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The Differences Between CoolSculpting and Zerona Treatments

Body sculpting, alternatively referred to as body contouring, is a medical or surgical operation used to remodel an area of the body. It may entail procedures to remove excess fat or skin or to reshape a specific part of the body. Two common body sculpting treatments are CoolSculpting and Zerona.

So what are the differences between these two treatments? CoolSculpting involves freezing fat cells while Zerona uses low-level laser technology or "cold laser" to activate and emulsify fat cells externally. CoolSculpting and Zerona are both non-invasive treatments that are effective at targeting hard-to-lose fat. To know which treatment is the best for you, consult with a trusted provider or aesthetic practitioner.

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How Different is CoolSculpting from Zerona

When diet and exercise fail to eliminate persistent body fat, especially those in hard-to-reach fat deposits, millions of men and women turn to alternative and cosmetic therapies. 

Zerona and CoolSculpting are two of the most popular non-invasive fat removal procedures today. These therapies pit two fields of fat reduction against one another: laser fat removal and cryolipolysis. The effectiveness of these procedures can be compared with each other through the results they give. 

If you're seeking assistance with stubborn body fat and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of laser fat loss cosmetic procedures, one of these two cutting-edge procedures may be perfect for you. 


What is CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, permanently freezes away fat cells in selected target areas. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that requires little recovery time and can be a great alternative to liposuction and other body contouring treatments.

Cold suction applied to the skin is used to target and freeze fatty deposits beneath the skin, reducing overall body fat. Fat cells crystallize when they’re frozen. These crystallized cells are subsequently broken up and flushed via the liver to be appropriately eliminated.

The majority of CoolSculpting treatments run approximately 35 minutes apiece, but certain treatment locations like the outer thigh, might take up to 2 hours. After the treatment, patients should see an improvement within 2 to 6 months or longer. The body takes approximately 3 months to completely digest the frozen fat cells and flush them out.

The Risks

Although CoolSculpting is generally safe and effective, it does come with some risks and side effects. Numerous patients experience sensations of tugging or pulling at the treatment site during the procedure. Sitting for up to 2 hours while a pinch of your body fat is suctioned and frozen can be rather painful. Additionally, some patients report up to two weeks of post-treatment pain, bruising, numbness, skin sensitivity, and swelling at the treatment site.

It should be emphasized that eliminating fat cells will only produce a temporary improvement in your appearance, and within a year, the fat cells can regenerate or grow larger in different places of your body to compensate for what was taken. The operation is not intended to address obesity and should be reserved for stubborn fat that persists despite diet and exercise.


CoolSculpting has a high percentage of success. It’s more successful in removing fat from the body than liposuction and has fewer negative effects. CoolSculpting appears to be a safe and effective treatment for specific areas of fat removal, according to a wide range of studies.

In 2015, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal presented a review of 19 prior studies on CoolSculpting.

People who underwent CoolSculpting lost an average of 14.67 to 28.5% of their fat when measured with a caliper. People shed 10.3 to 25.5% of their body fat in studies using ultrasonography to gauge fat loss.

The treatment was also determined to pose no significant health risks as per the researchers. There was no decrease in liver function or cholesterol levels, indicating that CoolSculpting is a purely aesthetic treatment. Furthermore, freezing fat may not help a person's health in the long term without a change in their diet and lifestyle choices.

Despite the fact that this technique can remove some fat, it’s not a miracle cure, and you shouldn’t anticipate a huge and sudden fat loss in your body. Moreover, some people may react differently than others from the process, so it’s important that you get a proper evaluation from a trusted provider to make sure that you’re getting the right kind of treatment for fat removal.


What is Zerona

In order to burn fat, Zerona uses a laser lipo procedure known as laser lipolysis. Studies have shown that laser lipolysis can result in tighter skin, decreased fat and a faster recovery period. This procedure is less intrusive than traditional liposuction, which necessitates a lengthy recovery period.

Zerona employs cold laser therapy, a low-level laser treatment. Because the laser is nonthermal, it will not burn the surrounding tissue.

Using these low-level lasers, excess body fat is targeted and melted away. Lasers can target a wide range of areas on a patient's body, destroying fat cells in their core. The fat cells are divided, causing them to separate from the gathered fatty tissue created during the process. Weight loss and skin tightening occur as a result of this treatment.

Fat cells are not destroyed during this procedure; they’re simply hampered by it. When cells are weak, Zerona can take advantage of that weakness to specifically disrupt fat cells. Fat cells can be isolated from the skin cells that you want to maintain. However, fat cells are able to survive and even repopulate themselves.

For at least 2 weeks, the treatment is done 5 times a day, every other day.

The Risk

This treatment is absolutely painless and has no obvious negative effects. But just like any other operation that promises dramatic results, there are some hazards associated.

Color and texture changes in stool may occur during the first week of treatment. This is because the body is expelling liquid fat, which causes the stool fat content to rise.

As an added bonus, the technique doesn’t harm the body's fat cells. It extracts the liquid fat from these cells by squeezing them. It's possible for patients to regain some of their pre-treatment weight if they keep gaining calories.

The liquefied fat is flushed out of the body once it’s released from the fat cells using this treatment. This liquefied fat, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have a distinct course of travel. It’s not known how much of the fat secreted from cells makes its way out of the body in the first place. You have to be wary of your liver, as its toxin levels could rise if they stay in the body for an extended period of time. Plaque can build up in the arteries and increase the risk of heart disease, especially if it gets absorbed by them.


Zerona's long-term fat-loss efficacy has been disputed by many researchers. It's also not possible to remove every last ounce of fat throughout treatment.

It's possible that many of the same fat cells will return because Zerona doesn't eliminate fat cells. This suggests that the affected areas may be able to return to their pre-existing state.

Zerona has been demonstrated to be a successful short-term weight loss treatment in other research. Zerona is a non-invasive alternative to traditional weight loss treatments, making it a popular choice for many people.

Although Zerona has been shown to reduce fat in most cases, it has not been demonstrated to do so permanently.

Which Treatment is Better For You?

Closeup cropped view of unrecognizable slim woman making heart sign gesture with hands on her buttocks

CoolSculpting and Zerona are commonly mistaken for one another, despite the fact that they are significantly different in terms of how they work and the effects they produce.

By freezing the fat cells to the point of elimination, CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved procedure that destroys fat cells. These fat cells are irreversibly destroyed, and they’ll never reappear. There are no dietary or activity restrictions with CoolSculpting, but it’s better to maintain a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle to reap the most benefits from the procedure.

Meanwhile, Zerona employs a cold laser to break down fat cells. Fat cells release their contents, yet the fat cell itself doesn’t die. Because of this, fat cells treated with Zerona can always return to their pre-treatment size. The reason for this is that it should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The FDA has cleared Zerona's non-invasive body-shaping ability, but not its fat-reducing capabilities.

So ultimately, it all really depends on your lifestyle and goals.

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Whatever your lifestyle and goals are, there is evidence that CoolSculpting is a more effective long-term solution. Getting CoolSculpting done by experienced professionals ensures a smooth and seamless experience, and a faster time frame of reaching your fat loss goals. The NJ Center of CoolSculpting is one of the state’s top CoolSculpting centers. Our team includes board-certified doctors, aestheticians, and highly-trained staff who will help you achieve your body goals through their expertise in body contouring methods and techniques.

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