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What's The Difference Between TruSculpt iD, CoolSculpting, And SculpSure?

Fat reduction treatments and body contouring options have a simple goal: to help you lose that last bit of fat under that layer of the skin without having to cut, inject, or otherwise pierce its way through. There are plenty of body treatments that can do this: TruSculpt 3D or iD, CoolSculpting, SculpSure are just three of your options.

So are there significant differences between the three?As some of the best examples of non-invasive fat reduction treatments we have today, the differences are slight - but can drastically affect your personal preference as to which treatment you'll ultimately choose. While they're all non-invasive body-contouring techniques, TruSculpt iD targets the deeper layers of skin, fat, and muscles, and CoolSculpting freezes fat cells and lets the body flush them out naturally. Meanwhile, SculptSure destroys fat cells from the inside and melts them.

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A Closer Look At These Body Contouring Techniques

While they may seem different at first, all of these body contouring treatments have fairly simple goals: remove fat cells from the treated area without having to penetrate the muscle layer to get the pockets of fat. Any treatment plan involving these procedures will often have an emphasis on a non-invasive approach.

Aside from these goals, these methods of non-surgical body contouring also share similar tools like using flat applicators on your skin or changing your skin temperature somehow to aid in the reduction of fat. They prioritize patient comfort at the same time as getting your results - which can be difficult in a traditional liposuction treatment.

The similarities don't extend to the way they work, which is the most crucial part of what can help you decide which one you'd ultimately pick.

TruSculpt iD

TruSculpt uses radiofrequency energy (specifically, monopolar frequency energy) to heat the layers of fat on your skin, targeting the deeper layers of fat and removing more fat in the process. It works well for people who have big bulges underneath their skin, with the process only taking a few minutes per treatment.

One of the biggest benefits of going through TruSculpt is that since the heat energy works on the deeper layers of skin, fat, and muscle, you'll be able to see some improvement to the overall appearance of your skin as well. While it's not rated primarily for its skin tightening effects, getting a TruSculpt treatment has shown some visible improvements in the firmness of the skin and addressing skin laxity.

TruSculpt iD can be considered as the most accessible of all fat reduction treatments, since it works well on patients who have a higher than average BMI, or any other skin condition that can prevent normal fat reduction treatments from working well on them. But like any other treatment on this list, the final call for which one will work best for you has to come from your cosmetic provider.


CoolSculpting relies on cryolipolysis, a process that freezes your fat cells underneath the skin and breaks them down from the inside. After the process has been completed, your body naturally removes these fat cells as waste over a few weeks to a few months, ensuring that the treated area stays free of fat cells unless you gain weight again.

CoolSculpting is unique in the way that it uses cold temperatures instead of heat to remove body fat. Most non-invasive procedures that remove fat in some way always default to burning or heating the area, usually through laser energy or precise applications of heat. CoolSculpting is gentler on the surrounding area and tissue since the levels of cold produced during the treatment are tolerable, and it can even work on people with sensitive skin.

If you're thinking about going for CoolSculpting, just give yourself a period of waiting to see visible results. While the cryolipolysis takes effect soon after the applicators leave your treatment area, it can take a while for your body to register and then remove the dead fat cells as waste. However, once the process is complete you can be assured of more or less permanent results.


SculpSure uses laser technology to destroy fat cells from the inside, making it one of the more traditional - but still non-invasive - methods of removing fat. Because it uses laser energy, it's actually one of the more precise methods of body sculpting used today, though this obviously only applies if you don't have a lot of fat to remove.

But like most laser treatments, SculpSure can get very hot incredibly quickly, which happens to be the primary complaint of most patients that undergo the procedure. Because the laser energy penetrates the top layer of your skin, there's little risk of actually getting skin peeling or skin burn - but the sensation of the fat-burning away can be extremely uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Look for SculpSure treatments if you want to get immediate results from your fat reduction treatment. Because this type of treatment goes for a direct method of melting away your fat, you can usually see results immediately after your session is over, with repeat sessions enhancing the effect. However, you should be careful not to strain your body too much to get to that point.

Which One Is The Best?

The question as to which treatment you should opt for will usually depend on your own pain tolerance, budget, and the capabilities of your provider. In general, TruSculpt iD is more accessible, though the standards for administering this treatment vary wildly across providers. CoolSculpting is more reliable, but the special skill and equipment required means that you may not have a provider close to you. SculpSure treatments work quickly, but the side effects of the treatment may be too much to handle.

The best way to determine which treatment works for you is to partner with an experienced cosmetic provider who can give you a personalized recommendation on what can work the best!

Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Cells With Body Contouring Treatments At NJ Center For CoolSculpting Today

TruSculpt iD, CoolSculpting, and SculpSure can all remove fat cells and somewhat reduce body mass without surgical procedures, and it falls to the patient (and their provider) to choose which one works best. By partnering with fat reduction specialists, you can enjoy the benefits of these fat reduction treatments regardless of your skin tone or skin type. While there's no single treatment that will always work all the time, having a variety of treatment options is always better to remove that last stubborn fat layer without having to resort to invasive procedures.

For a non-invasive treatment and alternative to liposuction, come to NJ Center For CoolSculpting today. We use the latest body contouring devices and body contouring techniques to help our clients reach their dream bodies, without the extended recovery time or extravagant costs associated with liposuction. Call us at (908) 273 - 5400 to book an appointment now.

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Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

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