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Is CoolSculpting The Best Way To Remove Upper Arm Fat?

Stubborn fat deposits can be some of the most difficult things to remove since it can be easy to confuse it for much-needed subcutaneous fat that we need to keep our bodies healthy. But if you want to remove excess fat from your arms, a CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure may just be the thing you need to get rid of stubborn fat cells.

But how exactly can CoolSculpting technology treat stubborn arm fat, and is it really the best solution for getting rid of unwanted fat? Because each fat cell in the CoolSculpting treatment area is effectively removed of its ability to contribute to weight gain, it's an excellent way to get rid of a fat bulge permanently without liposuction. In addition, the CoolSculpting results can be tailored to the patient's desired contours, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom with the final look.

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How CoolSculpting Works On The Fat Stores In The Body

Fat is an essential part of the body's normal functions - but one reason why unwanted fat cells can pose a problem is that they can get in the way of your body working properly. Aside from giving you sagging skin, unwanted fat can also lead to serious health issues if left unattended.

Arm fat in particular can be tricky since unlike the fat you can find in the abdomen, thigh, or even a double chin, fat arms can suffer from skin laxity even after the fat cells have been removed. While this can be remedied by skin tightening treatments like dermal fillers, procedures like brachioplasty and other arm lifts can make repairing the skin difficult.

CoolSculpting works by freezing the treated fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue, which is a common issue that usually gets in the way of the results of other fat removal methods like liposuction. These fat cells are frozen from the inside, removing their ability to grow and expand, and are excreted naturally by the body in a few months. Non-invasive and requires little to no post-operative recovery, CoolSculpting treatments have proven themselves as a popular alternative to most arm lifts offered by a plastic surgeon.

This is why CoolSculpting works exceptionally well for excess fat on the upper arms since it can be used to make sure that the treated fat cells are less likely to sag and sink after the procedure is done. While the CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure already excels at getting rid of stubborn fat cells from areas like the inner thighs, the outer thigh, and other places that have stubborn fat bulges, CoolSculpting results can be even better when combined with the CoolAdvantage petite applicator.

Why The CoolPetite Applicator Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fat Deposits On The Arm

While arm CoolSculpting can be done with the right applicator, the recent approval of the CoolAdvantage petite applicator can better reach smaller and more stubborn fat bulges in the arm, such as the ones found around armpit fat. These bulges can often be difficult for medium and large-sized applicators to reach, leaving some treated fat cells still able to absorb fat and grow over time.

Combined with effective weight loss regimens and other skin tightening treatments, all you need is an hour with a CoolPetite applicator to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. While the results may not be as immediately visible compared to other methods like liposuction, they're much more long-term and non-invasive. You can even combine them with other CoolSculpting treatments around other fat stores in the body for a comprehensive way to remove any stubborn fat and sagging skin at the same time.

Because CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved non-invasive method to treat upper arm fat, you can rest easy that your CoolSculpting results will be safe, effective, and last for a long time. The CoolAdvantage petite applicator comes with two interchangeable contours that are specifically designed to treat the excess fat in the upper arms, allowing your applicator pinpoint accuracy when removing stubborn upper arm fat. Combined with the overall effectiveness of the CoolSculpting procedure, you’re guaranteed to have excellent results once your body flushes out the treated fat cells from your system.

Can I Combine CoolSculpting With Other Weight Loss Treatments?

Absolutely. CoolSculpting treatments are non-invasive, so you accompany them with other skin tightening and weight loss treatments for a more comprehensive improvement of your skin and body. Keep in mind that there are some limitations to this option – depending on the type of skin tightening treatment or weight loss regimen you’re considering, your dermatologist or doctor may have recommendations on which ones you can and can’t follow.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that while CoolSculpting is an effective and efficient way to remove fat cells, it does not prevent future formation if you happen to gain weight again. For the best results from your CoolSculpting procedures, you should combine it with an overall weight loss regimen. Generally, you only need one to two CoolSculpting treatments to remove stubborn fat, but these results are only as good as your body’s diet.

Weight loss and skin tightening treatments are sometimes necessary after a CoolSculpting treatment especially with older patients, since they’re most likely to experience sagging skin even with minimal amounts of fat removed. And while CoolSculpting treatments are great at removing fat, they often need to be supported by other skin tightening treatments if a large amount of fat has been removed from the patient.

Fortunately, the duration of CoolSculpting treatments means that you have plenty of time to discuss weight loss options and other skin rejuvenation treatments with your dermatologist and/or aesthetician. If you can find a CoolSculpting provider that can give you a package deal on fat reduction and skin tightening treatments, you’ll be able to enjoy your CoolSculpting results for a long time, with the bonus of having tight and smooth skin in the treatment area.

CoolSculpting Treatment And Fat Reduction At The NJ Center For CoolSculpting

A CoolSculpting procedure can be an effective way to remove fat deposits in a treatment area, but you must get your procedure done with a licensed and experienced CoolSculpting applicator. Arm CoolSculpting with an experienced provider can not only help you get rid of flabby arms and armpit fat, but it also ensures that you'll never have to go to a plastic surgeon to get rid of stubborn upper arm fat ever again.

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Freeze your Fat away today at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

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    Lesley Hamilton

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  • "It's subtle at first, and then a month later you look and go, "Wow - It really did something!" It really moved the bar for me, and I'm feeling better about myself already. It feels so good to put on anything and know I look as good as I've ever looked. And I didn't say that or feel that when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's."

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