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What’s the Best CoolSculpting At-Home Kit?

Minimally invasive body sculpting treatments are the best solution to eliminate unwanted fat in stubborn areas, like the inner thighs, arms, and abdomen. While professional CoolSculpting treatments are much safer and less expensive than liposuction, patients still want to cut some costs when getting rid of stubborn fat cells so they use at-home fat-freezing machines instead.

But what are the best DIY CoolSculpting machines to use at home? The best fat-freezing devices to use at home are Isavera Fat Freezing System, Fat Freezer Platinum Cryolipolysis System, and FilFeel Freeze Fat Removal. However, it’s important to remember that while these machines have good reviews, DIY CoolSculpting treatment isn’t as safe or effective as a professional fat-freezing treatment.

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CoolSculpting Machine for Home Use: How Do They Work?

According to its site, CoolSculpting is the leading nonsurgical fat reduction treatment performed by most doctors worldwide. It involves using a CoolSculpting applicator to destroy fat cells, eliminating unwanted body fat in various parts of the body. The dead cells are then flushed out for the following weeks – giving patients the illusion of weight loss since the targeted area looks slimmer and more sculpted.

Although CoolSculpting is quicker and less expensive than surgical procedures, this treatment can still cost thousands of dollars per session. To cut some costs when eliminating fat deposits in their bodies, some patients rely on DIY CoolSculpting hacks instead – like using an ice pack or dry ice to freeze the unwanted body fat.

Using a fat-freezing machine is another fat-loss technique that some people try in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re also interested in utilizing an at-home fat-freezing device, then here are some important things to know about them:

How to Use A Fat Freezing Machine At Home

Fat freezing machines used for DIY CoolSculpting treatments at home come in many different types, but they work in eliminating stubborn fat cells in the same way – cool down the target area until the cold temperature is enough to freeze and destroy the stubborn fat cells.

Some fat-freezing devices come with ice packs or gel packs that should be frozen first before use. Others are directly worn into the target body part even without prior preparation. Regardless of the at-home CoolSculpting kit you use, make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid accidentally hurting yourself.

Fat-freezing devices are usually worn for at least an hour at a time, multiple times a week. It’s also important to gently massage the treated area after every CoolSculpting session at home to help break the fat tissue and improve lymphatic circulation.

What to Look For in Home CoolSculpting Kits That Work

There are lots of home CoolSculpting kits in the market that offer to eliminate excess fat in various parts of the body, but only a handful of them actually work. When choosing the right fat-freezing machine, make sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Identify authentic products apart from counterfeit ones by reading reviews, visiting the product’s website, and contacting the company to ask about the device.
  • Check the product label if there’s a warranty or a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work as promised.
  • Check what kind of fat-freezing technique it uses – whether it has gel pads or it’s a plug-in device –  and decide if it’s the best type for you.
  • Make sure to get a device that works on belly fat, as well as other body parts like the thigh, arm, buttocks, and others.

Freeze Fat At Home Reviews and How Effective DIY Kits Are

Most at-home fat-freezing machines have mixed reviews – mostly because people have high hopes for their fat loss journeys that aren’t met with these devices. Professional CoolSculpting treatments are more expensive than DIY options, but they can help patients get as close as possible to their desired results.

Experts also advise against any form of DIY CoolSculpting because they’re less effective and more dangerous than professional treatments. Most of these machines can’t provide consistent and controlled cooling in the treatment areas, so they might not be enough to freeze and destroy fat cells. In some cases, these devices may only damage the skin and the surrounding tissue.

3 Best Cryolipolysis Machines for At-Home Use

Since there’s a huge demand for at-home fat-freezing machines for patients who want to lose some of their excess fat, we’ve compiled 3 of the best ones in the market:

1) Isavera Fat Freezing System

This fat-freezing device comes as a simple waistband that claims to reduce fat deposits in various body parts, including the stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms, and back. It uses fat-freezing technology to destroy fat cells and cold thermogenesis to shrink them, resulting in a well-sculpted body after just 3 weeks of use.

Before using the Isaver Fat Freezing System, the gel packs should be frozen in a freezer first. Once the packs are ready, they are then inserted into the neoprene belt and wrapped in the treatment area. The belt stays on the treatment site for 60 minutes.

2) Fat Freezer Platinum Cryolipolysis System

This patented body contouring treatment kit is one of the most affordable options in the market. It claims to give users the benefits of clinical fat-freezing treatments at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of their own homes. It also features the therapeutic TheraLight to penetrate the skin and target stubborn fat that other machines can’t reach.

This device comes in a hook-and-loop belt that has a protective sheet to protect the skin from extreme temperatures. No preparations are needed for this machine – just wrap the belt tightly around the treatment area and switch it on. Use the device as per the instructions of the manufacturer or the CoolSculpting specialist.

3) FilFeel Freeze Fat Removal

This fat-freezing device can be used by the patients as they exercise. Aside from freezing the fat cells, the FilFeel Freeze Fat Removal machine also relieves muscle fatigue as the user works out. It also claims to speed up the body’s metabolism, helping users achieve their desired results more quickly than other at-home CoolSculpting machines.

The FilFeel Fat Freeze Fat Removal device comes with a power cable and an adjustable belt, so no prior preparations are needed. Users only need to fasten the belt around the treatment area, switch on the machine, and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

Why Professional Treatments Are Still Your Best Option

When it comes to fat reduction and body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting, it’s best to receive treatment from a trained professional rather than take your chances on DIY treatments. Here are reasons why professional CoolSculpting procedures are still the best option for fat reduction patients:

  • At-home kits don’t have a vacuum mechanism. At-home fat-freezing machines may cool the targeted area, but they don’t come with a vacuum mechanism. This is needed to ensure that subcutaneous fat cells won’t retreat as they’re being frozen and destroyed.
  • Professional providers offer precise, controlled cooling. The CoolSculpting devices used by professionals have a precise, controlled cooling technology that destroys fat cell deposits. Precise cooling is important to ensure that the surrounding tissue won’t be damaged during the treatment.
  • Professional providers use high-quality proprietary applicators. Proprietary CoolSculpting applicators are made to ensure that the patient gets the safest and most effective treatment. They come with safety features to make sure that the patient’s skin won’t be damaged while destroying the unwanted fat cells in the area.
  • At-home kits increase your risk of developing side effects. A lot can go wrong with at-home CoolSculpting kits because there’s no professional to keep patients safe and give them the right medical advice. Some possible side effects of using fat-freezing machines at home include temporary skin tone changes, swelling, tenderness, and itching at the treatment site.

Eliminate Stubborn Fat Even Without Surgery at NJ Center for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment that helps patients get rid of their stubborn fat pockets naturally. Some patients try to replicate this treatment at home with fat-freezing machines, but it won’t always give them the results they’re hoping for.

To get rid of excess fat and achieve a well-sculpted body, consult with our experts at NJ Center for CoolSculpting for the best professional fat-freezing treatments. Our trained providers only use high-quality applicators to ensure safe and effective CoolSculpting procedures for our patients. Call us now to book an appointment.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Like Never Before

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!


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