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How CoolSculpting Can Help You Avoid Loose Skin in the Upper Arms

Arm fat removal is one of the most common procedures performed for cosmetic surgery, and while it's effective at getting rid of unwanted fat in the upper arm, patients are often left with excess arm skin after the treatment. This can be an issue since you would require a skin tightening treatment or another cosmetic procedure to get the excess skin removed.

So how does CoolSculpting treatment help with getting rid of fatty tissue in the upper arms without leaving loose skin behind? CoolSculpting results use a revolutionary fat freezing treatment that removes excess fat without harming the essential fat cells in your body. Since it doesn't require any incisions, injections, or any other invasive methods, it's perfect for getting rid of stubborn arm fat without leaving sagging skin behind.

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How the CoolSculpting Procedure Avoids Sagging Skin Formation

Sagging skin usually develops because of rapid weight loss or weight gain. This might happen because of natural causes, but it's also caused by procedures like plastic surgery, an arm lift surgery (brachioplasty), a tummy tuck, a thigh lift, or any kind of liposuction treatment. Because the fat removal process immediately takes away a significant part of your body's fat reserves without giving the skin time to adjust, you end up with sagging skin.

However, the CoolSculpting method isn't like any surgical procedure used for fat removal. It uses a fat-freezing treatment to destroy any excess fat from the inside, leaving subcutaneous fat (the good kind of fat) unharmed. You don't require any surgery or postoperative healing, and you're free to resume your normal activities soon after your treatment is done.

Once the fat freezing treatment works on your fat cells, they slowly start to implode and turn into waste material that your body can naturally remove from your system. The entire process can take a few weeks to make sure that all of the treated fat cells are gone, but the treated area's ability to store and expand its fat is considerably cut down.

CoolSculpting's versatility in treating excess fat makes it work on almost all kinds of excess fat you can find in the body, like the outer thighs, inner thighs, abdomen, or a double chin. The slow removal of the treated fat deposits means that your skin has time to adjust to the outgoing fat, which makes it less likely to go through the same sagging skin that other weight loss methods can leave you with. Combining it with other skin tightening treatments or collagen-boosting products, you'll never have to worry about unwanted fat or your arm skin looking less than its best ever again.

Why CoolSculpting Is Your Best Choice for Removing Excess Fat From the Arm

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Even without the benefit of avoiding loose skin after your treatment, CoolSculpting is still one of the best options you can look into for removing unwanted fat from the arms. Typically, fat deposits in the arm area can be difficult to remove without radically changing the entire shape and curvature of the arm, or without extensive surgery and other procedures.

But CoolSculpting doesn't work that way. With the right CoolSculpting applicator, your CoolSculpting procedure can precisely shave away any excess fat from your arm for an effective method of body sculpting unmatched by most fat reduction treatments on the market right now. One of the latest developments that make CoolSculpting even better for removing unwanted fat from your arms is the FDA-approved CoolSculpting Petite applicator.

This applicator is a special CoolSculpting handpiece that's specifically targeted for the arms, which allows it to manage flabby arms and armpit fat far easier compared to other CoolSculpting methods. Body contouring becomes even easier with its ability to reach fat in normally hard-to-access areas, which makes it extremely effective at reducing excess skin development.

Other Treatments You Can Try With Your CoolSculpting Treatment

With no invasive methods, fast recovery, and little work on your part to get rid of the unwanted fat after your initial CoolSculpting treatment, it's an effective fat reduction treatment for almost every patient. But if you want to improve or add on to the effects of your CoolSculpting treatment, here are some other things you can try:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are extremely effective at skin rejuvenation since you can choose from a variety of brands with different effects and methods of action. The best one you can combine with a CoolSculpting treatment is any dermal fillers that can boost the collagen production of your skin since it complements the gradual process of your body, removing the treated fat cells from your body.

Keep in mind that dermal fillers are not always applicable to all CoolSculpting treatments, especially if you had a lot of fat removed from your arms. Dermal fillers can't replace significant amounts of lost fat — at least not immediately — so you should keep any dermal filler treatments to a minimum until all the fat has drained from your system.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin tightening treatments like ultrasound therapy have seen a rapid increase in use over the past few years as an alternative to cosmetic injectables. They work by stimulating the collagen production of your skin, increasing cell growth and repair, and helping it become more resilient against wear and tear. These treatments are easily done with little to no postoperative recovery required, which makes them complement CoolSculpting results very well.

While CoolSculpting treatments have shown some promising results with skin tightening, it's still a fat reduction method and has the best results when used that way. Fortunately, most practices can offer a package deal that can help you get CoolSculpting and skin tightening treatments at the same time, cutting you down on costs and time spent going to your provider.

Skincare Products

Finally, skin products that specifically target the skin (like retinol or collagen supplements) work well to boost the effects of your CoolSculpting results. Since it's only meant for fat reduction, even a basic skincare routine can leave your arms smooth and toned after all the treated cells get removed by your system. You don't have to match your skincare products with the CoolSculpting treatment, though you can ask your provider if they have specific recommendations that you can use.

Aside from this, skincare products can also help maintain the results of your CoolSculpting treatment. Keep in mind that while CoolSculpting sessions can remove the fat in the treated area, your body can always make more in the case of sudden weight gain. These situations can be addressed with the right diet and exercise, but having a comprehensive skincare routine also helps.

These treatments aren't required every time you get a CoolSculpting session finished, but they can be extremely useful for making sure that your results last for a long time. There are also a variety of other treatments you can consider aside from the ones recommended, but it's best to consult with your cosmetic practitioner or dermatologist about the methods that can give you the best results.

Get Rid Of Upper Arm Fat Without Getting Loose Skin at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting

Getting a CoolSculpting treatment can give you an effective arm lift without you suffering the effects of skin laxity or loose skin directly after the fat reduction procedure is done. When the procedure has precise application, fat deposits and flabby arms can be easily removed without the need for a plastic surgeon or skin tightening treatments. An experienced provider can provide the necessary body contouring services you need to get rid of stubborn fat and provide long-term results that you'll certainly enjoy.

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Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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