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How Long Do Skin Burns Last After CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is an effective and non-invasive cosmetic surgery that can remove stubborn fat in areas that are difficult to rid of through exercise and diet. However, the application of fat freezing brings the question of skin burns as a potential side effect of the procedure.

So how long do skin burns after cryolipolysis last? Side effects of CoolSculpting on the skin can last from a week to a few weeks and can be expedited through physical treatment. Continuous technological advancements have made CoolSculpting safe, eliminating the chances of severe side effects such as skin burns. But to be safer, go to a trusted and reliable provider and clinic for the best possible results.                        

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How CoolSculpting Causes Skin Burns

CoolSculpting is done by freezing fat cells to the point of cell death, which the body naturally flushes out, leaving the target area toned with no visible scar. This is done by vacuuming the target area and emitting extremely chilling temperatures to it. 

Patients report a slight burning and tingling feeling before the treatment area turns numb due to the cold. Skin burns may also occur due to the skin being in direct contact with extreme temperatures—for cold temperatures, this is known as frostbite. 

However, current CoolSculpting technology ensures that these side effects are manageable. The machine emits a specific temperature in a focused area to crystalize fat cells but does not affect other cells in the body such as the nerves, blood cells, and veins. It also has a freeze-detection sensor that will automatically shut it down should it detect dangerous temperatures on your skin. 

The persistent appearance of skin burns may be due to improper CoolSculpting techniques, the use of third-party CoolSculpting devices, or insufficient aftercare. Before going through with CoolSculpting, you must ensure that the machine your provider is using is FDA-approved and officially licensed.

When Do Skin Burns Go Away After CoolSculpting? 

Though CoolSculpting won’t remove other cells in the treatment area, it may irritate or damage the skin on it leading to visible side effects. Should skin burns manifest in the treated area, they typically resolve in 1 to 4 weeks following the operation. The skin cells damaged from the CoolSculpting procedure will be slowly replaced with new ones. To safely speed up the recovery, hydrating and requesting a massage after the treatment can be done.

Other Side Effects of CoolSculpting and How Long They Last 

Some side effects of CoolSculpting include redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness. These come with the skin being irritated from exposure to cold temperature and will naturally pass after a few weeks. Hydration, avoiding sugary and processed foods and alcohol, and active physical activity can aid the body in healing the side effects as they promote blood circulation.

It may take up to 6 months for the body to fully flush out all the fat removed by CoolSculpting. As such, you may also experience diarrhea as your body expunges the dead fat cells out of its system. However, this also only lasts a few weeks after the procedure. Drinking water will help alleviate any discomfort that comes with this side effect and help the body process the dead fat cells. 

There’s also a rare cosmetic side effect called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia where the frozen fat cells enlarge instead of shrinking. This results in the “stick of butter” phenomenon that may come after the procedure as the treatment area takes the shape of the CoolSculpting machine instead of toning down. Corrective liposuction or other plastic surgery may be needed to remove these excess fat cells after they have defrosted.

However, this may be caused by faulty or outdated machinery, doing homemade CoolSculpting treatment, and an incorrect approach. Ensure you have a healthcare provider that will follow proper protocol before, during, and after the operation. 

CoolSculpting is still regarded as a low-risk fat reduction option. If you have experienced these side effects for more than a month or may be at risk of them, please consult a doctor before considering the procedure. 

How to Treat Skin Burns From CoolSculpting

Though a skin burn is unlikely to occur, common side effects such as swelling and bruising may be uncomfortable to deal with. However, there are effective methods to relieve these symptoms so that you can enjoy the wondrous benefits of the CoolSculpting treatment without any worry. 

1) Don’t Apply Ice Packs to the Affected Area

Though applying a cold compress or ice pack may help the burn feel less painful, avoid doing so because it will only further the effects of the skin burn and increase the chances of developing frostbite. 

Applying cold compress in the treatment area after undergoing CoolSculpting will prevent any damaged skin cells from healing. It may also cause nerve damage and impede CoolSculpting results as the skin in the treated area is still adjusting its form in the absence of its fat cells.

2) Request A Rigorous Massage 

It’s important to receive a post-treatment massage after CoolSculpting, specifically a lymphatic massage. Aside from the dead fat cells, other body wastes may build up due to the temporary irritation of veins from CoolSculpting, contributing to harsher swelling. 

The lymphatic massage will help any crystalized fat cells and body waste products flow out of the treated part. The massage will also help your skin by reintroducing blood flow—lessening swelling and pain and speeding up the healing process. Though you may do it at home, a professional massage therapist can target the specific lymphatic pathways in the treatment for more efficient drainage. 

3) Do Light Exercises

Staying active and doing exercise will also achieve similar results to a lymphatic massage. Good blood circulation through light physical activity such as walking or stretching is conducive to healing any muscle, fat tissue, or skin irritation from CoolSculpting. 

Avoid doing more extraneous workouts, especially those that may agitate the treatment area, to further swelling and bruising. If the treatment area feels sore rather than swelling, try to schedule more time to rest instead so that the body can focus on draining the remaining fat cells. 

4) Drink Water to Help Your Body Flush Out the Dead Fat Cells

Hydration is a key step in promoting weight reduction, blood flow, and skin health. Drinking more water will quicken the recovery time of the procedure and ease diarrhea, should it manifest as a side effect. Other beverages such as alcohol and processed drinks like soda may impede prolonged side effects or impede the recovery of the treatment. 

If you need quick pain relief than that from hydration, consider taking medication instead as drinking other beverages than water like alcohol will slow the recovery time of skin burns, swelling, and bruising as it thins the blood veins and takes in water from the muscles and organs. 

Meanwhile, sugary drinks can counteract the effects of the treatment as it encourages you to eat more, which may replace the frozen fat cells with new ones, so it’s best to stick to water for hydration.

5) Wear Loose Clothing After the Treatment

Your doctor may recommend compression clothing if the skin is still swelling. However, in most cases, it’s preferable to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Tighter clothing will constrict your veins, leading to further pain from skin burns, swelling, and bruising. Allow the treatment area room to breathe and comfortably adjust to the CoolSculpting treatment.

When to Seek Consultation

CoolSculpting is a popular option due to its quick recovery time and non-invasive technique which makes it easier to go through than other forms of fat removal such as liposuction. It should be noted that CoolSculpting isn’t to be done as a weight loss procedure — it’s designed as a body contouring technique that removes unwanted fat that can’t be lost through conventional means like exercise and diet. 

Consult a doctor if you have any conditions that harm your body due to colds such as cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, and cold agglutinin disease; loose or poorly maintained skin; and if you’re obese.

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CoolSculpting has evolved to be completely safe without any drastic side effects and reactions and delivers fantastic results in a shorter period of time than traditional procedures. To know if you’re more vulnerable to any CoolSculpting side effects than others, it’s important to consult a medical spa that can meet your specific needs.

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