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Why Do You Cough After a CoolSculpting Double Chin Procedure?

A toned and proportioned face definitely sets you apart from the crowd and can help bring out that inner confidence you never thought you had, especially when you suffer from a double chin. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-invasive procedure that can help you get rid of that stubborn fat. Though non-invasive CoolSculpting does have its side effects, especially on such a vulnerable area, like coughing after having the procedure done on you.

So why do you cough after a CoolSculpting double chin procedure? The CoolSculpting machine adds temporary trauma to the treatment site as it tugs and applies cold pressure to the area in order to freeze and aid your body in breaking up the stubborn pocket of fat cells.This is why you cough after CoolSculpting done in the submental area. Coughing after a CoolSculpting procedure for your double chin is considered perfectly normal. In some cases, CoolSculpting can even cause tenderness and swelling, wherein swelling can result in difficulties swallowing and in some cases coughing.

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Why People Cough After Double Chin CoolSculpting

A double chin is normally associated with excess weight gain, but you don’t actually have to be overweight in order to have one. In fact, you can be at your ideal weight or healthy weight and still have a double chin. Loose skin caused by aging and even your genetics can actually cause the build-up of fat or sagging skin in the submental area. So it’s understandable why men and women alike are interested in cosmetic procedures to treat this area. 

Although numerous procedures may assist in achieving your desired look, patients usually opt for a noninvasive treatment to treat this area because the neck is such a delicate area covered in a very thin layer of skin and tissue. Considering that CoolSculpting uses cutting-edge technology through the process of cryolipolysis, which is the freezing of unwanted fat cells that don’t respond to a traditional weight loss solution such as a healthy lifestyle or exercise to contour the chin area, the procedure is not without its minor discomforts and side effects. 

The most common side effects of the procedure are numbness post-procedure, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. When a sore throat occurs, this can sometimes affect your ability to swallow properly to normal mobility of your jaw. This difficulty in swallowing can lead to coughing.

Is It Normal To Cough As A Side Effect After CoolSculpting On A Double Chin?

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Most patients who seek out CoolSculpting do so because they are considering going for a non-invasive yet extensive level for a fat reduction procedure. It might be because they don’t have the pain tolerance for a surgical procedure, don’t have the budget for other surgical options, can’t spare the recovery time, or don’t want the pain and scars that surgery may leave behind. Whatever it may be, when you go for a non-invasive option, you go into it expecting minimal discomfort and side effects. 

Therefore developing swelling or bruising around your targeted area post-procedure is understandably concerning. Don’t fret! A clear conversation with your doctor regarding what to expect after the procedure will help lessen your worries. Coughing after having Coolsculpting done to the submental area or for your double chin is considered perfectly normal. The coughing is caused by the swelling around the throat that causes difficulty in swallowing as you would normally.

Why Coughing Occurs After Getting A CoolSculpting Procedure

1. Post-Procedure Swelling 

Swelling after the procedure is perfectly normal, not just for the submental area but for any area that undergoes a CoolSculpting treatment. Swelling is actually the most common side effect of CoolSculpting across the board. The science of cryolipolysis causes significant trauma to the treatment site as it tugs and applies cold pressure to the area in order to freeze and aid your body in breaking up the stubborn pocket of fat cells.

2. How Can It Affect Swallowing?

Most patients who undergo CoolSculpting for a double chin report a feeling of fullness in their throats after the procedure, accompanied by minimal bruising and tenderness. This feeling of fullness can result in difficulty swallowing but most definitely should not result in difficulty breathing.

 If you have any shortness of breath through your nose or mouth, contact your doctor for guidance. The full feeling also causes patients to cough, as it’s the body’s natural reaction to react to the complete sensation. Rest assured that the feeling will pass and is not permanent.

Tips To Manage Or Treat Coughing After CoolSculpting

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1. Rest

Getting enough rest before and after your CoolSculpting procedure is essential. Try to get 8-9 hours of sleep before the procedure to not aggravate any fatigue during the treatment session. While physical activities such as running and exercise are actually allowed during the same day of your treatment, because these help improve blood circulation to reduce stiffness of the treated area and minimize swelling, try not to overdo it. Strive to get proper amounts of sleep in the days following the procedure while still staying active.

2. Consult A Medical Expert

If pain in the area increases, don’t be afraid to contact your doctor for any questions or concerns you may have about treating the area. Since CoolSculpting for a double chin affects areas around your neck and esophagus, if you have any difficulty breathing or the feeling of fullness in your throat increases, contact your doctor or a medical professional to guide you through the treatment process or if it’s necessary for you to visit a hospital.

3. Assess How Many Days You’ve Been Coughing

The side effects of CoolSculpting usually last only a couple of days, so if you’ve been coughing or experiencing a feeling of fullness in your throat for 2-3 days, you may want to give yourself some time to heal and recover from the treatment naturally. If the pain or swelling doesn’t resolve themselves, you may contact your doctor about taking any medication for the pain or swelling. 

You may also want to avoid any clothing that restricts the area during the first few days after the procedure, such as collared clothing or turtlenecks and mock necks, as this can cause you to feel restricted.

4. Take Medication

Since CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t use any needles or even topical anesthesia, you can expect only minimal pain levels. However, if pain persists and you have a hard time throughout your normal daily activities, you may consult your doctor about the medications you may take to alleviate the pain. Like minor bruising and swelling in the area, the pain usually subsides after a few days, so your over-the-counter medication is all you will need to feel better.

Other Significant Side Effects Of CoolSculpting On Double Chin

Other common side effects of CoolSculpting for the submental area are tingling sensations, aching, sensitive skin, bruising, and redness to accompany the swelling. These side effects are perfectly normal and resolve themselves without any medical intervention within a few days. An uncommon and scarce side effect of CoolSculpting is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. New ones on the treatment site actually replace the frozen fat cells and are broken down by the body. 

This side effect can occur 8-24 weeks after treatment. Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia is a very rare complication of CoolSculpting that results in the opposite effect wherein instead of decreasing the profile of your double chin, it may enlarge it. Monitoring and follow-ups with your doctor will catch this complication, and you may discuss the right steps moving forward to treat it with your doctor.

Your face stands out when you first talk to people. Insecurities with having a double chin is perfectly understandable. You don’t have to worry too much either because this is very treatable! But when dealing with such a sensitive and exposed area, it’s best to stick to the experts in the field to really get the results that you want. If you’re interested in a non-invasive and effective treatment plan for fat reduction in your chin, the New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting should be your go-to for all your fat removal needs. 

The New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting boasts a roster of board-certified doctors who are masters in their field. Specializing in minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, our team is lead by Dr. Hardik Soni. We value  how the clients feel and how they want to look. Each procedure is explained every step of the way, and proper aftercare is also discussed for best results. Say goodbye to your stubborn body fat and try CoolSculpting today. Contact us to know more about our services. You may also book an appointment online. 

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