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What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a procedure that reshapes the body. It is comprised of techniques which reduce or eliminate extra fat and skin that remains after a person has lost a lot of weight.

Body contouring includes surgical and non-surgical procedures. If you’re obese, surgical procedures would most likely be for you.

Non-invasive techniques are usually for people who are close to their ideal weight but have excess fat that doesn’t go away although they are dieting and exercising.

Body Contouring Candidates

For these procedures, there are some who are better candidates. Those are the ones who are healthy without conditions that would postpone the healing or increase the potential risks. They should be nonsmokers and persons who want to continue having a proper lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise.

Bariatric Surgery

This is surgery for weight loss. A doctor uses various procedures to treat people who are obese. For instance, stomach fat is reduced using gastric band or a portion of a stomach is completely removed. Also, a doctor can do resecting and re-routing of the small intestine to a small stomach pouch.

Studies done over long periods of time had shown long-term loss of weight, mortality was reduced from 40 % to 23 %, patients were recovering from diabetes, and there was improved cardiovascular health.

Your Surgical Plan

Because each patient is different, your plastic surgeon will make the best choice for you bearing in mind your condition and your goals.

The steps made are: anesthesia (you can choose between intravenous sedation or general anesthesia), the incision (to remove excess skin), and body lift (whether it’s facelift, arm lift, breast lift, tummy tuck…)

The costs include:

  • hospital costs
  • surgeon’s fee
  • any medical test that has to be done
  • anesthesia fee
  • prescription of necessary post-surgery medication

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Non-surgical procedures are fat freezing, laser therapy, radiofrequency energy and high-frequency ultrasound.

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing uses cooling paddles to freeze fat cells in your targeted areas. Fat cells are being reduced through freezing. It works the best when you’re close to your ideal weight. It’s not meant for obese people, but those who fight with stubborn fat which stays after they have taken care of their diet & exercise.

Laser Therapy

In laser therapy, laser punctures fat cells until they shrink. The cells just get smaller -- they aren’t removed. Then your body gets rid of the fatty acids, water and glycerol through interstitial fluid.

Radio-Frequency Fat Removal

This procedure delivers energy to the critical areas bringing heat deep into fat cells and destroys them. Sound waves vibrate and cause disturbance in the fatty area, and the fat cells break down. Any area of the body can be treated with success. It is great for making skin tight and reducing fat and cellulite that don’t go away through other weight reduction.

High-Frequency Ultrasound

The frequency of the ultrasound wave is heating under the skin and destroying the fat cells. The skin is also made tight. The dead fat cells are eliminated naturally in duration of up to half a year after the process.

So, among many of the body contouring methods, choose the one that suits you the best.

Have a consultation with a trained professional and go on an adventurous journey towards your perfect body!

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