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How Long Do CoolSculpting Bruises Normally Last?

CoolSculpting is the best alternative to liposuction when it comes to eliminating stubborn fat deposits that can’t be shed with just a healthy diet and regular exercise. But like other cosmetic procedures, CoolSculpting also comes with potential side effects like bruising.

So how long do bruises from CoolSculpting typically last? Bruises and other mild side effects may last a few days after the fat-freezing treatment. Common adverse reactions like these go away on their own, but make sure to contact a medical professional immediately if they persist or worsen.

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Does CoolSculpting Leave Bruises?

CoolSculpting is a popular treatment for patients looking at fat reduction procedures to get rid of their stubborn fat deposits. According to the official website of CoolSculpting, this minimally invasive procedure is the number 1 fat reduction treatment recommended by most doctors – with over 13 million treatments performed worldwide.

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss procedure, but it helps patients reach their ideal body shape by using extreme cold to freeze and kill the fat cells in different treatment areas, such as the double chin, love handles, back rolls, thighs, arms, and more. The frozen dead cells are then naturally eliminated using the body’s lymphatic drainage within weeks after treatment.

The recovery period after CoolSculpting is only minimal – patients may even return to their normal activity on the same day as their appointment. However, they may experience short-term side effects that resolve on their own after a couple of days – such as bruising, swelling, and pain in the treated site.

What Causes Bruising During CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses a special applicator that suctions the skin above the pockets of fat to lower the temperature there, freezing the fat cells and destroying them. Since the treatment puts pressure on the skin and fatty tissue, it can cause some of the smaller blood vessels right below the skin to break.

Bruises are black, purple, or blue marks that appear on the skin as a result of broken blood vessels. They’re typically nothing to be worried about, but they can feel a bit painful when touched. After the CoolSculpting treatment session, the treated area may appear red because of the blood cells gathering there. The redness may go away after a few days, but it can also turn into bruises after a few days or weeks.

The degree of bruising varies from patient to patient depending on different factors. Patients are advised to avoid taking blood thinners before or after the procedure because they might have an extremely bad bruise after the treatment.

Patients who have rare blood disorders like paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cold antibody hemolytic anemia, or cryoglobulinemia are also advised to skip the treatment and consider other cosmetic procedures. The fat reduction procedure might only affect their blood flow and result in worse complications or side effects.

How Common is Bruising After CoolSculpting?

Although CoolSculpting is safer than surgical procedures like tummy tuck and liposuction, it’s still normal for patients to experience bruising and other common side effects at the treatment sites. The appearance of bruises doesn’t necessarily mean there’s skin damage – it’s only a normal reaction of the body to the pressure from the CoolSculpting applicator.

CoolSculpting Bruising and Swelling Recovery Time

Bruising is a short-term side effect of CoolSculpting that might take days after treatment before going away. The bruise is also limited to the treated area, which means it doesn’t interfere with regular activities.

Since it’s a common and normal reaction to the procedure, bruising doesn’t require immediate medical attention. However, make sure to contact a healthcare provider immediately if the bruises persist or worsen along with other potential side effects.

Is Delayed Bruising After CoolSculpting Normal?

Most bruises appear on the skin about a few days or weeks after the CoolSculpting treatment. They might look like red patches on the treated skin first until they develop a purplish or bluish hue within the following week. The recovery period for bruises may last for a few weeks in some cases, but they shouldn’t persist for months after the treatment.

If the bruising worsens and is accompanied by severe pain, make sure to contact a healthcare provider immediately for proper medical treatment.

Other Side Effects of CoolSculpting

One serious but rare side effect of CoolSculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – or the “stick of butter effect” that occurs when the fat layer in the treated area hardens instead of being eliminated. When this happens, a licensed professional may have to perform liposuction to get rid of the hardened fat.

According to different studies, CoolSculpting has no long-term side effects that patients must worry about. It also doesn’t result in serious skin conditions since the bruises resolve on their own within a few weeks or days.

But aside from bruising, CoolSculpting may also result in temporary symptoms like:

  • Fatigue after CoolSculpting – Mild fatigue after the treatment may occur, especially if the patient also experiences pain and numbness in large treatment areas. If excessive fatigue prevents you from performing normal activities, then consult a medical professional immediately.
  • Redness after CoolSculpting – This temporary side effect is also quite common and is caused by lots of different reasons, including broken blood vessels and irritated skin.
  • Numbing or tingling after CoolSculpting – After CoolSculpting, patients may experience skin sensitivity and feel an unusual skin sensation like tingling or numbing. The symptoms typically subside after a few days.
  • Pain after CoolSculpting – Some patients also experience mild to moderate pain during and after their CoolSculpting treatment. However, patients don’t have to worry because nerve pain after CoolSculpting is only temporary and it doesn’t lead to permanent nerve damage.
  • Headache after CoolSculpting – Headache after CoolSculpting may occur if the treatment was done near the head, like when eliminating a double chin. The pain may start from the treatment area in the chin and jaw and then radiate toward the head. Headaches are typically mild so if they worsen or persist, make sure to call a doctor immediately.

How to Reduce Bruising After CoolSculpting

Bruising and other side effects of this popular body contouring procedure are usually temporary. They’re also typically tolerable, but some patients reported that their symptoms disrupt their regular activities. When this happens, it’s best to consult a medical professional to help with pain relief.

Additionally, here are some of the best ways to reduce bruising and other common side effects after CoolSculpting :

  • Alternate between ice packs and heat therapy to reduce pain and swelling at the treatment site.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated to allow the nutrients and blood to flow freely.
  • Take pain relief medications as needed, but make sure to avoid blood thinners and NSAIDs like ibuprofen.
  • Use compression garments in the treatment site as recommended by the aesthetician.

Ensuring that you’re a good candidate for the treatment and finding an experienced provider are some of the best ways to lower any risk of complications. It’s also important to lead a healthy lifestyle before and after the treatment to ensure long-lasting results.

Safe Fat Reduction Treatments for You by the Experts at NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an effective fat-reduction treatment that many patients prefer because it doesn’t require cosmetic surgery. However, it may still cause temporary side effects like bruising which last for a few days or weeks after treatment.

At NJ Center for CoolSculpting, we make sure that every patient gets the care and treatment they need throughout their aesthetic journey. Our highly-trained and careful staff are here to help you achieve your body goals while minimizing the risk of complications and side effects. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the treatment or find special offers for you.

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