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How Many CoolSculpting Treatments are Necessary?

Even with regular exercise and diet, many people struggle to eliminate fat bulges. To get the slim and contoured look that you want, at Ethos Spa we offer CoolSculpting. With this FDA-approved treatment, bulging areas of fat permanently disappear. Not only is CoolSculpting non-invasive, but it’s also highly successful. This treatment freezes and kills fat cells. After dying, the fat within the cells flushes out of the body. You end up with a leaner and more sculpted appearance than what any other available procedure delivers.

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Getting Optimal Results

Unlike other treatments, CoolSculpting provides immediate results. With just one treatment, you can eliminate between 20 and 25 percent of your body’s fat cells. That's substantial -- when you consider that everyone has a set number of fat cells. One treatment will decrease one quarter of the fat in your body at the target area. Because this treatment focuses on bulges of fat in a specific area, the results become even more dramatic. As an example, if you maintain a healthy weight and work out in the gym several days a week, you probably have a well-toned abdomen. However, because you have more stored fat cells in that area, you still have a bulge that, no matter what you do, does not go away completely.

With CoolSculpting, you can finally get rid of the bump to have a flat and toned stomach. Although just one CoolSculpting procedure will eliminate a significant percentage of fat, you can enjoy an even more dramatic transformation by opting for several treatments. For example, after two to three procedures, depending on your body and the volume of accumulated fat cells, you could reduce as much as 50 percent of fat in the problem area.

Because every person is different, the physician at Ethos Spa will consult with you as to the exact number of treatments you need after the first procedure. The reason is, while you might notice a slight change immediately and then several days after a CoolSculpting treatment, it can take up to two months to see the full results. At that time, the physician will decide if you would benefit from additional sessions.

Problem Areas of the Body

One of many great things about CoolSculpting is that it eliminates fat cells in different areas of the body. While most people focus on the stomach, this procedure works incredibly well on the buttocks, thighs, arms, breasts, back, and even face. Although this is a safe procedure, you still want to have the treatments performed by an experienced physician who specializes in it. Instead of going through liposuction in which an incision gets made and fat sucked out, CoolSculpting involves placing a gel pad and applicator on the problem area. Using controlled cold that goes just beneath the surface of the skin, fat cells freeze and die.

Call or visit us at Ethos Spa to start your journey to eliminating unwanted fat from problem areas of the body.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "The treatment itself was not uncomfortable. Afterwords, I felt great. I didn't really notice anything for about 30 days. After day 30 until about a month later, I started noticing that my favorite jeans were not as tight anymore. I wasn't having to suck in to get them buttoned. And by that two month period after my CoolSculpting

    Lesley Hamilton

    Age 41

  • "It's subtle at first, and then a month later you look and go, "Wow - It really did something!" It really moved the bar for me, and I'm feeling better about myself already. It feels so good to put on anything and know I look as good as I've ever looked. And I didn't say that or feel that when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's."

    Anne McMarthy

    Age 56

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