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Fat Freeze Cryo Q&A: Your Top Questions Answered

Discover the effective, non-surgical treatment for erasing stubborn fat.

For many, love handles persist despite our best efforts. Blame it on your fat cells! There’s always hope, though. For one, cryolipolysis now offers a science-backed way to freeze away pesky fat cells for good.

We at NJ Center for CoolScuplting have been asked plenty of times already, “Could cryolipolysis finally be the fix for folks to slim down for good?” Let’s find out.

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What is Freezing Fat Cells with Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System?

Cryolipolysis, also called fat freezing, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses precisely controlled cooling applied through vacuum applicators to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without harming other tissues.

During a cryolipolysis session, a vacuum applicator is placed on the treatment area, gently suctioning the tissue between the cooling panels. The temperature is then lowered to around 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the fat cells to crystalize without damaging other tissues.

Over the next weeks and months, your body's immune cells will naturally metabolize and flush away the frozen dead fat cells. Research shows each fat freeze treatment can reduce the layer of fat cells by up to 25% in a given problem area unresponsive to diet and exercise alone.

What Are the Benefits of Cryolipolysis Compared to Other Fat Reduction Procedures?

  • Non-Surgical Approach: Cryolipolysis allows for safe spot reduction of fat without anesthesia, incisions, or downtime.
  • Minimal Side Effects: Most patients only experience mild redness, numbness or bruising compared to invasive procedures.
  • Natural-Looking Results: Fat cells are removed gradually over weeks, leading to smooth natural-looking fat reduction.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Eliminated fat cells don't regenerate if weight is maintained through a healthy lifestyle.
  • Effective for Stubborn Fat: Cryolipolysis can effectively treat discrete fat bulges unresponsive to diet and exercise.
  • Little to No Discomfort: The cold sensation dissipates within the first 10 minutes. Most patients can work, exercise, or resume normal activities immediately.
  • Customizable Treatments: Multiple applicator sizes allow for customized body sculpting treatment plans.
  • Clinically Proven: Extensive clinical studies validate the safety and efficacy of cryolipolysis procedures.

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How to Use Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System at Home?

coolsculpting treatment

Medical experts do not recommend using at-home fat-freezing devices due to lack of temperature control, no supervision, and increased risks of nerve damage, frostbite, and burns compared to in-office cryolipolysis treatments.

Why At-Home Fat Freezing Carries Risks

  • Lack of Temperature Control: Without precise cooling regulation, at-home devices can cause frostbite, burns, and permanent tissue/nerve damage.
  • No Medical Supervision: Improper device use without doctor oversight significantly increases injury risks.
  • No Standardized Protocols: Fat freezing relies on specialized training and strict protocols we adhere to.
  • Little Benefit: The FDA warns at-home devices provide minimal measurable fat reduction compared to in-office treatments.

Our Expert Recommendations

Rather than attempting risky at-home procedures, we recommend exploring your body contouring options during a consultation at our medical spa. Our cryolipolysis specialists can advise you on the most effective fat reduction plans tailored to your specific goals.

  • We use FDA-cleared devices and follow strict protocols to safely eliminate fat.
  • Our controlled processes maximize fat reduction while avoiding side effects.
  • Customized treatment areas and applicators create natural-looking results.

While several sessions are required, our gradual approach is safer and superior long-term compared to DIY methods.

What Does Fat Freezing with Cryolipolysis System Feel Like?

At NJ Center for CoolSculpting, we always explain the complete sensation experience to patients considering cryolipolysis. According to patient reports and certain studies, the most common feelings during fat-freezing treatment are:

  • Cold Sensation - Many describe an intense coldness, like an ice pack on the skin, as the area numbs. This dissipates after the first 5-10 minutes.
  • Tugging/Pinching - Some patients feel a light tugging, pinching or cramping during the first few minutes as tissue is vacuumed and cooled. This resolves as numbness sets in.
  • Stiffness/Rigidity - Toward the end of treatment, the area often feels quite stiff, firm and frozen as the fat tissue is crystallized.
  • Numbness - The treated area becomes numb within 5-10 minutes. This numbness persists for up to a few hours after the applicator is removed.
  • Sensitivity - Some areas like the abdomen, back and chin tend to be more sensitive. Patients report more discomfort when treating sensitive zones.

On a scale of 1-10, most patients rate the discomfort between 1-3 out of 10 - mild enough to tolerate. While the first session may take some adjustment, the cold sensation becomes more bearable each treatment.

Is Freeze Fat Removal with Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System Safe?

Cryolipolysis fat freezing is considered generally safe according to studies, with mild temporary side effects like redness and numbness that resolve within weeks; rare risks like paradoxical fat cell growth are correctable through liposuction.

Common Temporary Side Effects:

  • Redness, bruising, numbness - Resolves within 1-2 weeks
  • Tenderness, aching - Resolves within 2-4 weeks
  • Nerve inflammation - Settles over 2-6 weeks

These mild side effects after cryolipolysis treatments are temporary and subside as the area heals. Proper post-procedure care helps minimize discomfort.

Rare Risks:

  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) - Fat cells enlarge rather than shrink. Correctable through liposuction.
  • Frostbite - Very rare with temperature-controlled devices.
  • Nerve damage - Uncommon with experienced provider.
  • Hyperpigmentation - Fades over several months.

Our team takes every precaution to maximize results and safety. We carefully monitor during treatment, follow proven protocols, and customize applicator placement based on body anatomy. 

How Much Are Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis Systems?

The average cost of cryolipolysis fat-freezing treatments ranges from $750 to $1500 per session based on factors like the number of applicators, size of treatment area, number of sessions needed, and geographic location according to providers.

Number of Applicators Used

  • Treating multiple areas at once requires multiple applicators at a higher cost.

Size of Treatment Area

  • Larger areas like the abdomen cost more than smaller spots.

Number of Treatment Sessions

  • Most patients need 2-4 treatments over months for optimal fat reduction.

Geographic Location

  • Prices can vary between regions and providers, according to our experience.

How We Help Patients Afford Cryolipolysis

Our medical spa offers options to help patients afford this effective fat-reduction treatment:

  • Buying multiple sessions upfront provides per-treatment savings.
  • We offer deals and promotions when available to maximize value.
  • Extended financing makes treatments more budget-friendly..

Is Freezing Fat with Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System Effective?

Studies show cryolipolysis fat freezing effectively reduces localized fat deposits by about 20-25% per treatment, with most patients highly satisfied with natural-looking fat reduction results from the permanently destroyed fat cells.

Controlled studies demonstrate several other key findings about fat freezing efficacy:

  • Some patients see up to a 28% decrease in fat thickness.
  • Over 80% of cryolipolysis patients report being very satisfied with their final results, according to surveys.
  • The destroyed fat cells are often permanently eliminated from the body after being frozen. They do not regenerate if the patient's weight remains stable.
  • Effects are gradual but can be long-lasting compared to temporary fat reduction methods.

Cryolipolysis works best for treating small, discrete fat bulges unresponsive to diet and exercise alone. It is not intended for significant weight loss in obese patients.

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Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System vs Body Sculpting: Which is Better?

Both cryolipolysis fat freezing and laser lipolysis body sculpting effectively reduce localized fat deposits, but cryolipolysis has higher risks of temporary side effects like numbness while laser is slightly less expensive.

Here is a comparison table of cryolipolysis fat freezing vs laser lipolysis for body sculpting. Notice the many similarities:

FeatureCryolipolysis Fat FreezingLaser Lipolysis
Technology UsedControlled coolingLaser heating
Average Fat Reduction20-25% per treatment20-25% per treatment
Fat Cell EffectPermanently destroyedPermanently destroyed
Results DurationLong-lasting if weight stableLong-lasting if weight stable
Cost Per Treatment$2,000 - $4,000 per area$1,500 per area
Risks and Side EffectsTemporary redness, bruising, numbness. <1% risk paradoxical fat increase.Mild discomfort, swelling, numbness.
Best Suited ForSmall, localized fat bulgesSmall, localized fat bulges
Number of TreatmentsTypically 2-4 spaced over monthsTypically 2-4 spaced over months
DowntimeMinimal to noneMinimal to none

Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System Reviews for Chin and Neck: Are They Positive?

Yes, over 80% of patients report being highly satisfied with their natural-looking results and would recommend treatment to others based on studies.

On the other hand, reviews for at-home cryolipolysis devices are mixed when treating the chin and neck regions.

Lacking precise temperature regulation, results are unlikely to be significant without provider skill and supervision.

So can you really "freeze away" a double chin at home? Our experts at NJ Center for CoolSculpting advise that consistent, noticeable fat reduction requires specialized in-office treatments for safe, optimal sculpting along the chin and neckline.

How Long Before Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis System Works?

coolsculpting treatment

It takes 2-4 months to see the final results from fat freezer cryolipolysis, as the frozen fat cells are gradually eliminated from the body over several months after the 1-3 treatment sessions. Initial changes may appear within 3 weeks.

Remember these points when considering the whole timeline:

  • It takes time for the frozen, damaged fat cells to die off and be eliminated from the body after treatment. They are gradually flushed away over several months.
  • Most patients require 2-4 cryolipolysis sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal fat reduction. More sessions are usually needed for larger treatment areas.
  • Each CoolSculpting session lasts about 35-60 minutes per area treated. Multiple areas can be addressed in one visit.
  • On average, patients see about a 20-25% reduction in the fat layer 4 months after the initial treatment. Results vary based on treatment area and plan.
  • Fat loss is meant to be permanent as the treated fat cells are destroyed and won't regenerate if weight is stable. But significant lifestyle changes can impact results over time.

What is Clatuu Fat Freezing?

  • Non-invasive fat reduction treatment using cooling technology to freeze and destroy fat cells.
  • Uses a 360-degree applicator to surround and target fat from all angles for effective treatment.
  • Has multiple applicator sizes/shapes to customize treatment for different body areas. Can treat chin, thighs, knees, abdomen, love handles, etc.
  • Treats two areas simultaneously with dual applicators, reducing treatment time.
  • Causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis (cell death) and be naturally eliminated over several weeks. The remaining fat is less dense.

How Does It Compare to Fat Freezer Cryolipolysis?

  • Fat freezer systems like CoolSculpting also use controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells non-invasively.
  • Cryolipolysis uses flat or contoured applicators to cool fat from two sides rather than all around.
  • Cryolipolysis has a few applicator sizes to choose from. Can treat abdomen, thighs, arms, back, etc.
  • Clatuu can treat two areas at a time.
  • Both work through fat cell apoptosis after treatment.
  • Clatuu's 360-degree approach may allow for more complete treatment in a single session. Dual applicators also reduce treatment duration.

What is Cooltech fat freezing and is it similar to fat freezer cryolipolysis system?

Cooltech fat freezing relies on the same cryolipolysis technology as fat freezer systems to safely reduce localized fat deposits through controlled cooling that destroys fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from the body over time.

The Cooltech Process

  • Specifically cools tissue to 3-8°C to trigger fat cell apoptosis while avoiding damage to other tissues.
  • Fat freezer systems likely operate in a similar ideal temperature range.
  • Considered a safe, non-surgical alternative to liposuction for small fat bulges.
  • Not intended for significant weight loss in obese patients.

Where Are They Used?

  • Cooltech is primarily utilized in professional medical spas and clinics.
  • Fat freezer marketing targets more at-home use.
  • But the technology and mechanisms are nearly identical for both.

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Does fat freezing cryolipolysis work better than traditional methods? 

Cryolipolysis fat freezing is an effective non-invasive alternative to traditional methods for reducing localized fat deposits.

Does the fat freezer cryolipolysis system work for neck fat reduction? 

Yes, cryolipolysis fat freezing systems can effectively reduce unwanted neck fat without surgery.

Does a fat freezer cryolipolysis system really work for chin and neck? 

Cryolipolysis fat freezing systems are clinically proven to safely and effectively reduce stubborn chin and neck fat.

Does cryolipolysis work on cellulite? 

No, cryolipolysis specifically targets and eliminates fat cells but does not address the fibrous bands under the skin that cause cellulite.

How often should I use a fat freezer cryolipolysis system? 

Use a cryolipolysis fat freezing system once every 2-3 months for optimal results, allowing the body time to naturally flush away dead fat cells between sessions.

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