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Reduce Stubborn Chin Fat with CoolSculpting

The Non-Surgical Chin Fat Solution for a Sharper Jawline

An estimated 68% of adults in the United States have unwanted fat under the chin, medically known as submental fat. While eating healthy and exercising can reduce overall body fat, it's challenging to lose fat in particular areas. This is where CoolSculpting can help.

CoolSculpting is an innovative non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. Read on to learn how CoolSculpting can effectively reduce chin fat for a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

Freeze Away Your Sctubborn Fat Like Never Before

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, also known as Cryolipolysis, is an FDA-cleared non-surgical procedure that uses precisely controlled cooling technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells. A CoolSculpting machine applicator delivers cooling at just the right temperature to target and kill fat cells underneath the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue.

In the weeks following a CoolSculpting session, the frozen fat cells begin to die off and are naturally flushed out of the body. Results become visible within 2-3 months as the treated area becomes noticeably slimmer. CoolSculpting permanently removes up to 25% of fat cells in a treated area with each session. Additional sessions may further enhance results.

CoolSculpting is safe for most people, with very few side effects. Some temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, cramping may occur at the treatment site. These are mild and usually resolve within days or weeks.

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Targeting Chin Fat with CoolSculpting

A Woman Getting Coolsculpting treatment on her Chin

The chin is a common area where people struggle with stubborn submental fat. CoolSculpting can specifically target the chin to slim and contour the area. A 2015 study found that CoolSculpting significantly reduced chin fat by 2.0 mm after just one treatment.

Benefits of CoolSculpting for the chin include:

  • Non-invasive procedure, no surgery or incisions
  • Little to no downtime
  • Permanently removes fat cells in the treated area
  • More defined jawline and chin profile
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

As with any procedure, there are some risks and considerations to keep in mind:

  • Results may take 2-3 months to appear
  • Multiple treatments may be needed for desired fat reduction
  • Mild side effects like temporary numbness or discomfort may occur
  • Does not tighten loose skin, only removes fat bulges

Always consult with a board-certified provider such as the NJ Center for CoolSculpting to review your options and determine if you are a good candidate.

What to Expect: The CoolSculpting Chin Procedure

A typical CoolSculpting session takes about 35-60 minutes per applicator placement. Here is what you can expect during chin treatment:


  • Our provider will discuss your goals and assess if you are a good candidate for Chin CoolSculpting. They will explain how the treatment works and what results you can expect.
  • They will use a template or make markings on your chin and jawline to outline the treatment area.
  • Photos may be taken before your procedure for your medical record. You will need follow-up photos to compare your results over time.

During the Treatment

  • They will thoroughly cleanse your lower face. Some providers may apply a topical numbing cream before the CoolSculpting applicator is placed.
  • A gel pad will be put directly on the skin, then the CoolSculpting applicator is secured on top. The applicator will lightly vacuum the tissue between two cooling panels.
  • As the applicator cools down, you'll feel intense cold, stinging, aching, or burning on your chin and jawline. This typically subsides within 5-10 minutes as the area becomes numb.
  • You can do sedentary activities like reading or watching videos during the 35-60 minute cooling cycle. Our provider will check on your comfort periodically.
  • In some cases, our provider treats the chin and jawline with two cycles using one or more applicators to properly freeze all tissue in the area. This can double your total treatment time.
  • After the applicator is removed, they will massage the chin and jawline for 2-3 minutes to break up crystallized fat cells.


  • After the session, you can immediately return to your normal activities. Some people experience temporary redness, swelling, numbness, or tenderness for a few days.
  • Our provider will have you return for follow-up visits to review your results and take comparison photos over 1-3 months.
  • Based on your goals and initial results, your provider may recommend a second round of Chin CoolSculpting approximately 1-2 months later. Most people achieve optimal results in 1-2 treatments.

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Aftercare Tips for Chin CoolSculpting

The recovery period following chin CoolSculpting is relatively quick and easy. Here are some tips for aftercare following the procedure:

1Use a warm compress on the treated area to help ease any discomfort and stimulate blood flow in the treated area. 
2Take a break from strenuous activity for at least 3-4 days after the CoolSculpting procedure. This helps reduce swelling and pain in the treatment area. 
3Wear comfortable, breathable clothing to avoid irritating the treated area. 
4Stay active to help keep pain and inflammation at bay, but avoid intense exercise for the first few days. 
5Massage the treated area gently to help encourage the skin and muscles to recover. 
6Expect some minor side effects like redness, swelling, and tenderness, which should subside within a week or two. 
7The recovery period is typically 1-2 weeks, during which normal activities may be limited.

When Do You See CoolSculpting Chin Results?

CoolSculpting destroys the targeted fat cells during the procedure, but your body needs time to dispose of these dead cells. You will likely start to notice some subtle changes in chin contour within 2-3 weeks.

However, maximum results will emerge 2-3 months after treatment. It is normal for your chin to look somewhat enlarged and swollen for the first month. Around the 8 to 12 week mark, thinning of the chin fat should become visible.

For many patients, one CoolSculpting session provides excellent improvement in chin profile but some may opt for an additional session after 12 weeks to further enhance fat reduction. Results following CoolSculpting are permanent as the treated fat cells do not regenerate. However, weight gain can still occur and alter results.

Is CoolSculpting Right for You?

Coolsculpting Equipment at NJ Center For Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting offers a truly revolutionary way to address stubborn pockets of chin fat non-surgically. The procedure eliminates fat cells for good, so you can enjoy a more sculpted, slimmed jawline and chin profile. Candidates with mild to moderate fullness under the chin tend to see optimal results.

Schedule a consultation with NJ Center for CoolSculpting to learn if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Be sure to address any questions or concerns you may have about the process so you can decide if CoolSculpting is the right choice for your chin recontouring goals.

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Targeting Fat in Other Areas with CoolSculpting

While the chin is a common trouble spot, CoolSculpting can be used on many other areas of the body to reduce stubborn fat. These include:


CoolSculpting is an excellent non-surgical method to slim and tone the upper arms. The cooling applicator can target fat bulges along the back of the arms, as well as jiggly underarm fat. Typical treatment areas are the triceps, biceps, and bra bulge. CoolSculpting reduces overall arm circumference while also sculpting more defined arm contours.


The stomach area is an FDA-cleared treatment zone for CoolSculpting. The procedure can reduce fat along the front of the tummy, love handles, and back bulges. Applicators are available in different sizes to cover large surface areas. CoolSculpting can eliminate inches from the waistline while also tightening loose skin over time.


Both the outer and inner thighs respond well to CoolSculpting for slimming effects. The cooling applicators can target saddlebags, muffin top bulges, and areas of fat near the knees. Thigh CoolSculpting also helps reduce rubbing and chafing.


Fat pockets under the buttocks, known as the "banana roll", can effectively be reduced with CoolSculpting. The cooling applicator is applied to the targeted area below the cheeks to eliminate fat cells. This results in a lifted, toned appearance.

With customized treatment plans, CoolSculpting can reshape and contour many areas of the body by reducing fat in targeted zones. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your goals and determine which areas are suitable for CoolSculpting.

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Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "The treatment itself was not uncomfortable. Afterwords, I felt great. I didn't really notice anything for about 30 days. After day 30 until about a month later, I started noticing that my favorite jeans were not as tight anymore. I wasn't having to suck in to get them buttoned. And by that two month period after my CoolSculpting

    Lesley Hamilton

    Age 41

  • "It's subtle at first, and then a month later you look and go, "Wow - It really did something!" It really moved the bar for me, and I'm feeling better about myself already. It feels so good to put on anything and know I look as good as I've ever looked. And I didn't say that or feel that when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's."

    Anne McMarthy

    Age 56

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