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How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Pregnant After Having CoolSculpting Done on Your Stomach?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment that allows patients to safely get rid of their unwanted fat without the need for plastic surgery. For women who want to try CoolSculpting to achieve the flat stomach of their dreams, one of the most commonly asked questions is if it’s safe for pregnant women or those who are planning to get pregnant soon.

So how long do women have to wait to get pregnant after a CoolSculpting treatment on their stomach? There isn’t a reason for individuals to delay pregnancy after their fat removal treatment since there are no systemic effects that might affect their pregnancy or the baby. However, it’s more advisable to get the body contouring treatment after the pregnancy so that the weight gained during the 7 to 9 months won’t adversely affect the procedure’s results.

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Everything to Know About Body Sculpting and Pregnancy

With over 8 million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting is a popular body sculpting alternative to tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. It’s a fat freezing treatment that eliminates excess fat by freezing them and letting the body flush them out slowly. When the dead fat cells are removed from the body, they’re permanently gone and won’t grow back in the treatment area. But do note that new fat cells may still develop there.

What many people love about the CoolSculpting procedure is that it uses different kinds of applicators that work to eliminate the stubborn fat in specific parts of the body, like the double chin, outer thigh, arms, and more. Using the CoolSculpting device on the abdominal muscle to get rid of belly fat is one of the most popular treatments that many people want to try.

But like other minimally invasive treatments, there are some restrictions when it comes to performing CoolSculpting on some patients. For example, this treatment shouldn’t be treated as a weight loss procedure since it only deals with fat loss. Pregnant women are also advised to skip this treatment to avoid any kind of complication. 

How Does CoolSculpting Affect Pregnancy?

CoolSculpting is a safe and effective procedure that won’t harm the body, but there is no research yet that explores its effects on pregnant women and fetuses. So to avoid any kind of side effect or complication that puts women or the child in danger, it’s best to skip this treatment and find another way to reduce body fat instead. 

However, CoolSculpting is still safe to try for female patients before they try to get pregnant or a few months after they give birth. The CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t leave any systemic processes ongoing in the body so it’s safe for patients to have their fat deposits eliminated through this method.

Why You Should Wait to Get Pregnant After CoolSculpting Treatment

The beauty of CoolSculpting treatment is that it doesn’t require a long downtime or recovery period after removing excess fat cells in the stomach or other parts of the patient’s body. This also means female patients don’t have to wait too long to try to get pregnant. After all, CoolSculpting’s cryolipolysis only destroys fat cells and doesn’t affect any vital organs.

CoolSculpting also doesn’t impact a patient’s fertility since it doesn’t affect anything else beyond the layer of treated skin and subcutaneous fat. Organs like the ovaries are hidden deep behind a few layers of abdominal walls so they’re safe and unaffected even if patients get CoolSculpting in nearby areas like the stomach.

But do note that CoolSculpting for the stomach isn’t recommended to anyone who’s actively trying to get pregnant since there’s a risk that the patient might already be unknowingly pregnant during their treatment session.

What If You Get CoolSculpting and Then Get Pregnant?

It’s completely safe to get pregnant after a CoolSculpting session so female patients have nothing to worry about when it comes to their health. But remember that weight gain comes with pregnancy, which may affect the results of CoolSculpting in the treated area like the stomach.

Is It Worth It to Do CoolSculpting on Abs Before Pregnancy?

CoolSculpting is recommended for women who want to show off their abs without going through cosmetic surgery. It also tightens the loose skin in the treatment area which makes it a worthwhile investment to enhance the appearance of the body.

The results of CoolSculpting are permanent as long as patients follow a healthy lifestyle and don’t go through any significant weight changes. However, pregnancy comes with certain weight gain that can alter the results of the fat freezing treatment. The eliminated fat cells won’t return in the treated areas but the fat freezing procedure can’t stop new fatty tissue from forming there and creating a fat bulge.

For this reason, your doctor or plastic surgeon may recommend getting CoolSculpting a few months after giving birth instead. During this time, the body has already fully healed and there won’t be a lot of body changes that might affect the results of the procedure anymore.

Will the CoolSculpting Results Change After Pregnancy?

Yes, the weight gain that comes with pregnancy causes new fat cells to form in the stomach and other previously treated areas. Carrying the baby for 7 to 9 months also causes the skin in the abdomen to stretch. These changes greatly affect the results of CoolSculpting or any other body sculpting treatment, so it’s best to just get them done a few months after pregnancy. 

Body Sculpting for Postpartum Patients: Is It Safe?

There are lots of advantages for female patients if they choose to try CoolSculpting after giving birth. Many of them feel self-conscious about the fat bulge in their abdomen and other body parts, but their body may not be ready for plastic surgery yet.

CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive fat reduction treatment that can give them the results they want after just a few treatment sessions. It only takes about an hour per treatment area and there’s no downtime or anesthesia to worry about.

FAQs About CoolSculpting

Q: Can I do CoolSculpting on my stomach after pregnancy?

A: Yes, you can have CoolSculpting treatments to get rid of unwanted fat in the stomach, lower abdomen, and other parts of the body a few months after giving birth. It can enhance your body shape and even tighten some of the loose skin to make you feel more confident. However, you still need to undergo a physical exam to determine whether it’s the right type of fat.

Some women develop diastasis recti, a separation of the muscle wall, during their pregnancy. This can’t be removed with CoolSculpting alone, so you need to consult with a doctor or plastic surgeon to look for a treatment that works perfectly for your body.

Q: How soon after having a baby can I do CoolSculpting?

A: Female patients who are in their postpartum phase are advised to wait for around 3 to 6 months after nursing before they try CoolSculpting or other body sculpting treatments. This is to allow the body to fully heal and the hormones to return to their normal levels. There won’t be a lot of changes to the body around this time, so the results of CoolSculpting will be a lot better.

Q: Why can’t lactating women use CoolSculpting?

Although the effects of minimally invasive treatments like CoolSculpting on lactation haven’t been thoroughly explored yet, experts still advise delaying these procedures until the nursing phase is done. This is to avoid any drugs or chemicals from being absorbed into the woman’s system and then excreted into the breast milk which may affect the baby’s development.

Breastfeeding may also lead to hormonal changes and imbalances so CoolSculpting might not be the best solution around this time. Alterations in the woman’s body still happen as the hormones settle so there might be unfavorable outcomes. For the best results, it’s best to wait around 6 months after nursing to try CoolSculpting.

Q: Is postpartum body sculpting worth it?

A: Yes, minimally invasive body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting are the perfect option for female patients who just gave birth. It’s an effective way to get rid of the accumulated unwanted fat cells that just won’t budge. It also doesn’t require a long downtime so they won’t have to worry about having to avoid bending and lifting for several weeks.

Q: Is CoolSculpting safe for patients who had a C-section?

A: Yes, CoolSculpting treatments are highly customizable according to the patient’s body. Having scars or a pooch after birth isn’t a hard stop for this kind of minimally invasive treatment, but it’s something that plastic surgeons or doctors should know beforehand so they can take note of it when creating a treatment plan.

How Does CoolSculpting Work for Other Body Parts During Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, we don’t perform CoolSculpting treatments on any body part of our pregnant clients. While the procedure is completely safe for most people, it’s still hard to predict how it can affect the female patient or their child. Another thing to consider is that the body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy so CoolSculpting might not be the best idea.

CoolSculpting Thighs While Pregnant

A lot of new fat cells and tissues form around the thighs during pregnancy, so it’s only natural to want to get rid of them as soon as they appear. But since CoolSculpting in the thighs isn’t recommended for pregnant women, they can try other ways to do it instead – like exercising regularly, eating well, and using thigh and belly wraps.

CoolSculpting Chin While Pregnant

The appearance of submental fat is also quite noticeable during pregnancy. However, it’s best to wait after giving birth and nursing before using CoolSculpting to get rid of it. In the meantime, you can try different exercises to reduce its appearances like neck rotations and tongue pressing activities.

Safe CoolSculpting Treatments for Everyone at NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a safe treatment for female patients who want to get rid of unwanted fat without the need for plastic surgery. However, it’s best to receive this treatment a few months after getting pregnant instead of before to maximize your results.

And if you’re looking for a trusted medical spa in New Jersey to perform the treatment for you, then look no further than NJ Center for CoolSculpting. Our experts have successfully performed this treatment hundreds of times before, so you can trust us to bring you the best results for you. Call us now to book an appointment.

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