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How Can I Speed Up My CoolSculpting Results?

One of the main selling points of CoolSculpting is the promise of up to 25% fat loss with minimal downtime and immediate return to regular life. This naturally gives patients a lot of time to wonder when exactly they can expect visible results, and if they can optimize them in any way. 

So what are the best ways to speed up your CoolSculpting results? Planning your meals and starting an exercise routine are the two best ways to get the most out of your sessions. While most of the work falls in the hands of your treatment provider, the timeline of your results will vary from other patients because of our different metabolisms, genetic makeup, and aftercare routine.

Why Aftercare and Maintenance Is Crucial To Your CoolSculpting Process

Some patients start to see the first signs of fat loss as early as two weeks after a CoolSculpting treatment, but the body continues to flush out dead fat cells for about three months more after that. It takes that much time for the body to fully break down the frozen cells and process them out of the body through the liver, so make sure that your food and water intake during this waiting period is at the very least stable.

Monitoring what you consume and how you behave at this crucial time is important because CoolSculpting can only reduce the number of fat cells in the body. It cannot remove their ability to stretch once you fall into unhealthy eating habits or discontinue any physical exercise you might have had before. Most med spa records show that patients who do take their maintenance seriously and customize their lifestyles have experienced the most dramatic and satisfying body contouring results.  

There are steps you can do to achieve this, as well as steps to avoid if you want to be extra careful. 

Post-Treatment Dos

1) Plan Your Meals

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss program nor a substitute for a good diet. The best thing to do after a treatment is to start placing more importance on what you eat. This is the perfect time to start a healthy diet with less frozen meals, processed foods, sugary treats and midnight snacks. Your treatment can do more with fresh fruits and vegetables, high-protein meat, and whole grain. Drinking more glasses of water a day also does wonders for your diet, especially so because it also plays a central role in helping to flush out the unwanted fat cells from your body. 

Finally, be on the lookout for the temptation to indulge on the holidays, especially on the hidden calories in coffee, sweetened drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Generally, consuming everything in moderation will hasten the fat elimination process. 

2) Start an Exercise Routine

This isn’t limited to massaging the treated area. Body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting are your first investment in a more active lifestyle. Starting an exercise routine after your treatment significantly increases your chances of achieving more satisfying results because:

  • It will equip the body with the necessary tools to get rid of fat naturally; 
  • It will release dopamine, or the hormone responsible for feelings of fulfillment and pleasure;
  • It will complement the new sense of confidence that body contouring promises;
  • It will tone up your body and produce a tightening effect on the skin that sags from significant fat elimination. 

If you are coming from an inactive lifestyle, it’s best to consult with your doctor on the recommended amount of exercise, to avoid any strain or injury. For starters, it’s more sustainable to get in with a simple aerobics program, and then slowly work your way to more rigorous activities like circuit training or weight lifting. 

Post-Treatment Don’ts

1) Don’t Linger In High-stress Environments

Stress is one of the main variables that greatly affect your ability to maintain your ideal weight. There’s a wealth of published research that proves the correlation of stress hormones (cortisol) to increased appetite levels. 

This will slow down and counter the results of your CoolSculpting treatment. In addition, a 2015 psychiatric study has found that the body metabolizes slower under stressful situations. This means that the more stressed an individual is, the less calories and fat their body can burn. 

2) Don’t Compare Your Results with Other Patients

When you measure your progress against the progress of others, you run the risk of losing focus, motivation, and momentum in keeping up with your post-treatment aftercare. A lot of 

CoolSculpting patients make the mistake of basing their expectations on the beauty and fitness influencers they see on social media, instead of noting down the changes in their mood, appetite, and body mass index. Remember: our bodies respond to treatments differently because of several factors like our genetic makeups, lifestyles, and metabolism.

3) Don’t Measure Your Fat Freezing Progress By Weight.

Fat elimination procedures like CoolSculpting are not substitutes for weight loss programs, so tracking your progress on the weighing scale won’t give you reliable indicators for how successful the treatment was for you. The weighing scale is intended to measure mass, or how much muscle, fluid, fat, and skin you have in total. What you really need is a body fat caliper, a device that measures the fat ratio of your body using the thickness of fat from your skin. 

You also ought to diversify the data you collect when measuring results. Try taking weekly photos from all angles, instead of limiting yourself to a daily log of inches. It might be counterproductive and discouraging to see the numbers shift by small margins when you should be relaxing, eating well, and trusting that your body is doing the work.

A good indicator that you’ve optimized the results of your treatment is if you’ve reduced your body fat percentage and gained weight from muscle strength. If you’ve maintained a good diet and stayed physically active after your CoolSculpting treatment, you’ve achieved a more contoured physique and improved your fitness.

Get Better Results at NJ Center for CoolSculpting

The scale and longevity of your results requires a collaborative effort between your treatment provider and the lifestyle you choose to lead. Picking up new habits early on after your CoolSculpting treatment will increase your chances of achieving the body shape you want--and keeping it. 

Learn more about what to do before, after, and during CoolSculpting Treatment by consulting at NJ Center for CoolSculpting.

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