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Why Choose Body Sculpting Instead of Breast Implants

A study of over 18,000 women revealed that most of them are not happy with their breast size, with nearly half of them wanting to have a bigger pair. But as in-demand as breast augmentation surgery is, lots of women are still hesitant to get breast implants. This is where body sculpting with fat transfer comes in, which is a surgical procedure that can make the breasts bigger using fat deposits harvested from other parts of the body.

So why choose body sculpting instead of breast implants? There are still a lot of patients who don’t like the idea of surgical treatment and putting foreign objects inside their bodies, which is what implants do. Some fear that their implants will make their breasts look obviously fake, while others don’t want to deal with the hassles that come with cosmetic surgery. For these patients, body sculpting and transfer may be the perfect alternative.

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How Does Body Sculpting for Breast Reconstruction Works

This type of body sculpting is a minimally invasive breast enhancement procedure that involves removing natural fat from one part of your body and transfers it to your breasts. The fat is usually harvested from the tummy or thighs, where more fat deposits tend to accumulate. It’s a natural breast enhancement with no silicone or other foreign materials to be implanted in your chest. Since it's minimally invasive, the procedure uses no needles and doesn’t require stitches and risky general anesthesia. You’re actually fully awake while the procedure is going on.

Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

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Those who want a long-term solution in terms of bigger breasts may benefit more from getting a breast implant since it involves a foreign material inserted into the chest. Breasts will stay the same size even if you lose or gain weight. You can make your breasts as big as you want them to be under the supervision of your plastic surgeon.

However, silicone implants and other types of implants too also come with its considerable set of cons which can make you gravitate towards the natural method. You may experience a change in the texture and feeling of your breasts due to traditional breast augmentation, especially if you’re using saline implants. If you’re too skinny, the implants may look stiff under your stretched skin, thus resulting in the fake appearance.

Breast implants also require constant monitoring to make sure that there are no signs of rupture. And because it’s a surgical procedure, there’s the risk of scarring and other complications such as capsular contracture.

Difference Between Body Sculpting And Traditional Liposuction

Body sculpting for the breast with fat transfer is a gentler procedure and definitely easier to recover from, making it less risky than the traditional liposuction. With traditional liposuction, the fat grafting process or autologous fat transfer is like scraping with a cheese grater, while with body sculpting is like plucking grapes from the vine. Body sculpting is performed while you’re wide awake while traditional liposuction requires general anesthesia.

Downtime is also a major difference. You only need one to two days recovery time with body sculpting as compared to the four to six weeks needed to heal from plastic surgery procedures such as traditional liposuction. Conventional liposuction requires more manual work from your plastic surgeon, which makes damage to your lymphatic system more likely. The gentle technology of body sculpting minimizes these risks while producing smooth and reliable results.

Good Candidates for Body Sculpting for Breasts

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You’re a shoo-in for fat transfer for breasts if you’re over 18 years old, in good health, and want to contour or remove excess fat pockets from the breasts, chin, arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Anyone who has at least a pinchable amount of fat, in this case breast tissue, can safely undergo the fat transfer procedure. 

You should also have realistic expectations when it comes to the biggest size you can have, since the amount of fat to be transferred will depend on how much you have in your own body.

Factors That Can Impact the Results of Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Body sculpting via fat transfer can indeed provide you with amazing results, but there are factors that can affect the final results. Your natural breast size is one – since the procedure uses your own fat, you can expect at least a half cup increase after just one session. But the amount of excess fat in your body is key and simply put, how big your breasts will get depends on how much excess fat you can spare for transfer.

Fat intake is another factor. The amount of fat that can be transferred will depend on the quality of your breasts. If you still have a youthful pair, you may not benefit so much from the procedure since they are still firm and tight. If you went through a lot of weight loss or childbirth, your breasts will become naturally saggy and therefore more accepting of fat to be transferred since there’s more to be filled up.

Aftercare Needed for Natural Breast Augmentation Recovery

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After the procedure, you will need to support your breasts and avoid significant exercise. You will need to wear a sports bra with compression material both night and day for a month. Afterward, you can just wear it during the day time only, for three months after the procedure. It’s normal to experience some bruising and swelling, which should settle within three weeks. As for painkillers, paracetamol is usually enough, unless your doctor or cosmetic surgeon prescribes something else.

Your breasts will feel firm or tender in some areas for many months. You may need to work from home for around two days and wait for three weeks before you can engage in moderate exercise. To be safe, wait for three months to pass after the cosmetic procedure to get into severe workouts.

Limitations of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedure via fat transfer yields permanent results, although it comes with several caveats. First, your breasts will not stay the same size. During the procedure, fat cells grafted from other parts of your body are inserted into your breasts and some of these fat cells will be reabsorbed naturally into your body. This is part of the typical biological process. 

This is why your breasts will be at their fullest in the days immediately after your breast fat transfer, but it will shrink over time. The shrinking will cease after about three months and your breasts will settle into their permanent shape and size.

Since these are not silicone breast implants, your breasts are still subject to your body’s natural processes, such as weight gain and aging. Your breasts will grow if you gain weight and they will shrink if you lose pounds. Aging affects the elasticity of your breasts’ surrounding skin, so they will sag too as you get older. In this case, you may want to consider a breast lift procedure when this happens.

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