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How Much Water Should You Be Drinking After CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction process that is becoming increasingly popular. This fat reduction procedure doesn’t necessitate a lengthy recovery period and requires very little aftercare. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water after your CoolSculpting surgery is one of the best things you can do to expedite your recovery process.

So after CoolSculpting, how many glasses of water should you drink? For the next few days following the CoolSculpting procedure, many doctors advocate boosting regular water consumption. At least 100 ounces, or 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, should be sufficient to assist the body in cleansing itself of dead fat cells.  

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How Much Water Do You Need to Drink Post CoolSculpting?

Water is a necessity that provides more than just hydration. Anyone who has recently had body contouring or liposuction is advised to drink plenty of water to aid in recuperation. Patients who have had CoolSculpting receive the same instructions for aftercare, but there’s no conventional rule for how much water is necessary. Regardless,  consuming the recommended daily quantity of 8 to 10 glasses or 100 oz is recommended.

Drinking too much water, on the other hand, can lower blood salt levels, which can be dangerous for people with pre-existing medical issues like a renal disease. Patients can drink any type of water as long as it doesn’t go over the limit and can even help them get faster results from CoolSculpting.

Can I Put Additives on My Water? 

While spring, mineral, and non-carbonated waters are preferred by most people,  some like their drinks with a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. These should be avoided since they might cause the body to store fat. Certain drinks like caffeinated beverages can also dehydrate your body. 

Avoid these drinks after CoolSculpting, and instead add fruit slices like lemon, lime, or cucumber to your regular ice water to make it tastier and more satisfying to drink. 

Why You Need to Stay Hydrated After CoolSculpting

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There can be dire consequences if humans don't get at least a glass of water a day. We drink water for a variety of reasons, one of which is to avoid being dehydrated. It also aids in the digestion of food, the delivery of necessary nutrients to cells, the prevention of constipation, and the elimination of toxins, all of which contribute to healthier and moisturized skin.

Additionally, during a CoolSculpting consultation, cosmetic experts encourage patients to drink lots of water both before and after the operation. This is carried out for a variety of reasons: 

1) Improved CoolSculpting Results

Some patients have vasovagal symptoms after CoolSculpting, such as dizziness, headache, nausea, sweating, or lightheadedness. Drinking water soon after the therapy can help alleviate some of the vasovagal symptoms by improving your heart rate and blood pressure. This can greatly decrease the need for any follow-up treatments and help sustain your body sculpting goals. 

2) Reduced Water Retention

Water also aids in the removal of toxins and waste from the body by ensuring that the lymphatic drainage system is in good working order. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps the organs, particularly the liver and kidneys, healthy and efficient, allowing them to filter toxins and eliminate them from the body.

Maintaining hydration also helps in keeping the equilibrium of physiological fluids and eliminates any surplus water through the bladder. Water retention may make a person appear overweight or bloated, as well as create daily weight fluctuations. 

It's also one of the most common CoolSculpting adverse effects, along with edema, which is a natural reaction as the body processes the fat cells that have been treated. 

3) Help with the Process of Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical therapy that uses the cryolipolysis method to remove stubborn fat pockets. During the process, the therapist utilizes a body sculpting applicator to provide regulated chilling temperatures to the targeted fat cells, which are reported to be more sensitive to cold than other body cells.

Fat cells that have been frozen die eventually, triggering an inflammatory response that causes other body cells to expel them from the body. CoolSculpting fat removal is a lengthy procedure, and you may not see the results until after multiple treatment sessions.

Drinking water is thought to help in the removal of frozen fat cells through the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic function improves when you drink more water, allowing fat cells to be expelled more quickly. As a result, you'll experience the effects of your CoolSculpting treatment even faster, generally within 3 weeks of the procedure. 

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