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Does CoolSculpting Work For Inner Thighs?

When your body experiences weight gain, certain areas are more prone to fat deposit development than others. The abdomen, the upper arm, the double chin all experience some degree of excess fat, but one particular area that a lot of patients want to fix is the inner thigh area. Fat reduction treatment for the inner thigh (and by extension, the outer thigh) has usually relied on invasive methods like liposuction - while effective, can cost you a lot in time and post-operative recovery. That's where alternatives like CoolSculpting come in.

But can a CoolSculpting treatment work on stubborn fat on the inner thigh? The CoolSculpting procedure is already effective at removing fat cells non-invasively from any area with unwanted fat. But with the right kind of CoolSculpting applicator, the fat freezing process works much better to get rid of the inner thigh and outer thigh fat without leaving behind any loose or excess skin in the treatment area.

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Why A CoolSculpting Treatment Works Well For Inner Thighs

CoolSculpting treatments use a fat freezing process to remove unwanted fat from the fat layer without the need for a plastic surgeon or any other invasive tool. While not really a method for weight loss, it's an effective way to get visible fat reduction without a lot of effort.

A CoolSculpting session works on body fat by cooling any excess fat stores to the point of them imploding on themselves. The dead fat cells then remain in the fat layer for a while until they're removed by the body naturally. It's especially handy if you want to remove excess subcutaneous fat without having to harm the fat layers that you need, and works extremely well as a body contouring treatment.

The reason why CoolSculpting inner thighs can work so well is that the treated fat cells get removed gradually and without incisions or injections. This makes taking care of any inner thigh bulge a lot easier. With its body contouring applications, a skilled CoolSculpting specialist can precisely curve your inner thigh gap to your expected results, and any stubborn fat cells left behind get removed by your body without any side effects or complications.

Why Inner Thigh Fat Can Be So Difficult To Remove

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One reason why inner thigh fat can be so difficult to remove is that the subcutaneous fat layer that protects the thigh from outside shocks and injury. Removing most of the body fat in that area can be dangerous, so any traditional thigh lift or liposuction involving the thighs needs to be extremely precise. However, traditional methods are often difficult to control and can't distinguish between the good fat and the bad fat - so alternatives like a CoolSculpting session have become more popular.

A CoolSculpting thighs treatment is minimally invasive, only requires one to two sessions, and can give you visible improvements in your inner thigh area after all the treated cells have been removed by your body. Without any cuts or incisions made to your thigh, you can easily go back to your usual activities and routines after your CoolSculpting session without any trouble at all.

Fat reduction treatment on the inner thighs can also be difficult because it's close to other fat deposit locations in the body like the abdomen. If there's a lot of body fat that needs to be removed, you also need to treat the adjacent areas to prevent any sagging skin from ruining the results of removing your inner thigh fat. As a versatile treatment option, the CoolSculpting procedure can naturally avoid many of the complications that come with treating excess fat, especially with the inner thigh area.

CoolSculpting treatments don't discriminate against the kind of fat that needs to be removed, so you can get your tummy tuck and inner thigh fat removal in the same session if you need to! You can even expand the effective area that you treat in your sessions with the use of the right applicator, so you can also target areas like the upper arm or reduce the amount of bra fat that you have.

CoolSculpting Improvements For Fat Reduction In The Inner Thighs

One of the developments that make CoolSculpting even better at visible fat reduction and body contouring for the thighs is the approval of different applicators and procedures for thigh fat reduction treatment. In particular, the CoolFit applicator and the CoolSmooth applicator have seen a lot of success in treating stubborn fat cells in the thigh area, even with one or two treatments.

The CoolFit applicator is a special kind of CoolSculpting applicator that can work on special "problem areas" that have stubborn fat stores like the inner thigh, arms, or other limbs. Since your regular CoolSculpting applicator isn't designed to work on these areas, fat removal using the standard applicator hasn't always been as efficient as it could be. But with the CoolFit applicator, it's easier to get rid of stubborn fat cells precisely the way you want to and eliminate any fat bulges that can escape a normal CoolSculpting procedure.

Another improvement on the CoolSculpting procedure is the CoolSmooth applicator. FDA approved to work on areas of non-pinchable fat - or flat areas like the inner thigh and outer thigh - removing fat stores faster and more efficiently compared to the normal vacuum-based CoolSculpting applicators. Any dead fat cells will still be removed as per usual, but the entire process of fat freezing is easier with a CoolSmooth applicator.

Loose Skin And Inner Thigh Fat Removal

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CoolSculpting for thighs is an even better option when you realize that it neatly avoids one of the most common complaints patients have about any fat reduction treatment: loose or sagging skin. With methods like liposuction, the fat stores are directly removed from the treatment site in one go, which can cause the skin to sag since the sudden removal of the fat layer doesn’t cause the skin to snap back.

Your skin is elastic and can accommodate almost any kind of stretching, but it takes time for the skin to shrink back down after weight loss. The issue with most cosmetic treatments is that the rapid removal of fat leaves sagging skin behind, which can require extensive skin tightening treatments to manage. This is especially true in cases where a lot of fat is removed since the skin needs more time to shrink back.

CoolSculpting removes treated fat cells naturally and gradually, which allows the skin to adjust to the smaller treatment area. You can even combine it with other skin tightening and skin rejuvenation procedures like radiotherapy and dermal fillers for a better result once all the dead fat cells have been removed. Without the sudden vacuum left behind by significant fat removal, your skin can adjust better.

How Do I Prevent Fat From Returning To My Inner Thighs?

CoolSculpting is an effective way to give you a visible fat reduction, but it doesn’t mean that the results are permanent. While the fat freezing process targets and destroys any fat cells in the treated area, it doesn’t remove the body’s ability to create new fat cells there if you gain weight again. And while CoolSculpting treatments can always work years after their initial application, it’s better if you maintain the smaller fat layer that you have.

One of the best ways to do this is to stick to a lifestyle that can minimize fat development and help you keep your fat stores low. Diet and exercise are great ways of doing this, though you may have to check with your CoolSculpting provider about any possible lifestyle changes you can make after getting your treatment. For people who only have a small amount of fat that needs to be removed from their inner thighs, CoolSculpting is better used as a body contouring procedure and usually requires little changes to their routine.

Remove Inner Thigh Fat And Other Unwanted Fat Deposits At The NJ Center For CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting treatments are especially effective at removing inner thigh fat without any surgery or post-procedure recovery required. If you can get a provider that has the right CoolSculpting applicator, you’re guaranteed even better CoolSculpting results. With only one to two treatments and a little bit of time and patience, you’re well on your way to having that thigh gap you’ve always dreamed of.

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