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Should I Wear Spanx After CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a body sculpting procedure that helps eliminate any unwanted pockets of fat through freezing them. It’s a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime, but some patients may experience side effects like swelling. There are many tips to prevent this side effect like getting a massage, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having some rest. One of the most suggested tips to decrease swelling is to wear Spanx or other compression garments. 

So how important is wearing Spanx after a CoolSculpting session? While wearing Spanx isn’t required after the treatment, it is highly suggested to wear the garment to maximise results, prevent swelling, and speed up the healing process. If you don’t have Spanx, you can also use other compression garments like regular shapewear, corsets, waist trainers, medical-grade compression wear, or even tight clothes. 

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Advantages of Wearing Spanx After CoolSculpting

Spanx is a kind of compression clothing that wraps around your skin and hugs your body. It is suggested that you wear Spanx under your clothing for around a week after receiving a CoolSculpting treatment, especially if you had the treatment done around the abdomen area. Here are some reasons why you may want to wear Spanx after a CoolSculpting procedure:  

1. Maximizes Results

One of the main advantages of wearing Spanx or other compression garments after a CoolSculpting procedure is that it helps maximize the treatment’s results. Since the fat in the treated area is still in the process of being flushed out and eliminated from your body, wearing Spanx helps you achieve the shape that you desire. 

For example, wearing the garment after a CoolSculpting session allows your abdominal area to have more symmetry and a more sculpted, tight look. The clothing is able to guide your body on what shape to take while the treated area is healing and flushing out fat. 

2. Prevents Swelling and Speeds Up Healing

Another reason why it’s recommended to wear Spanx after CoolSculpting is because it prevents the treated area from swelling up. The clothing also helps speed up the healing process, alleviate pain in the treated area, and minimize any unwanted side effects. Spanx and other compression garments hold tight to your skin, increasing blood flow and lymphatic flow. 

To know more about how this works, let’s look at why many athletes and gym goers wear compression clothing. Before working out, the garment helps increase oxygen delivery to the muscles through the pressure it creates. It also helps eliminate and clear the lymph waste collected in the limbs after a person is done exercising. Increased blood flow and lymphatic flow helps repair the body by ensuring that the tissues continuously expel fuel and waste.  

So just like athletes and gym goers, your body also receives the benefits of compression clothing when you wear it after a CoolSculpting treatment since your fat is eliminated from the body through your lymphatic system. However, it’s still best to consult with a doctor or a professional to know how long you should be wearing Spanx or compression garments after the treatment.  

Spanx Vs. Other Compression Garments

Spanx is only one of the many kinds of compression garments you can wear to maximize results and decrease swelling. Some of the other garments you can wear after a CoolSculpting session are the following: 

1. Spanx

Spanx is an American brand that produces underwear garments to help people achieve a slimmer figure. It’s usually worn under tight and form-fitting clothes to smooth out any bumps. 

According to the Spanx website, there are also three different levels of compression to choose from according to your needs. The levels are: 

  • Level 1: This level hugs your body lightly and isn’t too tight. It can be used as an everyday undergarment since it’s not very constricting.  
  • Level 2: This level provides more compression and moderate shaping. It’s firmer than your regular shapewear and keeps your body in control. 
  • Level 3: The last level offers maximum compression and shaping to the body. It provides a tight hug and can also lift other areas.

2. Shapewear

There are also a variety of other shapewear brands on the market you can use after CoolSculpting. Shapewear also comes in different forms: there are some that only sucks in your abdominal area and there are others that also help shape and tone your thighs. 

3. Corsets

Corsets are worn around the waist and help shape someone’s abdomen or the space between the ribcage and the hips. Unlike Spanx or regular shapewear, corsets are usually more uncomfortable. It doesn’t hug your skin like a “second layer” and uses rods to bone and create the desired figure. Corsets also slim the waist from tightening the laces and are usually made of cotton, leather, or satin.  

4. Waist Trainers

Waist trainers work like corsets, but there’s a difference in the material used to slim the waist. This garment uses a compression material to shrink the waist and has hook-and-eye closures on the front. However, there has been some speculation about the safety of waist trainers so it’s best to ask your physician if it’s safe to wear after a CoolSculpting treatment. 

5. Tight Clothes

If you don’t have any special compression garments available, try looking for tight clothes in your closet. For instance, a tight tank top will work as well as Spanx because it helps suck your body in. You can also wear some leggings or stretchy pants that hug the tummy area.

6. Medical-Grade Compression Wear

Medical-grade compression wear is specifically designed to enhance the recovery after a CoolSculpting treatment. This kind of garment also helps prevent any unwanted fluid buildup and increase blood flow in the body. 

NJ Center for CoolSculpting Offers CoolSculpting Treatments

Before deciding whether or not to wear Spanx or other compression garments after a CoolSculpting treatment, it’s still best to consult with a professional. Here at the NJ Center for CoolSculpting, we have a team of licensed professionals who are ready to guide you on what to do before and after the treatment. 

Our team promises CoolSculpting procedures to all our patients so that they can feel incredible in their skin. We use the best and latest technology available to ensure that our treatments are safe and effective. To know more about the NJ Center for CoolSculpting and the services we offer, you may call us today to set a consultation.  

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