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What Happens If You Gain Weight After CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has rapidly become more popular as a simple, non-invasive way to remove body fat and get closer to your ideal body weight. By freezing the fat cells underneath your skin and causing them to get ejected by the body as a waste product, you're able to shave off the last few pounds of your current weight to get to the aesthetic goals that you need. Combined with the long-lasting results, this has made CoolSculpting a body contouring procedure that can deliver great outcomes even with a single treatment.

But what happens if you gain weight after your CoolSculpting treatment? For most people, putting on weight after treatment doesn't really do much to diminish their results. Because the CoolSculpting treatment goes after the fat cells, the body will have difficulty with additional weight gain in the treated area. However, this doesn't mean that CoolSculpting treatments will shield you from subsequent weight gain.

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Gaining Weight After CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting (or cryolipolysis treatment) uses cold temperatures to target the fat cells from outside your body. Since fat cells can't stand extremely low or extremely high temperatures, the process can cause cell death without having to affect your muscles and surrounding tissue. After your treatment, your body will get rid of the dead fat cells over a few months, which can slowly but steadily push you towards your ideal weight.

While not necessarily a procedure for weight loss, CoolSculpting is a great way to reach your goal weight if you're only a few pounds away from it. It also works as a great body contouring procedure, since you can remove the precise amount of fat that you need from the target area. With different types of applicators, you can even use it to reach fat cells in hard-to-treat areas like a double chin.

Most people are under the impression that CoolSculpting is permanent - this is true, but there's a little more nuance to it than that. Because CoolSculpting removes the fat cells in the treated area, that particular spot on your body isn't likely to gain added weight since there are no fat cells to store fat. However, this doesn't mean that other areas of your body are immune to weight gain. For cases of extreme weight gain, it's even possible for the fat to "spread" to an untreated area from your treated area.

One more thing to keep in mind is that people's bodies react differently to CoolSculpting treatments: while others only need one treatment, others may need two or more to get the results that they want. This means that it's also possible for you to gain weight before your CoolSculpting results have had a chance to take effect, which can slow down your weight loss.

Overall, gaining weight after CoolSculpting is fine, but you should check with your provider about how exactly will the added weight affect the results of your CoolSculpting treatment.

How To Prolong The Results Of Your CoolSculpting Treatment

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So if you've just gotten CoolSculpting treatment or are wondering how exactly to prolong your results so you don't gain any additional weight, there are some things you can do to make sure your results stay longer.

1. Healthy diet

For many people, their main source of the fat gain comes from the food that they eat - and while CoolSculpting removes fat cells, it can't do anything to affect your cravings. If you normally eat things like junk food or other unhealthy meals that contribute to a lot of fat, then your CoolSculpting results won't likely last for long.

To avoid this problem, you should switch to a healthier diet that primarily contains high amounts of protein, like lean meat to help you gain muscle or fish to improve your immune system. Not only are these foods low in fat, but they also offer other benefits to your body like more vibrant hair and better skin.

2. Exercise

Closely tied behind a healthy diet is plenty of exercises - or failing that, staying physically active. Most people who tend to gain weight quickly live sedentary lives, like sitting around too much and not moving around. This can lead to your body burning less energy from the food you eat, which tends to settle down as fat.

You don't have to do anything too drastic to get to the gym every day to make sure your body burns energy. Choosing easy-to-integrate routines like taking a walk every day is more than enough to make sure that your body gets the exercise it needs so it doesn't start developing fat.

3. Other weight loss solutions

Sometimes CoolSculpting alone isn't enough to get you to lose weight - because of either genetics, a pre-existing condition, or something else, some people simply have more trouble losing fat compared to others. In these cases, looking for medical treatments or other procedures like liposuction can help you get your body to the state where CoolSculpting treatments can work.

Even after CoolSculpting treatments are over, you can still benefit from these options by helping them take a proactive approach to you gaining weight. Medications like appetite suppressants can help you control your food intake and weight gain, while weight loss medications can be a more active solution for you to make sure you don't get any added weight.

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A non-invasive procedure like CoolSculpting works well for fat reduction, as it's more or less a permanent solution that can keep you within your goal weight for a long time. But if you're looking for guaranteed results that last for a long time, leading a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle that avoids weight gain is one of the best things you can do. Your initial consultation with your CoolSculpting provider or medical professional can help you stay within your ideal weight, aside from looking at other weight loss options to consider in the future.

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Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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