. The CoolSculpting applicator that your CoolSculpting provider will use determines the size of the treatment area that they can work with. The size of your provider’s CoolSculpting machine will also determine how many sessions you need. Larger machines can work on areas like the inner thigh, abdomen, and legs; and a small CoolSculpting applicator works better with treating issues like a double chin and other types of body fat.

For belly fat and love handles, a large CoolSculpting applicator is the best, since the hips contain a lot of body fat in the treatment area and the surrounding tissue. It’s still possible to get unwanted fat removed with a small applicator, but you’ll likely need more than one CoolSculpting session to get it done.

3. The results that you want from your CoolSculpting procedure

CoolSculpting works by fat freezing any fat deposit found in the target area, but it’s important to remember that it can only work as a fat reduction method rather than fat removal. More effective methods of removing fat deposits are usually best left to a surgical procedure like liposuction, though it’s considerably more expensive and requires more post-operative recovery and aftercare compared to a CoolSculpting session.

For a CoolSculpting patient looking for visible results, the CoolSculpting treatment really shines with visible fat bulges like love handles. CoolSculpting works as an effective method of body contouring, especially if you’re very close to your target weight and are just looking for that last push to get those curves that you’ve always wanted. While it can be possible to use multiple CoolSculpting procedures to get the body that you want, this approach may be more expensive in the long run and can be vetoed by your dermatologist.

Even if the CoolSculpting price of your treatment can go higher or lower, it’s still a less expensive treatment compared to a surgical procedure like liposuction. It can’t work as an effective substitute for fat removal procedures, but it does have several advantages that make it a more appealing option to patients looking for fat reduction.

Is CoolSculpting For Love Handles And Hips Effective?

But how exactly is CoolSculpting for love handles and hips effective? There are three reasons why you should consider getting a CoolSculpting session over liposuction or another cosmetic procedure to get rid of fat:

1. It’s non-invasive

The first benefit to going through CoolSculpting is that it requires no incisions, injections, or other methods of getting to the fat deposit and the surrounding tissue. All your CoolSculpting provider needs to do is to run the applicator over the treatment area, and the fat freezing (or cryolipolysis) will do the rest. CoolSculpting patients don’t have to undergo anesthesia, and the procedure can get rid of stubborn fat without any adverse effects on the treated area.

The CoolSculpting machine itself can also make the process easier - a large applicator can work well on a stubborn bulge like love handles since it can target more fat cells without having to affect the surrounding tissue. Because love handles are a type of stubborn fat that can extend beyond the hips to areas like the outer thigh, it's an effective way to get rid of a fat bulge while also allowing for normal activity directly after the procedure.

2. The results are almost permanent

The fat freezing treatment in CoolSculpting targets stubborn fat cells and freezes them in the targeted area, allowing them to drain into the lymphatic system and eventually be expelled as waste. This prevents treated fat cells from returning to the treated area, which ensures that CoolSculpting results are more or less permanent unless the patient gains weight again.

This can be particularly useful for love handles since this type of fat bulge is usually limited to the targeted area and can be removed in a single session. Normally, getting rid of a stubborn bulge doesn't guarantee permanent results, but the treated fat cells in the area are unlikely to come back especially if the patient adjusts their normal activity to include routines like regular exercise.

3. Other treatment areas can be worked on in a single session

CoolSculpting technology can easily treat stubborn fat cells that aren't in the targeted area in the same session, especially if the CoolSculpting machine has a large applicator. For sessions that are primarily focused on body contouring, it's possible to get rid of multiple fat bulge deposits around the body in a single treatment.

It's not uncommon for patients who have love handles to also be treated for inner thigh fat, outer thigh bulges, or other areas where there are stubborn fat cells. Because CoolSculpting results are also permanent, this means that you get more value out of a single session if you get other areas treated.

All these benefits make CoolSculpting an effective cosmetic procedure to help remove any stubborn bulge in the body like love handles. A patient can quickly resume normal activity after the procedure, with the option to go through extra sessions if they need more body contouring.

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Is CoolSculpting Preferable To Liposuction For Hips?

Treated fat cells don't come back after a CoolSculpting session unless the patient gains weight - and in these cases, repeat treatments may quickly become more expensive than the initial CoolSculpting price. If the patient needs a more drastic method of fat loss, then CoolSculpting technology may not give them the results that they want.

In these cases, it's better to consult a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon about the best course of action - usually liposuction, though other non-invasive ways of fat loss can be considered as well. If the patient has a condition that doesn't respond well to the initial fat freezing treatment, the outlook is unlikely to improve, even if a large applicator is used.

Liposuction may be a more invasive method of treatment, but if you have too much body fat to remove via CoolSculpting, it may be the best option to make sure that you get to the optimal weight loss required for CoolSculpting technology to work. Because the fat around the love handles is often adjacent to other fat deposits like the outer thigh and the inner thigh, it's a better option to use a more direct fat loss method before using fat freezing treatment.

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Can The CoolSculpting Procedure Be Covered By Insurance?

One thing to note is that CoolSculpting treatment is unlikely to be covered by medical insurance or your healthcare provider. Since it’s classified as a cosmetic procedure, the only way that you can get a discount or financial assistance with a CoolSculpting treatment is if you find a CoolSculpting provider that offers it as part of a package deal.

Cometic practices will often offer CoolSculpting promos to first-time CoolSculpting patients, though it may be more common with some practices that implement membership plans. Fat freezing treatments like CoolSculpting have long-term and often permanent results, so your best option for looking for a discounted CoolSculpting procedure is with a provider who can offer a one-time discount or bundle it with other weight loss/fat reduction treatments.

CoolSculpting Or Tummy Tuck: Which Is Cheaper?

A tummy tuck is a fat reduction procedure where the muscles of your abdomen are stitched together to give your stomach a flat appearance. If you have a lot of belly fat around the area, liposuction and other fat removal processes may be used to get rid of excess fat.

The average cost of a tummy tuck is around $6000, depending on the amount of unwanted fat in the area and the overall body fat in the surrounding tissue. A tummy tuck can cover the entire stomach or just the lower region, which can lower or raise the price depending on the fat deposit found in each area.

On numbers alone, a single CoolSculpting procedure is more affordable than a tummy tuck, with the added benefit of removing unwanted fat without a surgical procedure. Aside from vastly improving the quality of life for a CoolSculpting patient, it also removes the need for other post-procedure aftercare.

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Remove Love Handles And Cut Down On Abdominal Fat With NJ Center For CoolSculpting

Love handles and fat around the abdomen can be some of the most difficult fat deposits to remove, but CoolSculpting can help make the process easier, with long-lasting results. At the NJ Center for CoolSculpting, we can give you better fat reduction treatment compared to other procedures like plastic surgery, with prices that are better than any plastic surgeon. 

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Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting treatment is an excellent alternative for people who find that diet and exercise don't help with removing stubborn fat. This is a particularly excellent choice for upper arm fat since the CoolSculpting procedure can help trim down flabby arms, get rid of armpit fat, and prevent any visible fat bulges from returning.

So how much does CoolSculpting cost for arms? While the actual CoolSculpting cost can vary depending on a few factors on the treatment area, CoolSculpting arms can cost anywhere from $600 to $4000. These costs are well worth the fat reduction treatment for getting rid of visible fat bulges in the upper arm and are usually less of a hassle to go through than a regular surgical procedure.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Average Arm CoolSculpting Cost

The total cost of your arm CoolSculpting procedure will depend on the unwanted fat you need removing from the treatment area, and how many sessions of CoolSculpting treatment you need to go through. Fortunately, arm fat reduction costs less compared to areas like the abdomen or the inner thigh, since the fat stores in the treatment area can be easier to remove.

On average, smaller areas of upper arm fat can cost around $700 per CoolSculpting treatment, while removing more stubborn fat or treating flabby arms can cost a little over $1500. Arm CoolSculpting price is charged per arm, so your average cost for a CoolSculpting procedure can be anywhere from $2000 to $4000.

Factors That Affect The Price Of CoolSculpting Arms

The $600 to $5000 estimated range of a CoolSculpting procedure isn't set in stone and can be changed depending on a few things about how your treatment will go:

1. Size of the treated area

The most significant factor that can affect your overall CoolSculpting cost is the amount of unwanted fat that needs to be removed from the treated area. In general, upper arm fat will depend on how much body fat you have overall, though having flabby arms can also depend if you have difficulty with weight loss. A CoolSculpting applicator is better used as a way to contour the arm (like an arm lift), the fewer fat stores that you have, the better.

Overall, it's visible fat bulges where you can see the most improvement with your CoolSculpting treatment. If you have a minimum amount of excess fat that needs to be removed, the fat freezing method can work much better since there isn't a deep fat deposit that needs to be treated. Otherwise, it may need two or more sessions with your CoolSculpting provider to get rid of all the fat cells in the treated area.

2. Your CoolSculpting provider

A CoolSculpting machine comes in different sizes for different areas, which means that the CoolSculpting applicator used in your procedure will not be the same across different clinics. Because of the variety of fat cells that can be found in the body, it's crucial to have the right CoolSculpting applicator to use on excess fat in the upper arm to get the desired results.

Your CoolSculpting provider may change the CoolSculpting price depending on what kind of applicator is necessary to remove the unwanted fat in your arm. Like any fat reduction treatment, it's how much overall body fat and where the fat deposit is located in your upper arm that will decide the length and intensity of your CoolSculpting procedure. This cost can be slightly lowered if you go to a provider who has regular CoolSculpting promotions that provide discounts.

3. Desired CoolSculpting results

Because it works more like an arm lift than an active method of weight loss, fat freezing with CoolSculpting can produce different results with each patient, even if it's treating the same area. CoolSculpting results will vary on the total amount of body fat and how deep the fat deposit is. However, most fat stores located in the upper arm can be removed with a large enough applicator, though the exact specifications of your treatment will depend on your dermatologist.

While it is a less invasive method compared to liposuction, fat freezing treatments like CoolSculpting aren't effective methods for drastic fat removal. Since it works by effectively removing the ability to grow and reproduce in the treated fat cells, you may need more than one treatment session with the CoolSculpting machine to get your desired results.

4. If another fat reduction treatment is needed

The bigger thing to keep in mind is whether or not your CoolSculpting results are possible with a CoolSculpting machine alone or if you'll need a surgical procedure like plastic surgery or brachioplasty to get your results. While this cosmetic procedure is excellent at removing armpit fat, it can only induce cellular breakdown in the treated fat cells. If there's more excess fat in the area, then your CoolSculpting provider may either charge you for more sessions or refer you to a plastic surgeon.

It's possible to use both treatments together since liposuction can get rid of most of the subcutaneous fat that you can find in the upper arms while CoolSculpting can help contour the skin after plastic surgery. However, keep in mind that each cosmetic procedure will have its own separate costs, and you will have to pay for them individually unless you get a discount on the surgical procedure or find a provider running CoolSculpting promotions.

5. Other cosmetic procedures or skin rejuvenation treatments

Finally, your CoolSculpting provider may offer to give you a promotion or a discount on another skin rejuvenation treatment or cosmetic procedure to complement the results of your CoolSculpting session. While the exact specifics of the procedure will vary from provider to provider, options like dermal fillers, Botox treatments, chemical peels, or even specialized serums have proven to be quite popular.

Some providers will offer this as an automatic add-on that you can get after your CoolSculpting session, while others may require you to pay a small fee after the procedure. The ultimate cost of this add-on will depend on whether or not you think you still need another cosmetic procedure after your CoolSculpting treatment.

Overall, the costs of CoolSculpting will always come down to three factors: the amount of unwanted fat you need to remove from the arm, the overall results that you want from your CoolSculpting treatment, and the skill and experience of your CoolSculpting provider. Balancing all these factors is critical to choosing the right place for a CoolSculpting treatment, so you’re sure that you get your money’s worth.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Is CoolSculpting Covered By Insurance?

One important thing to note with CoolSculpting costs is that it’s not covered by medical insurance or other medical plans. As a cosmetic procedure, the only way you can get a discount or financial assistance with your CoolSculpting treatment is to find a CoolSculpting provider that can offer you a promo or a discount. Cosmetic practices with memberships are a great place to look, though keep in mind that not all of them will offer or bundle CoolSculpting treatment with other beauty services.

In most cases, these discounts are good for your initial session of CoolSculpting and slightly go down if any future treatments are required. Because the results from CoolSculpting treatments last for a considerably long time, you’re more likely to find one-time upfront discounts with accredited CoolSculpting providers, perhaps with extra skin and body contouring services if their packages also include other beauty treatments.

Is CoolSculpting For Arms Effective In Reducing Fat Cells?

CoolSculpting works by using cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells and break them down from the inside. These fat cells are eventually drained back into the body’s lymphatic system, which filters them out as waste. Because this process targets fat cells alone, surrounding tissue is unlikely to be affected unless the fat freezing machine has been calibrated incorrectly, or targets essential fat deposits around the treated area.

There are three reasons why CoolSculpting works particularly well on fat cells in the arm:

1. Minimally invasive

The first advantage of using CoolSculpting on fat cells in the arm is that it’s a minimally invasive method of fat reduction. Since the process only requires the CoolSculpting machine and the applicators on the patient, most patients can actually go through the procedure in a single afternoon. Depending on the CoolSculpting provider, you can go through a procedure that uses a larger cryolipolysis machine to treat other areas of the body. This is particularly useful if you need unwanted fat removed from other areas like the inner thigh or the abdomen.

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward and required no incision or injection. Your dermatologist or CoolSculpting provider will simply move the applicator around the treatment area, and the fat freezing machine will do the rest. You may experience a slight pulling sensation during the process, but overall there should be little to no pain. Some providers will offer a massage after your procedure to make sure that the fat cells drain into your lymphatic system, but you can skip this step if you’re in a hurry.

2. Requires little to no postoperative recovery

Because it doesn’t require any incisions, injections, or other similar methods in a surgical procedure, CoolSculpting for arms requires almost little to no postoperative recovery. This is especially useful since prolonged recovery (and inactivity required) of a patient’s arm can severely affect their quality of life, even if the procedure was successful. With CoolSculpting, patients simply have to show up to the clinic, undergo the procedure, and be back at their usual routine with a day of bed rest.

This also means that CoolSculpting does not get in the way of other beauty routines that you may have, like dermal fillers, Botox injections, or other skin rejuvenation treatments. While the exact details of how your current beauty regimen will interact with a CoolSculpting treatment are best left to your dermatologist, the fat freezing process itself is unlikely to cause any reaction with any other treatments that you may be going through.

3. Excellent at contouring and shaping remaining body fat

Finally, the precise fat freezing process of CoolSculpting allows for better results and outlook when it's used as a body contouring procedure. Because cryolipolysis works best with light fat deposits and not a lot of excess fat, it can precisely sculpt areas around the upper arm after visible fat bulges like armpit fat have been removed. A patient that’s around 20 to 30 pounds close to their goal weight can enjoy excellent results with just one CoolSculpting session, with the option for a second treatment if they need other areas removed of fat.

Because the fat cells don’t grow back unless the treated area gains weight again, the results from Coolsculpting are long-term and permanent if the patient sticks to a healthy diet and exercise. Keep in mind that other conditions that can result in the fast accumulation of body fat may be slightly alleviated but not treated by CoolSculpting, so you should always consult with your CoolSculpting provider or dermatologist if you want more permanent results.

CoolSculpting arms may seem like a significant investment based on numbers alone, but it’s actually one of the most effective alternatives in fat reduction treatment that doesn’t involve a plastic surgeon or liposuction. Combined with a skilled CoolSculpting applicator, you can expect to enjoy fat-free and perfectly toned arms for the rest of your life.

Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat And Sculpt Your Upper Arm With NJ Center For CoolSculpting

When arm fat doesn't budge with exercise and going to a plastic surgeon isn't an option, CoolSculpting arms are the way to go. It's a great way to get rid of excess fat without invasive methods like liposuction, and your CoolSculpting price will always be in wallet-friendly ranges with us.

Take the first step towards achieving your ideal body shape with us here at NJ Center for CoolSculpting. Call us at (908) 628-1070 to book an appointment now.

Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

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