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Cryoskin vs CoolSculpting: Which is the Better Fat Reduction Treatment?

Weight loss is a difficult task for most of us. Even after months of a healthy diet and regular exercise, it’s normal to notice unwanted fat in stubborn areas like the stomach, arms, thighs, and other body parts. If you want to achieve your desired results without having to go through plastic surgery, then minimally invasive fat removal procedures like Cryoskin and CoolSculpting are your best bet.

So which between Cryoskin and CoolSculpting works better for eliminating stubborn fat cells? Choosing between these body contouring treatments can be difficult because patients have to carefully consider how it works, what it treats, what kind of results they can achieve, and what risks come with it. However, a lot of patients prefer the CoolSculpting treatment because even one session makes a world of difference.

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What’s the Difference Between Cryoskin and CoolSculpting?

When people have a few spots in their bodies that are difficult to tone, they usually turn to minimally invasive cosmetology treatments to eliminate unwanted body fat and give them the sculpted body they want. But with lots of options to choose from, it’s easy for patients to get caught up and confused when finding the right procedure for them.

CoolSculpting and Cryoskin are two of the best options when it comes to cold treatments that reduce stubborn fat cells from various parts of the body. Since they have a lot of similarities, people often confuse them with each other. However, being a minimally invasive fat reduction treatment that uses cryotherapy is the only thing these procedures have in common – all other aspects are different.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells through cryolipolysis and allows the body to naturally get rid of the dead fat cells. On the other hand, Cryoskin is an umbrella term for procedures that use both controlled heat and cold to eliminate fat cells. Most medical spas offer different Cryoskin applications, such as Cryo slimming for body sculpting, Cryo toning for skin tightening, and Cryo facial for lifting facial skin.

Comparing CoolSculpting and Cryoskin: Which Works Best For You?

There’s no quick answer to which between CoolSculpting treatment and Cryoskin treatment is better for eliminating excess fat deposits in a stubborn area. Patients have to consider different factors and priorities before they can decide which works best for them. Here’s how the two treatments compare based on common patient considerations:

1) How It Works

Cryoskin treatment is a unique procedure that uses a wand to alternately freeze and heat the stubborn fat cells in the treatment area. After about 2 to 3 weeks, the destroyed fat cells are processed through the lymphatic system and excreted out of the body through urine. The treatment itself is painless and minimally invasive because the wand only glides over the targeted area.

On the other hand, a CoolSculpting treatment uses a special applicator that sucks the skin of the problem area to freeze the fat cells underneath. Once these fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally eliminates them through the lymphatic system.

Most patients may feel slight discomfort during the CoolSculpting treatment as their skin is suctioned by the applicator’s vacuum, but the sensation is usually tolerable. It only lasts for a few minutes before the treated area feels numb from the cold, making the procedure a lot more comfortable.

2) Average Cost

A Cryoskin treatment costs around $250 for a single treatment session. But since a patient requires multiple treatment sessions to achieve their desired result, they might need to spend at least $1500 in total.

A CoolSculpting procedure can range from $600 to $1000 per session, but a lot of patients only need a treatment or two to achieve their ideal results. CoolSculpting results usually last longer, so they’re more cost-effective in the long run.

3) Possible Treatment Areas

Both CoolSculpting and Cryoskin can treat various body parts using specific device settings or applicators. Here’s how they work for different treatment areas:

a) Cryoskin Treatment Areas

Cryoskin comes in 3 different treatment options that use thermal shock and specific device programming to achieve treatment goals. The first one is known as CryoSlimming for eliminating fat in a large treatment area like the back, stomach, arms, and thighs.

The second Cryoskin treatment is the CryoToning which freezes subcutaneous fat and stimulates collagen production to get rid of unwanted fat and reduce cellulite dimpling. Cryoskin toning is also effective for eliminating the signs of aging and tightening loose skin. Unlike CryoSlimming, this form of Cryoskin slims multiple treatment areas in a single session.

Lastly, the Cryoskin facial (or Cryo T-Shock Facial) is the Cryoskin treatment meant for treating the skin around the face, neck, and chin. It also stimulates collagen production to minimize pore size and improve skin elasticity.

b) CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

Unlike Cryoskin which only uses a single wand for all treatment types, CoolSculpting utilizes multiple applicators for different treatment areas all over the body. For example, the CoolMini applicator is specially made for eliminating a patient’s double chin. Here’s a list of the commonly used CoolSculpting applicators and what they’re for:

  • CoolAdvantage Petite for upper arm, knees, bra line, and back of thighs
  • CoolAdvantage Plus for larger treatment areas, including the upper and lower abdomen
  • CoolCore Advantage for fat deposits in the upper or lower abdomen
  • CoolCurve+ Advantage for accentuating curves and eliminating love handles or flanks
  • CoolFit Advantage for “longer” areas of fat like the arms, abdomen, and inner thighs
  • CoolSmooth Pro for any type of dense fat anywhere in the body, like the outer thighs

Instead of an applicator, CoolSculpting Elite is more like an upgraded version of the traditional CoolSculpting. It uses more advanced treatments to help patients achieve better results quickly and safely.

4) Results and Maintenance Treatments

Both CoolSculpting and Cryoskin lead to significant fat loss for most patients. After multiple treatments, Cryoskin results in up to 20% to 25% fat reduction. On the other hand, patients who had CoolSculpting can experience as much as 25% fat reduction after just one treatment session.

The fat loss results of both treatments are permanent since the dead fat cells won’t return to the treated area. However, it’s still important to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid extreme weight fluctuations because new fat cells may still develop in the body.

5) Possible Risks

Since CoolSculpting and Cryoskin are minimally invasive fat reduction treatments, they’re much safer than surgical procedures like tummy tuck and liposuction. Both options only cause minimal discomfort during the treatment, which may go away after a few minutes. Common side effects like skin sensitivity, swelling, bruising, and others are usually mild – they typically subside after a few days even without intervention.

But one rare side effect that patients should know about is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). This physical complication occurs when the supposedly eliminated fat hardens a few weeks after the cryolipolysis treatment. Although PAH isn’t life-threatening, patients still treat them with liposuction to correct its unsightly appearance. 

Experience the Best Fat Freezing Treatments With NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Cryoskin and CoolSculpting are excellent slimming treatment options that don’t require surgery. When choosing between them, a lot of patients opt for CoolSculpting because it offers amazing fat reduction results in fewer treatment sessions.

To help achieve your desired result, don’t hesitate to consult with us at NJ Center for CoolSculpting today about our cryolipolysis treatments. We’re home to some of the best CoolSculpting providers in the area, so you can trust us when it comes to safe and effective fat-freezing procedures. Get in touch with us today.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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  • "It's subtle at first, and then a month later you look and go, "Wow - It really did something!" It really moved the bar for me, and I'm feeling better about myself already. It feels so good to put on anything and know I look as good as I've ever looked. And I didn't say that or feel that when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's."

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