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Can I Get Rid Of My Arm Fat With At Home CoolSculpting?

There have been online talks, videos, and blogs about freezing fat away at home since CoolSculpting came out as a proven fat reduction procedure. Since some people could not afford getting a CoolSculpting procedure, many at home kits and devices have surfaced. There have been fat freezing devices created with cold packs that are chilled in the freezer and placed on the body in hopes to reduce visceral fat and for weight loss. It is believed that it works the same way that CoolSculpting does by freezing the fat from areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs and upper arm.

So is CoolSculpting at home effective to reduce arm fat? Attempting at home CoolSculpting procedure is not recommended for any body area. DIY CoolSculpting kits often involve ice packs and other frozen material with a low quality applicator. It is done in an effort to freeze fat cells. However, applying ice at home only freezes your skin and does not get rid of any fat cells. One of the main concerns with freezing fat at home is that the methods are not FDA-approved and there are no clinical trials to prove its effectiveness.

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Arms CoolSculpting At Home 

CoolSculpting is ideal for treating the flabby arms. It works by delivering suction and precise cooling to the coolsculpting treatment areas with customized applicators which are also called handpieces. CoolSculpting treatments rely on cold-induced cell death, or cryolipolysis, to achieve results. Multiple scientific journals have verified that cryolipolysis produces long-lasting fat loss and noticeable differences in appearance. 

Can I Do CoolSculpting At Home On My Arms?

At home CoolSculpting treatment involves the use of freezer packs, ice cubes, dry ice, cryotherapy, and knock off devices to try to get rid of stubborn fat. During a CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment, the CoolSculpting technician will carefully monitor the temperature of your skin, making sure not to leave burns and damage tissues on your body. After properly observing the skin temperature and the body's vital signs, the temperature given out by the device would be adjusted to deliver the best possible results.

Without the necessary suction to pin fat to the skin's surface, and without a controlled source of cooling that is designed to maintain a safe temperature for long enough to freeze fat deposits in the lower and upper arm, at home CoolSculpting should not be done at home. At home arm CoolSculpting will not freeze your upper arm fat, but it very well may freeze your skin.

At home CoolSculpting methods using ice packs, straps, dry ice, cryotherapy, or knockoff devices are simply not sophisticated enough to deliver safe or measurable fat reduction. 

How Safe Is Arms CoolSculpting At Home?

CoolSculpting is only considered safe when performed by licensed professionals with FDA-approved equipment. It can be done by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and med spas that perform cosmetic dermatology.

Each Coolsculpting machine comes with a variety of safety measures. This fact is why receiving your treatment from a reputable medical spa is the only way to ensure your safety and wellbeing. The safety mechanisms include gel pads that protect the skin from frostbite and temperature sensors that monitor the skin temperature during each treatment.

Do Ice Packs Work?

The type of controlled cooling needed to freeze body fat to a temperature to trigger apoptosis is not possible with ice. Your body is too warm, the ice melts too quickly, and it takes selective targeted cold to make CoolSculpting work. 

While your freezer can chille items to -18°C, which is about the therapeutic range of CoolSculpting. But that -18°C ice pack from the freezer will get warm within minutes of putting it on the skin, as it absorbs the body's heat. There is no sustained cooling, which means no measurable fat reduction.

Because in order to achieve a natural-looking result with CoolSculpting for arms, you will need to ensure full coverage of the fat-pad. Fat-pads have multiple sizes of handpieces and you may need one handpiece or three handpieces to achieve the coverage you are looking for on each arm.

Why Home CoolSculpting Is Not Effective

CoolSculpting is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, so it is not covered by health insurance. This is one of the main reasons why many people opt for at home CoolSculpting remedies in order to save some bucks. However, the actual CoolSculpting procedure is not done at home. CoolSculpting should only be performed by licensed professionals in doctors' offices and med spas with the FDA-approved CoolSculpting equipment.

Here are some of the reasons why at home CoolSculpting is not effective:

1. CoolSculpting at home cannot deliver consistent temperatures.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells by freezing them.  The process created to freeze fat cells at a precise temperature so as to not damage the surrounding tissue is called Cryolipolysis. The cryolipolysis reaction requires that the cold temperatures be maintained for a long duration. This presents a significant challenge for those trying to perform at home CoolSculpting with ice packs. There is no easy mechanism for getting an ice pack to the required temperature, nor any way to keep that ice pack at that temperature for the necessary amount of time. 

Specifically, the CoolSculpting machine gets down to between -11 and -15 degrees celsius for a specific time to trigger the cell death. There is a thermometer that gauges inside of the CoolSculpting handpieces to monitor the temperature of the skin and underlying excess fat, to ensure fat freezing.

2. Insufficient suction from CoolSculpting home device.

CoolSculpting relies on the suction from the applicator to be effective. Suction ensures that subcutaneous fat stays towards the surface of the skin, allowing the cold to penetrate the fat cells. The applicator also exposes fat to the cold from multiple angles, which causes the cells to rupture and die in a reasonable amount of time. At home CoolSculpting devices such as lipo-belly have no way to generate comparable suction, and so any attempt to freeze the fat will ultimately lead to dead fat cells.

3. CoolSculpting at home can pose health risks.

Prolonged exposure to super-cold temperatures on the skin is dangerous. It can cause burns and severe tissue damage. For these reasons, freezer packs and dry ice should never be used for any sort of at home CoolSculpting.

To protect against dangerous thermal events, CoolSculpting uses a patented freeze detection system to ensure that temperatures are maintained in a safe range throughout coolsculpting treatment treatment. This feedback system collects temperature data from the surface of the skin. If the tissue becomes too cold, the machine adjusts its output, or will abort the treatment altogether

CoolSculpting also uses specially designed pre-treatment area wipes and fructose-based gel pads to protect the surface of the skin during treatment. This insulates the treatment area from thermal injury and prevents frostbite, allowing better cooling of the underlying fatty tissue.

Why CoolSculpting Should Be Done By Professionals

Despite the simple idea behind fat freezing, CoolSculpting is a highly modern medical treatment that simply cannot be replicated at home. CoolSculpting uses patented technology to deliver safe and effective results, and requires application by a body contouring specialist to get aesthetically pleasing results for stubborn fat deposits. Medical supervision is required to make sure that you are safe during a fat freezing treatment. Proper supervision is needed to check whether the procedure is done correctly. This will also guarantee that proper protection for the treated area is in place. 

CoolSculpting is a skill sensitive technique. Expertise along with proper coolsculpting applicator and coolsculpting handpiece that plays a role in your overall unwanted fat reducing results. It is important to ask the doctors, technicians, and nurse practitioners that they are trained to operate the CoolSculpting equipment. If not operated correctly, not only will your results be minimal, but it can cause you harm when not properly administered. It can lead to nerve damage, skin pigmentation, and even uncomfortable lumps. Medical professionals and clinics have the right equipment to deliver safe and effective treatments to eliminate stubborn arm fat. 

How Much Does Arms CoolSculpting Cost?

The price for CoolSculpting depends on the area of the body being treated and the size of the applicator. A larger applicator for the abdomen will take longer and be more expensive than the smaller CoolSculpting applicator for double chin or arms. The more areas of treatments needed, the greater the overall cost of the procedure.

A typical price for a single CoolSculpting session to treat both arms is around $1,500. How many sessions you need will depend on where you are getting the fat removed and how much of it needs to be removed. Unless you have a severe case, one treatment should be enough for most areas. 

Safely Eliminate The Fat On Your Arms With NJ Center Of CoolSculpting

At the NJ Center of CoolSculpting, we offer safe and effective CoolSculpting results to help you feel more confident. With the CoolSculpting procedure, it is important to do this method under proper supervision to prevent any problems from occurring. We provide customized aesthetic procedures to help eliminate and reduce stubborn fat cells in the abdomen, thigh, stubborn bulges in the back, double chin, and bra fat. Our team utilizes the latest advances in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and technologies.

For more information about the NJ Center of CoolSculpting and our services, you may give us a call and set an appointment with one of our medical practitioners. 

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