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The Complete Guide to Your CoolSculpting Recovery Journey

Maximize your results and comfort every step of the way.

You’ve taken the first exciting step towards achieving your body contouring goals by scheduling your CoolSculpting treatment with us at NJ Center for CoolSculpting. Now it's time to prepare for the recovery process so you can get the most out of your treatment.

What to Expect Immediately After Your CoolSculpting Treatment

Coolsculpting on Stomach

During your CoolSculpting session with us, you’ll sit back and relax while our specialists place the applicators on the treatment areas you want to slim and contour. 

You may feel some tugging, pulling, or pressure as the device works its magic to crystallize and eliminate unwanted fat cells.

Right after your session you may experience:

  • Temporary numbness and stinging where the applicator was applied. This is normal and resolves within a few hours after treatment.
  • Redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the treatment area. This is also normal and typically peaks at around 2 to 3 days after your session before improving.
  • Mild cramping or aching as the treated tissue reacts to crystallization. Discomfort usually dissipates within a few days.

You’ll be able to return to your daily routines right after treatment. Most patients find the procedure is virtually painless and requires no downtime. 

We’ll provide you with complete aftercare instructions to follow over the next few weeks to optimize your recovery.

Recovery Timeline: What to Expect Day by Day

Here is an overview of the CoolSculpting recovery timeline and what to expect each day after treatment:

Day 1Swelling and tenderness increase. Bruising may start to become visible.Use a cold compress to help minimize swelling. Take over-the-counter pain medication as needed.
Days 2-3Swelling, tenderness and aching peaks. Bruising continues to develop.Use cold compresses and gentle massaging of treatment areas for relief.
Days 4-7Swelling, soreness and bruising start improving. Numbness may persist.Discomfort subsides enough for normal activities.
1-3 WeeksSwelling completely resolves. Tenderness dissipates. Bruises fade.Numb areas continue regenerating sensation.
1-2 MonthsTreated fat cells are eliminated. Final results become visible.Full body contouring effects become visible.

As you recover, don't hesitate to call our office if you have any concerns. We are always here to provide support and guidance for a smooth, comfortable recovery.

Why Proper Aftercare Matters for CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting procedure itself is non-invasive, with no downtime. However, your body does need time and care to eliminate the treated fat cells and reveal your full transformation. 

Following the recommended aftercare under our team’s guidance is important for several reasons:

  • It helps minimize temporary side effects like swelling, bruising, and numbness.
  • It supports your body’s natural process of flushing out and removing dead fat cells.
  • It allows you to safely resume normal activities.
  • It sets you up for optimal, long-lasting results.

Essentially, proper aftercare makes the days and weeks following your treatment as comfortable as possible while enabling the best possible effects.

How to Maximize Your CoolSculpting Results

While your body naturally flushes out the crystallized fat cells over several months, there are some simple steps you can take to support the process:

  • Wear Compression Garments: The tight garments we provide help minimize swelling and discomfort. Be sure to wear them as directed.
  • Use Cold Packs: Icing the treated area will alleviate soreness, swelling, and tenderness.
  • Take Pain Medication: Over-the-counter meds like acetaminophen can relief discomfort.
  • Massage Treatment Area: Gently massaging helps break up any hardened fat lumps under your skin.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Refraining from alcohol supports your body’s fat flushing process.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking lots of water helps eliminate the disrupted fat cells.
  • Don’t Over-Exercise: Avoid strenuous activity for at least 2 weeks. After that, ease back into exercise.
  • Maintain Stable Weight: Keep your weight steady with diet and moderate exercise. Significant weight gain or loss can impact long-term results.

Following our aftercare instructions will ensure you heal properly. But let us know if you have any concerns along the way.

Follow Up Appointments for Examining Your Progress

We want to ensure you get the precise results you want from your customized CoolSculpting treatment plan. That’s why we’ll schedule the following follow-up visits:

  • First follow-up around 4 weeks after treatment. We’ll examine your resolution of side effects and start of subtle improvements. This visit ensures proper recovery.
  • Second follow-up around 3 months post-treatment. Here is where we can assess the degree of fat reduction so far and determine if additional sessions are needed to achieve your goals.
  • Final follow-up around 6 months out. This appointment allows us to review your total transformation and full improvements. Additional sessions can refine any areas.

Your transformation takes time and teamwork. By diligently attending these follow-ups, we can evaluate your individualized results together and make any adjustments for an optimal outcome.

We Are Here for You Every Step of the Treatment and Recovery Journey

Coolsculpting Equipment

At NJ Center for CoolSculpting, your safety, comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities from your initial consultation to your final follow-up and beyond. 

Contact us today to schedule your personalized CoolSculpting treatment and let us know if you have any recovery questions. We look forward to helping you achieve your body goals!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "The treatment itself was not uncomfortable. Afterwords, I felt great. I didn't really notice anything for about 30 days. After day 30 until about a month later, I started noticing that my favorite jeans were not as tight anymore. I wasn't having to suck in to get them buttoned. And by that two month period after my CoolSculpting

    Lesley Hamilton

    Age 41

  • "It's subtle at first, and then a month later you look and go, "Wow - It really did something!" It really moved the bar for me, and I'm feeling better about myself already. It feels so good to put on anything and know I look as good as I've ever looked. And I didn't say that or feel that when I was in my 20's, 30's, and 40's."

    Anne McMarthy

    Age 56

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