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The Difference Between CoolSculpting And Other Non-Invasive Machines

Fat reduction treatments have traditionally always been the realm of a plastic surgeon, but newer cosmetic procedures have made this process a lot more accessible and less invasive. Now, non-invasive treatments are welcome alternatives to surgical procedures, with their techniques allowing you to get back to your normal activities soon after your treatment sessions, lower the cost of treatments, and need almost zero recovery time. But even these types of treatment options have their differences, and sometimes it's hard to figure out which non-invasive procedure is right for you.

So what exactly is the difference between the devices used in CoolSculpting and others used in non-invasive machines? Most body-contouring procedures tend to use heat energy to get rid of your fat deposits, but CoolSculpting treatments use cold therapy to destroy unwanted fat cells from the inside. While both treatments have a similar outcome and are excellent non-surgical alternatives to liposuction, it's those differences that can have a drastic effect on your experience during the procedure.

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What Makes CoolSculpting Different?

In theory, CoolSculpting works similarly to other methods of non-invasive fat reduction by causing cell death in the targeted fat cells, which are removed by the body as excess waste. However, what makes CoolSculpting a little different is that instead of ultrasound energy, electrical energy, or laser energy, it uses a process called cryolipolysis, which converts unwanted fat into frozen fat cells, which are broken down and removed by the body.

Cryolipolysis is a relatively new method of fat reduction treatment and works great to remove large pockets of fat. A CoolSculpting procedure typically goes like this:

Technologies that remove a patient's fat cells from the inside aren't new - but CoolSculpting is one of the more promising treatments, especially for people who have trouble with removing stubborn pockets of fat. It's an effective treatment option that has high patient satisfaction with the results even months after treatment and is generally an effective method to help you reach your target weight.

How CoolSculpting Can Work For You

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Unlike other invasive methods, CoolSculpting works great because you don't need a long recovery period compared to methods like plastic surgery. You can continue with your daily activities after your treatment session, and you generally don't suffer any pain throughout the entire process.

However, the primary difference between the cold therapy of CoolSculpting vs. other noninvasive techniques like SculpSure is that cryolipolysis is one of the more gentle fat removal techniques you can get. While heat energy works just as well as cold therapy for removing unwanted fat cells, the higher temperatures needed during the treatment means that people who don't tolerate heat well (or who have sensitive skin) might find the procedure uncomfortable.

This is in contrast to CoolSculpting treatments, which almost all patients report as being virtually painless. While there is some discomfort during the entire procedure, the experience during treatment is more pleasant for many patients. And as a non-invasive body contouring technique, your provider can precisely mold your skin and tissues to your liking.

Is CoolSculpting The Best Alternative To Liposuction?

Liposuction is still one of the most effective methods when it comes to fat removal procedures, but the main reason why so many people have moved to a non-invasive way like CoolSculpting is that sometimes there isn't a lot of fat that needs to be removed. Liposuction removes a lot of fat, but that's also its primary benefit - something that people who get fat reduction treatments might not always need.

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting don't leave any scar tissue behind, don't carry the risk of cutting through muscle, destroy fat without having to cut through the skin layer, and have a promising clinical outcome for almost any patient that gets it.

Keep in mind that if you do want to lose fat without surgery, CoolSculpting is not the only method that you can use. However, it's a tried-and-tested method that's been FDA-approved for almost any unwanted fat bulge, and it represents one of the best advances in fat reduction technology so far. All you need to do is to find a provider that's skilled in the technique with the right equipment, and you can say goodbye to your fatty tissue.

When Nonsurgical Procedures Aren’t The Best Solution

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While all of these advantages might sound great to the average patient, CoolSculpting is not the be-all-end-all of fat reduction techniques. In fact, there are cases where surgery is the best option for patients to choose. Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you're wondering which one to choose between the two:

Do I have a lot of fat to remove?

CoolSculpting can remove large pockets of fat, with different-sized applicators making this process a lot easier. However, for people who are significantly overweight or are looking to lose a lot of fat, liposuction is a far better option compared to nonsurgical procedures, since the cost of one liposuction can be less compared to the multiple sessions needed to trim down the fat.

How soon do I want to see my results?

One significant benefit that surgical techniques have over non-invasive ways to remove fat is that the results you get are more or less immediate, or as soon as you recover from the surgery. CoolSculpting requires a couple of weeks for visible results to a couple of months for the full effects of the treatment to show.

How many treatments am I willing to get?

For most people, liposuction or plastic surgery is a one-time investment that they can get for fat reduction, while CoolSculpting takes one to two sessions to work. This can be a potentially deciding factor for people who don't want to keep going back to the clinic to get treatments.

Overall, non-invasive fat treatments like CoolSculpting work best for people who are already close to their target weight goal, and only need a little help to get rid of that last remaining bit of fat. But if you're looking for an extensive fat reduction, then surgical procedures may be the more economical choice.

Get Non-Invasive Treatments For Removing Fat Cells At The NJ Center For CoolSculpting

Plenty of procedures have been innovated over the years to help you reduce fat more efficiently, but those technologies have typically been an invasive process like surgery. However, CoolSculpting procedures are just one of the many treatments that use devices that don't need to penetrate your skin or your tissues, allowing a patient to get rid of their fat from within. For cases of fat removal that don't require a lot of weight to remove, a method like CoolSculpting can be an excellent way for you to get to your ideal weight.

If traditional liposuction isn't something up your alley, try noninvasive treatments for fat reduction at The NJ Center For CoolSculpting today. Call us at (908) 628-1070 to book an appointment now.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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